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CliffsNotes Algebra II Common Core Quick Review

by Wendy Taub-Hoglund

A quick review of Algebra II Common Core math

A Fool and a Common Sense. Or, 5 Donuts and 1 Bagel. : SHORT STORY # 3. Nonfiction series #1- # 60.

by Alla P. Gakuba

On Sunday, a country boy, in his earlier 30s, arrived into a new town and started having difficulties to solve his small problems in unfamiliar environment. His difficulties were: he does not have enough information...

Angular 2 Components

by Nir Kaufman & Thierry Templier

A quick and concise guide to Angular 2 Components About This Book • First look to the Angular 2 Components architecture • Creating your own Angular 2 Component • Integrating your components with third...

High School Chemistry Unlocked: Your Key to Understanding and Mastering Complex Chemistry Concepts

by Princeton Review


High School Chemistry Unlocked focuses on giving you a wide range of key lessons to help increase your understanding of chemistry. With this book, you'll...

High School Physics Unlocked: Your Key to Understanding and Mastering Complex Physics Concepts

by Princeton Review


High School Physics Unlocked focuses on giving you a wide range of key lessons to help increase your understanding of physics. With this book, you'll...

High School Biology Unlocked: Your Key to Understanding and Mastering Complex Biology Concepts

by Princeton Review


High School Biology Unlocked focuses on giving you a wide range of lessons to help increase your understanding of biology. With this book, you'll move...

Frustration of Shame: In Defense of America's Teachers

by Bruce Gevirtzman

For decades, teachers, though underpaid, were among the most respected, esteemed professionals in the United States. But things have changed. As schools fail to meet the needs of a growing, diverse population,...

The College Bucket List: 101 Fun, Unforgettable and Maybe Even Life-Changing Things to Do Before Graduation Day

by Kourtney Jason & Darcy Pedersen


Are you ready to experience the best four years of your life? Take a shot at half of the exciting ideas in The College Bucket List, and your first years of...

Access to History: Rebellion and Disorder under the Tudors 1485-1603 for OCR Second Edition

by Geoffrey Woodward & Nicholas Fellows

Give your students the best chance of success with this tried and tested series, combining in-depth analysis, engaging narrative and accessibility. Access to History is the most popular, trusted and wide-ranging...

Student Stress at the Transition to Middle School: An A-to-Z Guide for Implementing an Emotional Health Check-up

by Ann Vander Stoep & Kelly Thompson

Resources, checklists, instructions, and training materials for assessing student well-being.

The transition to middle school is often fraught with emotional, social, and academic challenges for students. Often,...

No One Left Standing: Will the Rewrite of NCLB be Enough?

by Michele Wages

Testing in U.S. public schools is out of control. The stress and pressures for all involved have effects that are not even measureable in most instances. Is this really the best thing for our schools? Are there...

Ensuring High-Quality Curriculum: How to Design, Revise, or Adopt Curriculum Aligned to Student Success

by Angela Di Michele Lalor

Develop a solid foundation for teaching and learning with this definitive, step-by-step guide to curriculum design and evaluation.

Hold That Thought: Two Steps to Effective Counseling and Psychotherapy with the Method of Levels

by Timothy A Carey

The Method of Levels (MOL) is an application of the principles of Perceptual Control Theory (PCT). Advanced by William T. Powers in his seminal book, Behavior: The Control of Perception, this scientific model...

Kaplan Companion to LSAT PrepTests 62-71: Exclusive Data, Analysis & Explanations for 10 Actual, Official LSAT PrepTests Volume V

by Kaplan

Taking a practice test is great practice for the LSAT, but reviewing a practice test afterward is where you really improve. Supercharge your LSAT prep with Kaplan’s comprehensive explanations for PrepTests...

National 5 French: Practice Papers for SQA Exams

by Douglas Angus

Practise for your SQA exams with three specially commissioned Hodder Gibson Practice Exam Papers with fully worked answers.

- Practise with model papers written and checked by experienced markers and examiners...

Keeping Reflection Fresh: A Practical Guide for Clinical Educators

by Allan Peterkin & Pamela Brett-MacLean

Curriculum committees at health professional schools are determined that faculty engage students in reflection. Reflective practice invites students to inquire into their own thoughts, biases, assumptions, feelings,...

Guiding Curriculum Development: The Need to Return to Local Control

by M. Scott Norton

This book’s primary purposes center on the need for placing the responsibility for determining student curriculum and academic achievement the local school level whereby school personnel determine the individual...

GMAT Foundations of Math: 900+ Practice Problems in Book and Online

by Manhattan Prep

Developed for test-takers who need a refresher, GMAT Foundations of Math provides a user-friendly review of basic math concepts crucial for GMAT success.

Designed to be user-friendly for all students, GMAT Foundations...

CliffsNotes Algebra I Common Core Quick Review

by Kimberly Gores

A quick review of Algebra I Common Core math

OCR GCSE (9¿1) Geography A: Geographical Themes

by Alan Parkinson, Jo Debens & Jo Payne

An OCR endorsed textbook

Instil a broad understanding of UK and global geographical issues using the clear explanations and skills-focused activities in this thematic study guide; tailored to the new assessment...