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Raise Your Kids to Succeed

by Chris Palmer

Raising Your Kids to Succeed: What Every Parent Should Know describes what parents can do to be effective and help their children succeed, both in school and in life. Part I opens with some big, foundational...

Life of the Mind Interrupted

by Katie Rose Guest Pryal

Academia isn’t an easy place to be if your brain isn’t quite right. Colleagues carelessly call each other “schizo” and “bipolar.” Another colleague is fired—easy enough to do these days, when most...

Pocket Guide / EU University Guide

by Marlene Bell

Why You Should Read This Book? Universities in Eur??? h?v? l?ng been kn?wn for their high ???d?mi? ?t?nd?rd?, th?ir ?utting-?dg? r????r?h ?nd their value for money. Thirt?-?n? ?f the w?rld'? t?? 100 univ?r?iti??,...

Little Soldiers

by Lenora Chu

New York Times Book Review Editor’s Choice; Real Simple Best of the Month; Library Journal Editors’ Pick

In the spirit of Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, Bringing up Bébé, and The Smartest Kids in the...

My Revision Notes: Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History: Superpower relations and the Cold War, 1941-91

by Steve Waugh

Exam Board: Edexcel

Level: GCSE

Subject: History

First Teaching: September 2016

First Exam: Summer 2018

Endorsed for Edexcel

Target success in Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History with this proven formula for effective, structured...

Factories for Learning

by Christy Kulz

Over half of England's secondary schools are now academies. While their impact on achievement has been debated, the social and cultural outcomes prompted by this neoliberal educational model has received less...

The Thirty-Ninth Man

by Dale A Swanson & Jenifer Quinlan

The Thirty-ninth Man is a historical novel culminating with the mass execution of thirty-eight men—the largest mass execution in the history of the United States. History tells us little of the thirty-ninth...

Gender Fairness in Today's School

by Jim Dueck

This book traces back how male students are currently disadvantaged in school by instruction in an overwhelmingly female environment devoid of male role models, who can inspire the love of learning in male students....

The Beginnings of School Readiness

by Sarah Vanover

Many families and educators are concerned with the school readiness skills that children acquire in preschool; however, they do not realize that these skills begin to develop during the infant and toddler years....

The Ultimate Guide to College Safety

by Peter J. Canavan

College students and their parents used to worry about getting good grades, finding a job after graduation and whether or not they would be living at home after college. However, in recent years the primary...

Education's Epistemology

by Harvey Siegel

Education's Epistemology extends and further defends Harvey Siegel's "reasons conception" of critical thinking. It analyzes and emphasizes both the epistemic quality, and the dispositions and character traits...

School Bond Success

by Carleton R. Holt

Many school buildings across America are falling apart due to age or lack of maintenance. Others are outmoded and do not meet the needs of modern educational programs and curricula. Unfortunately, school administrators...

My Revision Notes: Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History: Weimar and Nazi Germany, 1918-39

by Steve Waugh

Exam Board: Edexcel

Level: GCSE

Subject: History

First Teaching: September 2016

First Exam: Summer 2018

Endorsed for Edexcel

Target success in Edexcel GCSE (9-1) History with this proven formula for effective, structured...

AQA A-level Philosophy Year 1 and AS: Epistemology and Moral Philosophy

by Jeremy Hayward, Gerald Jones & Dan Cardinal

Exam Board: AQA

Level: AS/A-level

Subject: Philosophy

First Teaching: September 2016

First Exam: June 2017

Enable students to critically engage with the new 2017 AQA specifications with this accessible Student Book...

The Delphi Project

by Horst Kornberger & Janet Blagg

The Delphi Project is an entirely artistic undertaking. It is not about renewing oracular traditions that had their justification in the past. It is about expansion of the human mind, the development of poetic...

Usa University Guide

by Marlene Bell

According to the Institute of International Education, "American higher education continues to be highly valued throughout the world. US campuses offer unparalleled opportunities for creativity, flexibility...

Writing From the Margins

by Kristine E. Pytash

The book is a critical examination of the complex role of writing in court-involved young adults’ lives. The purpose of this book is to provide an in-depth look at how writing might possibly be the best opportunity...

Russia and Eurasia 2017-2018

by Brent Hierman

Published and updated annually, Russia and Eurasia deals with the twelve independent republics that became members of the Commonwealth of Independent States following the collapse of the Soviet Union in December...

The USA and The World 2017-2018

by David M. Keithly

Instant interpretive history is a difficult and demanding task, and certainly more of an art than some would suggest. USA and the World describes not only what happened, but puts events in the context of the...

The Middle East and South Asia 2017-2018

by Seth Cantey

This volume is designed to place in context the passionate controversies and emotional attachments of the two billion people who live, study, work, love, and die in the Middle East and South Asia. Understanding...