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My Life My Story

by Iris Edith Madden

"Taken into care at two years old along with three of her siblings Iris lived in an immaculate, safe, caring family home for over seven years. Iris and her siblings were then returned to live with the birth...


by Francess Kay

SYNOPSIS - Sinka, The Chronicles of a Colossus

The adventure within, sad imagery in exposure, hunted to a hunter, the African society and culture indifference. The Chronicles of a Colossus, an elusive story of...

The Best Girl

by Joan Hicks Boone

Joan’s neighborhood is filled with kids of all ages, but even her closest friends don’t know how violent Joan’s dad is, or how difficult it is for her to navigate the troubled waters of her home life. Joan...

Now I Can See The Moon

by Alice Tallmadge

• Public interest in, and professional debate over, recovered memories continues. A 2017 New Yorker article tells the story of Ada JoAnn Taylor, who in 2009 was exonerated from her murder conviction because...


by Jennie G Spallone & Elizabeth Terrill


Dr. Katherine Cook, Ph. D, struggles with frequent black outs, memory loss, and impulsive behavior. Items she's not purchased turn up in her desk drawer and refrigerator. After neurological and physical tests...

Hands Down

by Logan Crannell

I began writing this book while incarcerated in an Idaho jail, facing a prison term.  I kept a journal as a form of therapy, as I came to terms with my experiences.  As my thoughts and notes developed, I noticed...

No Mercy

by Jaye Cherie

No Mercy follows the growing conflict between rich music producer, Byron Mercy, and his troubled, twenty-one year-old daughter, Erica. Their rift has deepened over the years due to her promiscuous behavior and...

They'll Never Be the Same

by Michael S. Scheeringa, Md

Despite advances in understanding and treatment for trauma-related problems, PTSD still goes undetected in most individuals who have it. Clinicians who consider themselves experts miss the diagnosis the vast...

Dad, I wish I was normal

by Richard Voß

At that moment my heart breaks. My precious daughter thinks she’s not normal. I have not protected her enough. I have not done enough. I have completely failed Elizabeth. This is the worst moment of my life....

Raising Myself

by Beverly Engel

No one could have imagined how as a child Beverly Engel could have managed to become who she is today—an internationally known expert on abuse recovery and the best-selling author of twenty-two self-help books....

An Accidental Murder

by Diana M. Grillo

An Accidental Murder is a collection of short stories about friends, children, teenagers, and wives trying to navigate and overcome some of the most challenging circumstances of their lives. 

Praise for An Accidental...

A Life Worth Living

by Carla Feagan

We all have baggage that we carry around. This baggage may come from ingrained beliefs about oneself or past traumatic experiences. No matter where our baggage comes from or why it’s there, our past experiences...

Adoption Combat Zone: Deceptions and Collateral Damage

by Kathe Ray

In Adoption Combat Zone the author takes you on a journey of her own personal adoption of four teenagers from Ukraine. From the deceptions and lies told by hosting agencies and while in country, to the trauma...

It's All in Me!

by Jalisa P Ray

This book is a memoir about all that I had to overcome to realize that I had everything I needed within me to succeed in life and ministry. I have had to overcome a lot to get on my journey to freedom and...

Between a Man and a Woman & F*ckingLifeMate

by Scott James, Robert Piwko & Tessa Hart

Different ways of life aren't so far away from ours...

"Between a Man and a Woman" is a gripping, thrilling and heartbreaking story of domestic abuse. A fast paced drama that questions if abuse is a learned behavior...

They Never Told

by Monica N Bester & Shanika P Carter

What is your secret? Do not say you have none, because you do. We all do. Sometimes our secrets liberate us internally, but sometimes they enable us: They enable us to live unconsciously in our deepest thoughts....

Before The Sunshine

by Jessica Julius Veazie

The sun will always shine... just be patient, continue to have faith and trust in God’s Word that he will never leave you nor forsake you. Before The Sunshine was written for anyone seeking motivation that...

Treasured Silence

by Angela Carbajal Detloff

I don't know how I knew, but with certainty knew that Jesus was in my life from the moment I was conceived and a band of angels watched over me. How else could I have emerged from the pit of hell that engulfed...

Just Another Kid

by Torey Hayden

"Just Another Kid is not just another book. This remarkable teacher's memoir reminds us that love takes many forms." -The New York Times

From the bestselling author of One Child comes the true story of six children...

Buried Sins

by Mary Elizabeth Gaines

In the 1950s, the small, friendly town of Shelbyville, Tennessee, was most famous for being the home of the Tennessee Walking Horse National Celebration.  Its citizens took pride living in “The Walking Horse...