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Through the Pained-Glass Window of Twitter: The Trauma, Sorrow and Destruction of Parental Alienation

by Dan O'Shea & Marnie Grundman

This is a story of one person's journey into and through Parental Alienation Syndrome and the experience of trauma, sorrow and destruction that comes with the syndrome. As a devoted husband and father of 32...

Summary Of The Power Of Habit: Why We Do What We Do In Life And Business, By Charles Duhigg

by Sapiens Editorial

The Power of Habit is highlighting an important a role of habits and their necessity in our lives. Some of these habits you are already aware of, such brushing our teeth, smoking, exercising, but did you know...

Wheeling to Healing...Broken Heart on a Bicycle

by James Encinas, Mary L. Holden & Jane Stevens

            A native of Boliva, James Encinas twice crossed the United States—Los Angeles to New Jersey—on a bicycle. The first trip, during his mid-twenties, was done in hurt and fueled by anger....

Worthless No More

by Mishell Wolff

Worthless No More

Mishell’s life was defined by the words her parents used to describe her; good-for-nothing, idiot, lazy, stupid and worthless, along with many others. She learned that people who love you...

The Shame Borne in Silence: Spouse Abuse in the Jewish Community

by Rabbi Abraham J. Twerski

Providing a religious lens on the topic, this book directly addresses the problem of spousal abuse in the Jewish community, in hopes of confronting the truth and taking definitive steps to end this violation...

Song of the Plains

by Linda Joy Myers

Ever since she was a child, Linda Joy Myers felt the power of the past. As the third daughter in her family to be abandoned or estranged by a mother, she observed the consequences of that heritage on the women...

Building the Bonds of Attachment

by Daniel A. Hughes

A highly accessible resource for students and professionals as well as parents, Building the Bonds of Attachment presents a composite case study of one child’s developmental course following years of abuse...

Baffled by Love

by Laurie Kahn

*PTSD and its treatment continues to dominate current news. The public hungers for these stories. *Survivors of sexual abuse in America number over 42 million, not including survivors of other forms of abuse....

Born To The State

by Diane Mancuso

Follow Diane’s story as she struggles with adversity, witness her extreme abuse at the hands of the staff at the orphanage and rejoice with her at her sheer determination to be accepted as an equal. Join her...


by Matthew Sandusky

The Jerry Sandusky case had little to do with football and everything to do with the insidious danger that comes from those we willingly hand our children over to because we trust them. In this unflinching memoir...

Even As God: Healing Relationships Biblically

by Ken McDonald

In the day and age in which we live the Bible says that iniquity abounds and because of it the love of many waxes cold.  (Matt. 24:12) Often cold hearts are the result of getting hurt and betrayed by loved...

Stand Your Ground

by Katherine Mayfield

Dysfunctional family dynamics can ruin a person's life, health, career, and self-esteem.  Making positive life changes and rebuilding self-esteem can only be accomplished by clearly seeing the family's negative...

I Survived Childhood: A Memoir of Abandonment, Betrayal and Healing

by Hyun Martin, Kenyon Linda & Marie-Estelle Pham

A memoir of Hyun Martin's journey from a traumatized child to become a healer and Mompreneur. At the age of three in 1965, her Oma gives her up for adoption to her Aunt. This was her first major trauma of abandonment....

Blurred Roses

by Emma Clarke

Blurred Roses is a compelling, harrowing story about love, violence and the damage people can do.

'I didn’t tell. For years I didn’t tell. And then I had to tell one person because I thought that if I didn’t...

The Misfits: Told by A Behavior Analyst

by Brandon Clark

Brandon Clark, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, discovered his professional purpose during a journey down the road less traveled: rehabilitation of children with behavior disorders. Clark artfully tackles...

The Misfits

by Brandon Clark

Brandon Clark, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, discovered his professional purpose during a journey down the road less traveled: rehabilitation of children with behavior disorders. Clark artfully tackles...

Too Young to be a Mum: Can Jess learn to be a good mummy, when she is only a child herself?

by Maggie Hartley

When sixteen-year-old Jess arrives on foster carer Maggie Hartley's doorstep with her newborn son Jimmy, she has nowhere else to go.

Arriving straight from the hospital having just given birth, Jess is like a...

Breaking a Terrible Promise

by Michael Pennington

Promises' easy to make, easy to break. There are many characters in this book. Heroic father with a dark secret, a mother who is not what she seems, a brother and sister who are caught up in the web of lies,...

Bullet Proof

by Bodie Quinette

Many have experienced...many have witnessed...many have often heard about...

Some gave up...or lost their minds...or died trying to figure it out...

But, only a few have actually gone through - ‘unscathed and...

Battering States

by Madelaine Adelman

Battering States explores the most personal part of people's lives as they intersect with a uniquely complex state system. The book examines how statecraft shapes domestic violence: how a state defines itself...