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by Robert Field

Every Monday the six players for the George Inn ladies dart’s team meet for their league match but behind the camaraderie of the occasion each has their own story to tell.

After Alexander

by Jan Pryor & Katharine Smith

In 1981, during a family year away from New Zealand, four-month-old Alexander died in a London hospital.

Jan Pryor blends her personal experience of losing a child with her professional understanding of family...

2006 : 2016

by Ashley Capes

Selected works from Australian poet Ashley Capes, 2006:2016 draws on material from previous volumes and also includes previously uncollected pieces.

Ashley Capes explores subtle links between human nature and...

Language Games

by David P Taylor

Language Games for Parents and Children by David P Taylor is a collection of language games that you can play with your children to develop their vocabulary, imagination and mastery of words.

Such mastery occurs...

The Children Money Can Buy

by Anne Moody

The Children Money Can Buy covers decades of dramatic societal change in foster care and adoption, including the pendulum swings regarding open adoption and attitudes toward birth parents, the gradual acceptance...

Saving Our Kids - Saving Ourselves

by Marilyn Rowe

If you dream of better days, greater experiences, expanded access to learning, to a more loving relationship with your child, to less struggle, less striving, and more authentic success and contribution; read...

Life Work with Children Who are Fostered or Adopted

by Joy Rees

This new book from life work expert Joy Rees explains the value of effective and meaningful life story work with fostered and adopted children, and how best to carry it out. Simple to read and to implement,...

Walking with Domestic Abuse Sufferers

by Helen Thorne

If only this book weren’t needed. If only men and women didn’t beat their partners. If only spouses didn’t cruelly manipulate and control. If only people didn’t bully elderly relatives . . .

Most incidents...

Complementary Therapies in Maternity Care

by Denise Tiran

The complete textbook on complementary therapies in maternity care, this book addresses how midwives and other birth professionals can use or advise on complementary therapies for pregnant, labouring and new...

Helping Your Transgender Teen, 2nd Edition

by Irwin Krieger

Going through puberty and adolescence presents unwelcome changes for transgender youth, and this book provides advice to parents of transgender teens to help them understand what their child is experiencing...

Confessions of an Adoptive Parent: Hope and Help from the Trenches of Foster Care and Adoption

by Mike Berry

For parents of adopted or foster children, life presents its own unique set of challenges and struggles. Get the hope and encouragement you need to succeed in your one-of-a-kind parenting role and be reminded...

Faces of Hope

by Mi'kea Barnes & Katrina Breier

Hope is a beautiful, educated ebony from Houston, Texas. She shows up without invitation and is unfazed by the opinion of those around her.

Hope doesn't seek permission to address her painful truths. Unceremoniously,...

From Surviving to Thriving: A Mother's Journey Through Infertility, Loss and Miracles

by Fabiana Bacchini

After living through an emotionally turbulent journey of infertility and the birth of one son, Fabiana was thrilled to discover that she was pregnant again, this time with twins. She did not expect to encounter...

Happy Together: Using the Science of Positive Psychology to Build Love That Lasts

by Suzann Pileggi Pawelski & James O. Pawelski

How do you get to “happily ever after”?

In fairy tales, lasting love just happens. But in real life, healthy habits are what build happiness over the long haul. Happy Together, written by positive psychology...

How to Be Single and Happy: Science-Based Strategies for Keeping Your Sanity While Looking for a Soul Mate

by Jennifer Taitz

Single, less stressed, and free

If you’re tired of swiping through dating apps, ghosting, and hearing well-meaning questions about why you’re still single, it’s hard not to feel “less-than” because...

With the End in Mind: Dying, Death, and Wisdom in an Age of Denial

by Kathryn Mannix

For readers of Atul Gawande and Paul Kalanithi, a palliative care doctor's breathtaking stories from 30 years spent caring for the dying.

Modern medical technology is allowing us to live longer and fuller lives...

Grief Works

by Julia Samuel

An instant bestseller in the UK, Grief Works is a profoundly optimistic and compassionate handbook for anyone suffering a loss—from the expected death of a parent to the sudden death of a child or spouse—as...

Giving Birth to Motherhood

by Amie McCracken

Motherhood is an impossible balancing act between love and fear.

Giving Birth to Motherhood will heal your birth story through writing. A mixture of essays and writing prompts break the process down into baby...

Single Girl Problems

by Andrea Bain

  • Author is a rising star in Canadian television, and co-host of the new CBC television show The Goods
  • For once avoids the tired angle of how to “solve the problem” of being single by attracting a mate (preferably...

Breaking Upwards

by Charlotte Friedman

Divorce is not just a legal process, it is an emotional one too. The break-up of a relationship can be a devastating experience, leaving you with overwhelmed with anger and grief.

As Charlotte Friedman shows,...