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Fast and Curious

by Robert L. Hampel

This book examines four types of shortcuts in the history of American education—streamlined paths to vocational success, cultural sophistication, college credentials, and the efficient use of English. The...

Life in the UK Test Study Guide: Digital edition: The essential study guide for the British citizenship test

by Henry Dillon & George Sandison

The digital edition of the leading independent series includes the complete testable materials from Life in the United Kingdom: A guide for new residents, the official Home Office materials. Passing the Life...

Public vs. Private

by Robert N. Gross

Americans today choose from a dizzying array of schools, loosely lumped into categories of "public" and "private." How did these distinctions emerge in the first place, and what do they tell us about the more...

Schooling Diaspora

by Karen M. Teoh

Education has long been a cornerstone of Chinese culture. Traditional Chinese norms have also held that the less education and exposure to influence from outside the home a girl had, the more likely she would...

Teaching Girls

by Peter Kuriloff, Shannon Andrus & Charlotte Jacobs

Women continue to be underrepresented in the high paying fields of science, math, and engineering. They receive only about 80% of the salary of men holding similar jobs in any field and still face glass ceilings...

Foundation of Uniformity with Modernization

by Y. L.

1. This work will be the continuous unit for the "Foundation of Cognition" and "Foundation of Reality with Practical values", for the development of modern trend through the informational explosion and internet...

How Student Journalists Report Campus Unrest

by Kaylene Dial Armstrong

Journalists are trained to tell the stories of others and leave themselves out of their writing. Student journalists are no different. They spend their days on their college newspaper writing about what happens...

Christmas With the Presidents

by Mike Henry

Everyone celebrates the Christmas holidays in their own way, and that includes the President of the United States. Some have enjoyed large gatherings, while others took part in a quiet, relaxing atmosphere....

Healthy Children

by Smita Guha

This book is geared towards educators, teachers, administrators and parents of young children especially with health issues. The book will contribute to the literature in the field focusing on national and international...

The Indoor Epidemic

by Erik Shonstrom

The Indoor Epidemic is an accessible, readable book that educators, parents, policymakers, and general readers can use to develop an in-depth understanding of the role the outdoors has played in our evolutionary...

The Short & Sweet Guide to College

by Jordan A Stidham

This book is a simple tool designed to guide both parents and students through the options and steps involved in applying, attending, and paying for college. This book starts from SAT preparation and goes all...

News Literacy: Helping Students and Teachers Decode Fake News

by Robert W. Janke & Bruce S. Cooper

This book provides a resource for educators to develop students news literacy skills.

Ever the Leader

by William G. Bowen, Kevin M. Guthrie & Hanna Holborn Gray

Ever the Leader gathers together selected speeches and writings from one of the great scholars and commentators of higher education. William G. Bowen’s career at Princeton University—from economics professor...

Implausible Dream

by James H. Mittelman

Why the paradigm of the world-class university is an implausible dream for most institutions of higher education

Universities have become major actors on the global stage. Yet, as they strive to be “world-class,”...

An Instructor's Guide to Teaching Military Students

by Suzane L. Bricker

An Instructor’s Guide to Teaching Military Students is a resource for online and on-ground educators in private and public learning institutions around the world. The content applies to faculty members in...

Social Studies Teacher Education: Critical Issues and Current Perspectives

by Christopher C. Martell

Over the past decade, the world has experienced a major economic collapse, the increasing racial inequity and high-profile police killings of unarmed Black and Brown people, the persistence of global terrorism,...

Student Revolt

by Matt Myers

Whatever happened to the student revolt? In 2010 young people across Britain took to the streets to defy a wave of government attacks on education, increasing tuition fees, and cuts to grants for college students....

The Push for a Child Philosophy

by Maxine Therese

What children really need has been misunderstood for most of human history. Drawing on the latest scientific research, philosophy, and psychology as well as her own clinical experience, Maxine illuminates...

When Grit Isn't Enough: A High School Principal Examines How Poverty and Inequality Thwart the College-for-All Promise

by Linda F. Nathan

Examines major myths informing American education and explores how educators can better serve students, increase college retention rates, and develop alternatives to college that don’t disadvantage students...

Miseducation: Inequality, education and the working classes

by Diane Reay

This book brings Brian Jackson and Dennis Marsden's pioneering Education and the Working Class from 1962 up to date for the 21st century and reveals what we can do to achieve a fairer education system.