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Responding to Domestic Violence

by John Devaney, Carolina Överlien, Stephanie Holt & Gloria Kirwan et al.

This book offers a critical overview of established and emerging manifestations of domestic violence across Europe. It describes how countries within and outside the EU are responding to the problem in policy,...

Responding to Child to Parent Violence and Abuse

by Declan Coogan

Providing an authoritative overview of the growing phenomena of child to parent violence - a feature in the daily life of increasing numbers of families - this book outlines what we know about it, what is effective...

I Know Now

by Cinda Stevens Lonsway

            This is a three-part story of survival, healing and profound spiritual awakening.

On a cold autumn night in 1981, 19-year-old Cinda wakes to a stranger. He attacks. For three hours, she...

Almost Della

by Della Barbato

Almost Della chronicles the true story of grooming, molestation and rape over a three-year period from the eyes of a fifteen-year-old girl, and how it affects her life for the next three decades. She tells...

The Decision

by Marcia Daigo, Wendy Yorke & Daniella Blechner

Have you ever been in a relationship that you knew was no good for you?

Have you ever had to make a decision that would ultimately change the course of your life?

How do you undo a decision?

The Decision is the...

Simon Says Play it Safe!

by Regina Marscheider & Rebecca Cowan

Meet Simon: A cute little green character who empowers children to use their inner voice so they can safely navigate their world. In Simon Says . . . Play It Safe, Simon walks alongside Doug and Lori as they...

Lost in the Reflecting Pool

by Diane Pomerantz

When Diane, a psychologist, falls in love with Charles, a charming and brilliant psychiatrist, there is laughter and flowers?and also darkness. After moving through infertility treatments and the trials of the...

If You Could Change One Thing

by Rote Writer


Primed with the power of prose, Rote Writer will propose to parley a literary journey unequalled since the time of Beowulf.

Letters will long to belong in words. They will be scripted to structure...

The Shadows in My Heart

by Mary Havens

Big families cultivate chaos. Mary Havens knows this all too well. One of twelve children, she grew up on a picturesque Wisconsin dairy farm. Holidays, graduations, marriages, and newborns filled the farmhouse...

Epidemic: America's Trade in Child Rape

by Lori Handrahan

The problem of child sex abuse and its cover-up is real. A generation of American children are being destroyed. If you think this happens to someone else's children and your children are safe, you are mistaken....

Remember Me As Loving You

by Kimberly Childs

• Author’s stepfather was Tony award-winning theatrical producer David Merrick, making her memoir of interest to Broadway enthusiasts. • Author’s mother was a publicist for the Savoy Hotel and had numerous...

Writing Ourselves Whole

by Jen Cross & Carol Queen

Creating books that will change your life

Healing victims of sexual assault through transformative journaling: One in six women is the victim of sexual assault. Using her own hard-won wisdom, author Jen Cross...

Mothering Babies in Domestic Violence: Beyond Attachment Theory

by Fiona Buchanan

This unique book offers an innovative feminist critique of attachment theory that offers an alternative understanding of relationships between women and their babies in domestic violence. Fiona Buchanan identifies...

Screen Resolution

by Brett Lee & David Morris

A must-read for parents and carers

Brett Lee has spent thousands of hours as an internet detective pretending to be a teenager online to hunt down and prosecute child sex offenders.

In Screen Resolution, Brett...

The Incest Diary

by Anonymous

“In the fairy tales about father–daughter incest—‘The Girl Without Hands,’ ‘Thousand Furs,’ the original ‘Cinderella,’ ‘Donkey Skin,’ and the stories of Saint Dymphna, patron saint of incest...

Through the Pained-Glass Window of Twitter: The Trauma, Sorrow and Destruction of Parental Alienation

by Dan O'Shea & Marnie Grundman

This is a story of one person's journey into and through Parental Alienation Syndrome and the experience of trauma, sorrow and destruction that comes with the syndrome. As a devoted husband and father of 32...

Preventing intimate partner violence: Interdisciplinary perspectives

by Claire Renzetti & Diane Follingstad

This book brings together researchers and practitioners from a range of fields to examine strategies and programs for preventing intimate partner violence (IPV). It provides paths to more efficacious prevention...

Summary Of The Power Of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life And Business, By Charles Duhigg

by Sapiens Editorial

The Power of Habit is highlighting an important a role of habits and their necessity in our lives. Some of these habits you are already aware of, such brushing our teeth, smoking, exercising, but did you know...

Wheeling to Healing...Broken Heart on a Bicycle

by James Encinas, Mary L. Holden & Jane Stevens

            A native of Boliva, James Encinas twice crossed the United States—Los Angeles to New Jersey—on a bicycle. The first trip, during his mid-twenties, was done in hurt and fueled by anger....

Worthless No More

by Mishell Wolff

Worthless No More

Mishell’s life was defined by the words her parents used to describe her; good-for-nothing, idiot, lazy, stupid and worthless, along with many others. She learned that people who love you...