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Lit Up

by David Denby

A bestselling author and distinguished critic goes back to high school to find out whether books can shape lives

It's no secret that millions of American teenagers, caught up in social media, television, movies,...

Putting Students First: How Colleges Develop Students Purposefully

by Larry A. Braskamp, Lois Calian Trautvetter & Kelly Ward

In Putting Students First, the authors argue that colleges can and should invest in holistic student development by recognizing and building on the students' search for purpose in life, intellectually, spiritually,...

The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration

by George S. McClellan & Jeremy Stringer

The Foremost Authorities on Student Affairs Address Issues Facing The Field Today

The Handbook of Student Affairs Administration is a comprehensive and thoughtful resource for the field, with expert insight...

The Collapse of Parenting: How We Hurt Our Kids When We Treat Them Like Grown-Ups

by Leonard Sax

An acclaimed expert on parenting and childhood development argues that kids today are suffering because their parents are no longer in charge—and explains what parents and educators can do to reverse this...

Observation on the Education of Foreign Countries (Works by Zhu Yongxin on Education Series)

by Zhu Yongxin

"Education is a process of inheritance and innovation. Hence, it is important for China to research and learn from educational experiences in other countries." -Zhu Yongxin

One of China's most renowned scholars,...

Women and I.T. Careers: Why Women are Leaving the Ranks of I.T. Careers and Why It's So Important They Stay

by Cedric Alford

The under-representation of women in IT leadership roles is an alarming statistic that has the potential for global implications.

Written in a clear and concise manner, this book is the culmination of Dr. Cedric...

5th Grade American History: American Presidents: Fifth Grade Books US Presidents for Kids

by Baby Professor

How many American presidents do you know of? Memorizing names is easy but recognizing the faces associated with those names, as well as their contributions to the country can be quite challenging. The good thing...

College in Four Years: Making Every Semester Count

by Granville M. Sawyer

College in Four Years is the essential guide to graduating on time with better grades and less stress - for a lot less money.

This practical, easy to use guide takes students from freshman dreams to graduation...

The Teacher and the Superintendent: Native Schooling in the Alaskan Interior, 1904-1918

by Barbara Grigor-Taylor & George E. Boulter II

From its inception in 1885, the Alaska School Service was charged with the assimilation of Alaskan Native children into mainstream American values and ways of life. Working in the missions and schools along...

Life in the UK Test: Study Guide: Everything you need to study for the British citizenship test

by George Sandison & Henry Dillon

The digital edition of the best-selling series includes the complete testable materials from Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new residents, the official Home Office materials. Passing the Life in the...

The Research of Native Chinese Psychology

by Zhu Yongxin

"Human nature is an area of great concern to educational psychologists. It is also a topic frequently discussed by ancient Chinese thinkers and teachers." -Zhu Yongxin

A detailed study of how modern psychology...

Law School Confidential

by Robert H. Miller


Don't get to the end of your law school career muttering these words to yourself! Take the first step toward building a productive, successful, and perhaps even pleasant law...

School of Dreams: Making the Grade at a Top American High School

by Edward Humes

Whitney High delivers everything we ask of a school: a love of learning, a sense of mission, and SAT scores to die for. But there are unintended consequences to attending the school of our dreams, as author...

A History of Belgium for children

by Catherine de Duve

Discover the history of Belgium as you read, draw and play

Belgium has not always existed... How old is the country ? Hop back in time! What happened in 1830 ? It's revolution at the Opera House ! Belgium became...

Critical Reading in Higher Education: Academic Goals and Social Engagement

by Karen Manarin, Miriam Carey & Melanie Rathburn

Faculty often worry that students can't or won't read critically, a foundational skill for success in academic and professional endeavors. "Critical reading" refers both to reading for academic purposes and...

Faculty Development and Student Learning: Assessing the Connections

by William Condon, Ellen R. Iverson & Cathryn A. Manduca

Colleges and universities across the US have created special initiatives to promote faculty development, but to date there has been little research to determine whether such programs have an impact on students'...

The Art of the Storyteller

by Marie L. Shedlock

Some day we shall have a science of education comparable to the science of medicine; but even when that day arrives the art of education will still remain the inspiration and the guide of all wise teachers....

On the Horseshoe: A Guide to the Historic Campus of the University of South Carolina

by Elizabeth Cassidy West & Katharine Thompson Allen

The comprehensive history of the original campus structures and the people who lived and worked there

The Wise Guide to Wisdom Teeth Extraction

by H. Ryan Kazemi DMD

Praised by patients, parents, and dental and medical professionals, this book provides clear and concise information about wisdom teeth extraction: When and Why is it necessary to extract wisdom teeth Common...

Think Again: Contrarian Reflections on Life, Culture, Politics, Religion, Law, and Education

by Stanley Fish

From 1995 to 2013, Stanley Fish’s provocative New York Times columns consistently generated passionate discussion and debate. In Think Again, he has assembled almost one hundred of his best columns into a...