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Predator or Prince

by Dilys Sillah

Predator or Prince: How to Find the Man of Your Dreams, Not Your Nightmares How do you identify the warning signs of dangerous and controlling behaviours before you become romantically involved? Dilys Sillah...

Spare the Kids: Why Whupping Children Won't Save Black America

by Stacey Patton

A challenge to the cultural tradition of corporal punishment in Black homes and its connections to racial violence in America

Why do so many African Americans have such a special attachment to whupping children?...

Scared Selfless: My Journey from Abuse and Madness to Surviving and Thriving

by Michelle Stevens

“A riveting memoir that takes readers on a roller coaster ride from the depths of hell to triumphant success.”—Dave Pelzer, author of A Child Called It

Michelle Stevens has a photo of the exact moment...

Carefrontation: Breaking Free From Childhood Trauma

by Arlene Drake

With more than thirty years of experience, Dr. Arlene Drake writes a guide for those desperately in need of a way to break free from the pain of childhood abuse and reclaim their lives.

When confronted with...

Jackson City Orphans: Book I

by Marshall Mike Crawford & Jarvis Jimmy Ross

Jackson City Orphans has the narrative elements of the 1930’s Little Rascals and the fun, and happiness from the 1974 Sitcom, Good Times. Included in this action-adventure autobiographical novel are the passion,...

Sing O Barren

by Lisa Harris Corbitt

Have you been abused, rejected or abandoned? Have you ever felt that you 

wanted to die? Do you feel you will never get over what has happened to you?

In her book Sing O Barren, Lisa Harris-Corbitt who overcame...

The Detrimental Effects of Emotional Abuse

by Gunta I Krumins

Researcher, author stands up to Emotional Abuse   

Gunta Krumins presents the first comprehensive, non-clinical and educational guide exposing Emotional Abuse, a silent epidemic, as the foundation of all types...

Finding a New Tribe: Helping Young Men Heal From Childhood Sexual Abuse and Addiction

by Brennon Moore

Successful treatment for young men with co-occurring addiction and trauma from sexual abuse necessitates flexibility and nontraditional methods.

Games of Make-Believe

by Julie Ann Wambach

Julie Ann Wambach, an Arizona resident for fifty years, sets her new book, Games of Make-Believe, in the early Phoenix, Arizona, area where the population by 1990 had grown by seven and half times of that in...

Predator-Proof Your Child

by Cynthia MacGregor

Every parent is concerned to keep their child safe in the modern world, and has worried about abduction or worse by a predatory individual. In this book, presented in reassuring style so that you can rehearse...

Elder Care Handbook - Dementia/Alzheimer's - My Story

by Carissa Walton

A personal documentary spanning my 14 year journey of care to three elderly parents with dementia, the physical and financial abuse by another family member, legal issues, my feelings and challenges as a caregiver,...

The Child who Fell from the Sky

by Stephan Chadwick

Untold secrets of a post-war childhood. A true story of a child born in war-torn London soon after the Second World War whose early memories are of the care and security given to him by his grandmother and a...

Women: What Do We Want?: Changing Your Life Is Easier Than You Think

by Evelyn Leite

What do women want? 

It's a simple question without a simple answer. While every woman's needs are varied and unique, cultural dynamics and psychological trauma lead to patterns of miscommunication that hinder...

An extraordinary relationship

by Leo Ryan

Early in Leo Ryan’s career as a counsellor he became aware of the number of female clients being abused by their husbands/partners/boyfriends and was determined to help. This book highlights his conclusions,...

Think Highly Of Yourself: The Importance Of You

by Keeke Kawaii

This book is geared toward Anyone who has been through Anything! From abandonment to Love, to Abuse to Regaining Strength when overcoming hardships life throws you to, Self Worth & Self LOVE! I was drawn...

House of Doors: Surviving Love in the Rural South

by E Carolyn Tucker PHD

House of Doors is the story of a life reassembled and about surviving love in the Rural South

"House of Doors was written for the Katie’s in every culture. The stories offer confirmation for those who are...

Mommy Please Help Me Get My Baby Back

by Shaquana Jackson

How much is too much? Aniya, is the daughter of a crack addict. Her strength is repeatedly challenged by the most traumatic of circumstances. At age 15, she is raped by her mother’s boyfriend. When she discovers...

Real Life Heroes: Toolkit for Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Families, 2nd Edition

by Richard Kagan

Real Life Heroes: Toolkit for Treating Traumatic Stress in Children and Families, Second Edition is an organized and easy-to-use reference for practitioners providing therapy to children and caregivers with...

Pieces of Me: Rescuing My Kidnapped Daughters

by Lizabeth Meredith

When her daughters are kidnapped and taken to Greece by their non-custodial father, single mom Lizbeth Meredith vows to bring her them home-and give them a better childhood than her own.

Scattering Ashes: A Memoir of Letting Go

by Joan Z. Rough

A daughter's chronicle of what happens when she invites her alcoholic and emotionally abusive mother to move in with her in hopes of helping her through the final stages of life-and her dream of mending their...