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Kant's Prolegomena

by Immanuel Kant

KANT'S Prolegomena, although a small book, is indubitably the most important of his writings. It furnishes us with a key to his main work, The Critique of Pure Reason; in fact, it is an extract containing all...

Student lives in crisis: Deepening inequality in times of austerity

by Lorenza Antonucci

In this empirically-grounded analysis, Lorenza Antonucci compares the lives of university students at a time of austerity and financial crisis from three very different European welfare systems - Italy, England...

The Persistent Illusion

by Ryan D Gable

Although not mandatory, Ryan’s first book, ‘The Grand Illusion’, is key in understanding WHO controls the world and HOW. The Persistent Illusion explores WHY. In The Persistent Illusion, Ryan recaps the...

Distance Learning For Educators, Trainers, and Leaders Volume 13 Number 2 2016

by Michael Simonson, Charles Schlosser & John G. Flores

Distance Learning is for leaders, practitioners, and decision makers in the fields of distance learning, e'learning,

telecommunications, and related areas. It is a professional journal with applicable information...

Game of Loans: The Rhetoric and Reality of Student Debt

by Beth Akers & Matthew M. Chingos

College tuition and student debt levels have been rising at an alarming pace for at least two decades. These trends, coupled with an economy weakened by a major recession, have raised serious questions about...

Distance Education: Statewide, Institutional, and International Applications of Distance Education, 2nd Edition

by Michael Simonson & Charles Schlosser

A volume in Perspectives in Instructional Technology and Distance Education

Distance Learning journal is a premiere outlet for articles featuring practical applications of distance education in states,


Substitute: Going to School With a Thousand Kids

by Nicholson Baker

“May be the most revealing depiction of the American contemporary classroom that we have to date." —Garret Keizer, The New York Times Book Review


Bestselling author Nicholson Baker, in pursuit of the...

Nordic, Central, and Southeastern Europe 2016-2017

by Marek Payerhin

This is an annually updated presentation of each sovereign country in Nordic, Central and Southeastern Europe, past and present. It is organized by individual chapters for each country and presents a complete...

The Teacher 50: Critical Questions for Inspiring Classroom Excellence

by Baruti K. Kafele

An indispensable companion for teachers who want to give their absolute best in the classroom at all times and under all circumstances.

Hodder GCSE History for Edexcel: Anglo-Saxon and Norman England, c1060¿88

by Esther Arnott, Libby Merritt & Ian Dawson

Endorsed for Edexcel

Help your students achieve their full potential while ensuring pace, enjoyment and motivation with this unique series from the leading History publisher; developed by expert educators who...

Handbook for Undergraduate Research Advisors

by Faith A. Wilson & Jeffrey L. Thomas

Written for diverse academic audience, this text serves as a handbook for professors, instructors, and advisors who oversee data collection by undergraduate students for the purpose of writing a research report....

Campus Politics

On Being a Teacher: Readings from Educational Leadership (EL Essentials)

by Marge Scherer

This collection of articles from Educational Leadership about what it means to be a good teacher is enhanced with 11 video clips from educators.

Journal of Character Education Volume 11 Number 2  2015

by Jacques S. Benninga & Marvin W. Berkowitz

Volume 11 Issue 2 2015 The Journal of Character Education is the only professional journal in education devoted to character education. It is designed to cover the field-from the latest research to applied best...

Questioning History: 16 Essential Questions That Will Deepen Your Understanding of the Past

by Joe Regenbogen

Since the days of the Ancient Greeks, history has been perceived as the academic study of the past. Unfortunately, it has generally been taught as a litany of rigid, boring facts intended to be accepted rather...

On Being a Teacher: Readings from Educational Leadership (EL Essentials)

by Marge Scherer

In this collection of articles from Educational Leadership, the authors-all educators and educators of educators-discuss what it means to be a good teacher.

Canada 2016-2017

by Wayne C. Thompson

This is an annually updated presentation of Canada past and present. The contents in this volume are organized into sections dealing with

  • Canada’s culture;
  • Geography;
  • people;
  • history (from New France to the...

Practical Strategies for Applied Budgeting and Fiscal Administration: What Works for P-12 Administrators

by Spencer C. Weiler & Gabriel R. Serna

This book takes an applied approach to budgeting and fiscal administration in P-12 public education. It presents new and aspiring P-12 educational leaders with the fundamental knowledge and skills to supervise,...

Qualitative Ethics in Practice

by Martin Tolich

Neither ethics committees nor qualitative researchers can predict the types of ethical dilemmas that will happen in the field, only that they will routinely occur. In Qualitative Ethics in Practice, a team of...

Essentials of Community-based Research

by Vera Caine & Judy Mill

Community-based research (CBR) is the most commonly used method for serving community needs and effecting change through authentic, ethical, and meaningful social research. In this brief introduction to CBR,...