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The Neurodiverse Classroom

by Victoria Honeybourne

With specific learning difficulties more prevalent than ever in mainstream schools, this is the essential guide for teachers wishing to create inclusive and successful learning environments in diverse classrooms....

Making PSHE Matter

by Siân Rowland

Offering ideas for different ways to teach PSHE, this is a go-to resource for the busy teacher looking for creative and engaging techniques. It provides tips, case studies and strategies on planning and pitching...


by Martha Boyne, Emily Clements & Ben Wright

Martha Boyne, Emily Clements and Ben Wright’s Thrive: In your first three years in teaching equips trainee secondary school teachers with the know-how to lay the foundations for a successful career in teaching,...

Freedom to Learn

by Art Willans & Cari Williams

Disinterested students and behavioral problems are all too common in schools. Yet results show that behavior charts and other reward and punishment systems simply don't work. Teachers are burning out and students...

Leapfrogging Inequality

by Rebecca Winthrop, Adam Barton & Eileen McGivney

Exemplary stories of innovation from around the world

Universal public education traditionally is seen as the one sure means to promote widespread economic and social advancement. But around the world, education...

Trade Union Education

by Mike Seal

Trade union education is in the doldrums. It generally lacks modern ways of teaching and is full of outdated content and avoids history, economics and politics. This book demonstrates clearly that what is delivered...

Project Based Learning Made Simple

by April Smith

Quickly and Easily Go from Idea to Activity to Discover with these Ready-to-Use Projects

Project Based Learning is a fun and engaging way to challenge and inspire your students. But it can be hard to find the...


by Cristal Glangchai

From an engineer and entrepreneur, a conversation-changing parenting book about how to engage young women in science, technology, engineering, and math, filled with practical advice for both parents and educators....

Achieving Results

by Nicholas D. Young, Kristen Bonanno-Sotiropoulos & Jennifer A. Smolinski

As a result of this distressing information on the challenges facing our educators, this book was written to highlight approaches and strategies that have been found to improve student outcomes. Administrative...

Hacking School Culture

by Angela Stockman & Ellen Feig Gray

HACKING SCHOOL CULTURE:  Bullying prevention and character building programs are deepening our awareness of how today’s kids struggle and how we might help, but many agree: They aren’t enough to create...

Setting the Stage

by Mario C. Barbiere

Setting the Stage promotes a “Learner’s Brain Model” using brain research to understand the nature to the learner so teachers can develop lessons based on the nature of the learner. There is also a focus...

The President / The Prince

by Due Machiavelli & Niccolo Machiavelli

Author of the book deduces laws of governing, uniform for the different countries, different times and societies. Action and the identity of modern sovereigns — presidents, prime ministers, leaders of parties...

Making Learning Job-Embedded

by Sally J. Zepeda

Making Learning Job-Embedded: Cases from the Field of Instructional Leadership is a book for sitting principals, aspiring principals, and teacher leaders. This edited volume includes studies that describe and...

The Right to Teach

by Alcione Negrao Ostorga

The current accountability environment of education in the US has focused on the discussions of improving the quality of educational outcomes based on a set of assumptions that exclude the perspectives of the...


by Jonathan P Raymond & Peter H Reynolds

Finally, a book about public education that’s for the public. Part memoir, part manifesto, this journey into the Sacramento, California school system brings readers into the heart of our education crisis,...

The Story of White Hall Centre

by Pete McDonald

White Hall Centre for Open Country Pursuits, near Buxton in Derbyshire, was set up in 1950 by Jack Longland, Derbyshire’s director of education. The Story of White Hall Centre describes White Hall’s origins...

The White House and Education through the Years

by M. Scott Norton

The book sets forth the early developments established by colonial leaders to place public education in the forefront of their new America. The ups and downs of the educational perspectives of the many national...

The Social Media Imperative

by Kristin Magette

Leaders have a tremendous opportunity to embrace social media for teaching, learning, and communicating – and the time is now. This practical guide can help anyone implement social media in a school system,...

In Other Words: Phrases for Growth Mindset

by Annie Brock & Heather Hundley

  • Authors of the bestselling The Growth Mindset Coach which has shipped over 100,000 copies in under a year
  • The follow up book, The Growth Mindset Playbook, shipped 10,000 copies in its first 5 weeks
  • This book...

  • Stronger Together

    by Terri L. Martin & Cameron L. Rains

    With foreword by Robert J. Marzano

    What kind of leader am I? What is my leadership style? How do I best tap into others' skills? How do I build collaborative leadership teams? New and veteran leaders alike ask...