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Teaching and Learning for Wholeness: The Role of Archetypes in Educational Processes

by Clifford Mayes

In Teaching for Wholeness, Clifford Mayes continues to expand the horizons of Jungian pedagogy, a movement that draws upon the thought of Carl Jung and Jungian scholars to address crucial educational issues...

Creating and Negotiating Collaborative Spaces for Socially-Just Anti-Bullying Interventions for K-12 Schools

by Azadeh F. Osanloo, Cindy Reed & Jonathan P. Schwartz

A volume in New Directions in Educational Leadership: Innovations in Research, Teaching, and Learning

emotional, and intellectual well‐being and development of youth. Creating and Negotiating Collaborative...

Going for the Gold: How to Become a World-Class Academic Fundraiser

by Jeffrey L. Buller

What do faculty members, academic administrators, or development officers need to know if they want to be successful fundraisers in higher education? Going for the Gold demystifies these worlds for anyone interested...

The Critique of Pure Reason

by Immanuel Kant

The Critique of Pure Reason by Immanuel Kant is one of the most influential works in the history of philosophy. Also referred to as Kant's First Critique, it was followed by the Critique of Practical Reason...

Public School Finance Decoded: A Straightforward Approach to Linking the Budget to Student Achievement

by Jay C. Toland

Public School Finance Decoded discusses why the finance department needs to have a seat at the table during discussions about how to educate the whole child. Written in plain language, this book will empower...

WJEC Eduqas GCSE History: The Elizabethan Age, 1558-1603

by R. Paul Evans

Bring out the best in every student, enabling them to develop in-depth subject knowledge and historical skills with the market-leading series for WJEC Eduqas, fully updated for 2016 to help you navigate the...

Hodder GCSE History for Edexcel: Henry VIII and his ministers, 1509¿40

by Dale Scarboro & Ian Dawson

Endorsed for Edexcel

Help your students achieve their full potential while ensuring pace, enjoyment and motivation with this unique series from the leading History publisher; developed by expert educators who...

Advancing Educational Outcomes in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics at Historically Black Colleges and Universities

by Lamont A. Flowers, Lawrence O. Flowers & James L., Moore III

The purpose of this book is to describe critical issues affecting students pursuing degrees in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The information in this book is designed to enhance strategies...

Book Matters: The Changing Nature of Literacy

by Alan Sica

Scholars have been puzzling over the “future of the book” since Marshall McLuhan’s famous maxim “the medium is the message” in the early 1950s. McLuhan famously argued that electronic media was creating...

The Writing on the Classroom Wall: How Posting Your Most Passionate Beliefs About Education Can Empower Your Students, Propel Your Growth,  and Lead t

by Steve Wyborney

22 Teachers, 22 Learners.

In Steve Wyborney's classroom, everyone is a teacher and a learner. That may be true in your classroom as well, but do your students know you are ready to learn right alongside them?...

Turbulent Money

by Todd Sheldon, Joann Wright & Akira007 Akira007

What do cycles, cosmic cycles, filters, instruments and pictures have to do with understanding the changing direction of your money?   What do sheep, Rockefellers, gangsters, billionaires, presidents of countries,...

The Crying Girl

by Charlie Weaver Rolfe

A hilarious and poignant novel about the end of the world, before and after, as experienced by apparently its lone survivor, who hadn't been paying attention.

Following an unforeseen apocalyptic event, Clifford,...

Kant's Prolegomena

by Immanuel Kant

KANT'S Prolegomena, although a small book, is indubitably the most important of his writings. It furnishes us with a key to his main work, The Critique of Pure Reason; in fact, it is an extract containing all...

Real Writing: Modernizing the Old School Essay

by Mitchell Nobis, Daniel Laird & Carrie Nobis

High-school writing prompts often ask students to provide overly simplified responses to complicated issues, but a person’s stance in the real world can rarely, if ever, be reduced to “agree or disagree.”...

LGBT-Q Teachers, Civil Partnership and Same-Sex Marriage: The Ambivalences of Legitimacy

by Aoife Neary

The introduction of legislative structures for same-sex relationships provides a new lens for grappling with the politics of sexuality in schools and society. The emergence of civil partnership and same-sex...

Middle-class School Choice in Urban Spaces: The economics of public schooling and globalized education reform

by Emma E. Rowe

Middle-class School Choice in Urban Spaces examines government-funded public schools from a range of perspectives and scholarship in order to examine the historical, political and economic conditions of public...

Creating the Practical Man of Modernity: The Reception of John Dewey's Pedagogy in Mexico

by Victor J. Rodriguez

Focused on the appropriation of John Dewey's ideas on progressive education in revolutionary Mexico, this book reconsiders the interpretation and application of Dewey's ideas in the world. Rodriguez examines...

Applied Multivariate Statistical Concepts

by Debbie L. Hahs-Vaughn

More comprehensive than other texts, this new book covers the classic and cutting edge multivariate techniques used in today's research. Ideal for courses on multivariate statistics/analysis/design, advanced...

Student lives in crisis: Deepening inequality in times of austerity

by Lorenza Antonucci

In this empirically-grounded analysis, Lorenza Antonucci compares the lives of university students at a time of austerity and financial crisis from three very different European welfare systems - Italy, England...

Race, Gender, and Curriculum Theorizing: Working in Womanish Ways

by Denise Taliaferro Baszile, Kirsten T. Edwards & Nichole A. Guillory

This book begins to recognize and represent the impact of Black feminist and womanist theory in curriculum theorizing. This collection includes a vibrant group of women of color who do curriculum work to reflect...