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Dyslexia is My Superpower (Most of the Time)

A Guide to Mental Health Issues in Girls and Young Women on the Autism Spectrum

by Judy Eaton

This book addresses the specific mental health needs of girls and young women with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Looking at the ways autism presents differently in girls than in boys, and the mental health...

Leadership Matters in the Education of  Students with Special Needs in the 21st Century

by Festus E. Obiakor, Tachelle Banks & Anthony F. Rotatori

This book provides a practical focus and framework for establishing insightful leadership that will enhance the learning of students with exceptionalities in the 21st century by discussing critical leadership...

5 Things You Need to Know About Social Skills Coaching

by Roya Ostovar & Krista DiVittore

Improve Your Quality of Life with Social Skills Coaching

Social language is much like any other language, and social language skills are like any other skills, they can be learned and improved with practice....

Creating Inclusion and Well-being for Marginalized Students

by Linda Goldman, Eve Birge, Ruby payne & Marie Moreno et al.

It is increasingly challenging for teachers to educate without a deeper understanding of the experience of their students. This is particularly the case in marginalised groups of young people who are subject...

Teaching Pre-Employment Skills to 14-17 Year Olds

by Susan Osborne, Joanne Lara & Temple Grandin

Based on the Autism Works Now! Workplace Readiness Workshop, this interactive resource shows how to help students aged 14-17 develop the necessary transition skills for getting and keeping a meaningful job,...

Attachment and Emotional Development in the Classroom

by Paul Cooper, David Colley, Jon Reid & Janice Cahill et al.

As of 2016 the Department for Education (DfE) want to ensure all trainee teachers have an understanding of emotional development and attachment, and so this book presents the key concepts that are essential...

ADHD Go-to Guide

by Desiree Silva & Michele Toner

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is the most common mental-health condition in children and is present in most countries around the world. Although there is an abundance of literature on ADHD...

I Choose Adam

by David Winstrom

I Choose Adam is about the magic of inclusion and creating a community where everyone is welcomed equally and without apology for their differences. It is about making choices for Adam that defied the advice...

The Asperger Teen's Toolkit

by Francis Musgrave & Dr Christopher Morrell

Dealing with the everyday realities facing teens with Asperger Syndrome, this book presents a toolkit of tried-and-trusted ideas to help them work through difficulties and find the solutions that work best for...

Seeing What Others Cannot See: The Hidden Advantages of Visual Thinkers and Differently Wired Brains

by Thomas G. West

For over 25 years, Thomas G. West has been a leading advocate for the importance of visual thinking, visual technologies and the creative potential of individuals with dyslexia and other learning differences....

Psychology and Education of Slow Learners

by Roy I. Brown

Originally published in 1976, this introductory text for those intending to work with slow learners was concerned with the practical implications of recent British and North American research in the field of...

Cognitive Strategies for Special Education: Process-Based Instruction

by Adrian F. Ashman & Robert N.F. Conway

Research on training programs for students with learning difficulties has usually focused on the development of social and behavioural skills and the acquisition of cognitive interventions and procedures. Originally...

Graphic Lives: Essential Support Guide

by Carol Holliday

Graphic Lives is a series of highly engaging graphic novels for young people who may need counselling and psychotherapy. Each book introduces the difficulties faced by a teenage character and follows them as...

Adult Interactive Style Intervention and Participatory Research Designs in Autism: Bridging the Gap between Academic Research and Practice

by Lila Kossyvaki

Regardless of their cognitive and linguistic abilities, people with autism can often find it difficult to develop basic communicative skills that are necessary to gain full control over their environment and...

Two Teachers in the Room: Strategies for Co-Teaching Success

by Elizabeth Stein

This new co-publication from Routledge and MiddleWeb provides a wealth of practical strategies and tips to help K-12 educators co-teach more effectively. Author Elizabeth Stein presents examples of different...

Deep Creativity: Inside the Creative Mystery

by PhD, Victor Shamas & PhD, June Maker

Deep Creativity turns fundamental assumptions about creativity on their head while offering fresh perspectives on the scientific method, mind and consciousness, and many other popular topics.

Morning Meetings for Special Education Classrooms

by Dr. Felicia Durden, Ed.D.

A complete guide for improving the focus and engagement of your special education students by starting the day off right

Use a morning meeting to jump-start your students’ day! This simple but effective classroom...

Addressing Special Educational Needs and Disability in the Curriculum: Art

by Kim Earle & Gill Curry

The SEND Code of Practice (2015) reinforced the requirement that all teachers must meet the needs of all learners. This topical book provides practical, tried and tested strategies and resources that will support...

The Clinical Practice of Educational Therapy: Learning and Functioning with Diversity

by Maxine Ficksman & Jane Utley Adelizzi

Despite the wide array of services offered to students with learning disabilities, attention-deficit disorder, and a variety of comorbid conditions, large numbers of students are caught in the struggle of surviving...