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We Need to Talk about RE

by Mike Castelli, Mark Chater, Kathryn Wright & Peter Schreiner et al.

Although Religious Education (RE) is a legal requirement in UK schools, it is an oft-neglected and misunderstood subject. It is important to seriously re-think this key subject at this time of low religious...

When Grit Isn't Enough: A High School Principal Examines How Poverty and Inequality Thwart the College-for-All Promise

by Linda F. Nathan

Examines major myths informing American education and explores how educators can better serve students, increase college retention rates, and develop alternatives to college that don’t disadvantage students...

20 Strategies for Increasing Student Engagement

by William N. Bender, Robert J. Marzano & Michael D. Toth

When students are meaningfully involved and emotionally invested in content, they learn more—and perform better. In 20 Strategies for Increasing Student Engagement, Dr. William N. Bender provides practical...

Teaching Strategies for All Teachers

by Andrew P. Johnson

This book is designed to be a professional development tool for both preservice and practicing teachers. It provides descriptions, explanations, and examples of a variety of research-based teaching strategies...

Creating a Useful Science of Education

by R. Barker Bausell

Bausell provides a restrictive but defensible view of the purpose of educational research which is to produce instructional, curricular, or assessment products rather than seldom read and soon forgotten academic...

Coaching Innovations

by Debbie Dailey & Patricia Kohler-Evans

This book offers alternative and innovative methods to improve preservice and inservice teacher education. The book explores options in preservice education for supervisor coaching of interns completed through...

Second Language Testing for Student Evaluation  and Classroom Research

by Greta Gorsuch & Dale Griffee

Second Language Testing for Student Evaluation and Classroom Research and its accompanying Student Workbook are introductory-level resources for classroom teachers of all levels of experience, and early-career...

Second Language Testing for Student Evaluation  and Classroom Research (Student Workbook)

by Greta Gorsuch & Dale Griffee

Second Language Testing for Student Evaluation and Classroom Research and its accompanying Student Workbook are introductory-level resources for classroom teachers of all levels of experience, and early-career...

The Princess Parables Daughters of the King

by Omar Aranda

Princess Charity’s Prayer

Lord, I may be young and small, but I’ll have faith to stand up tall!


Live Like a Daughter of the King

Sometimes it seems like children have more faith than adults. It doesn’t...

Screen Schooled: Two Veteran Teachers Expose How Technology Overuse Is Making Our Kids Dumber

by Joe Clément & Matt Miles

Over the past decade, educational instruction has become increasingly digitized as districts rush to dole out laptops and iPads to every student. Yet the most important question, "Is this what is best for students?"...

Now We're Talking

by Justin Baeder

Daily observation of classroom teaching can significantly impact the quality of teaching and learning. Organized into 21 chapters designed to be read over a period of 21 school days, Now We're Talking! presents...

Jspr Vol 37-N2

God's Big Plans for Me Storybook Bible

by Rick Warren

God’s Big Plans for Me Storybook Bible illustrates the 40 foundational principles written in the #1 New York Times bestseller The Purpose Driven Life (What on Earth Am I Here For?) by Pastor Rick Warren. With...

Day Dreams and Movie Screens

by Alena Pitts & Wynter Pitts

Eleven-year-old Lena Daniels’ summer of Hollywood starlets and movie filming alongside her favorite singer, Mallory Winston, is over. School will be back in full swing, and it seems as though life might just...

Tell Me a Story

by Anthony Tate Fulton, Christopher B. Field & Michael MacBride

Stories have great power. This book attempts to harness that power to help students grow and develop as writers. It argues that stories and narratives can be utilized in the composition classroom, specifically...

Language, Education and Neoliberalism

by Mi-Cha Flubacher & Alfonso Del Percio

This edited volume presents an empirical account of how neoliberal ideas are adopted on the ground by different actors in different educational settings, from bilingual education in the US, to migrant work...

Building Great School Board -- Superintendent Teams

by Bradley V. Balch & Michael T. Adamson

To address urgent challenges and drive continuous improvement effectively, school board members, superintendents, and school leaders must develop strong school board/superintendent teams. The authors offer a...

These Schools Belong to You and Me: Why We Can't Afford to Abandon Our Public Schools

by Deborah Meier & Emily Gasoi

A challenge to narrow, profit-driven conceptions of school success and an argument for protecting public education to ensure that all students become competent citizens in a vibrant democracy

In These Schools...

The Multi-age Learning Community in Action

by Barbara Cozza

As schools struggle to teach all students, the multi-age teaching and learning framework has emerged as one of today’s most effective ways to structure schools. Multi-age Learning Community (MAC) Program is...

Connecting High-Quality Educators with Urban Students

by Sharon Hartin Iorio

Recent national attention has focused on the benefits of school-university-community partnerships to increase the pipeline of highly qualified teachers for urban students, but little has been published about...