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Understanding Your Child's and Teen's Behavior

by Angie Rumaldo

Worried about your child's behavior and future? Discover how to decode their conduct to build a brighter tomorrow.

Is your child struggling with schoolwork, friendships, or home life? Are you concerned about...

The Sons of Summer

by Michael Dault

In the rural mining town of Rupland, baseball is a religion that keeps the town alive. Here, the best little league baseball in the country is played, and boys dream of donning the orange and black colors of...

100 Things Every Black Girl Should Know: for girls 10-100

by Taura Stinson, Adah Glenn & Stacey Debono


100 Things Every Black Girl Should Know is the quintessential collection of invaluable advice designed specifically for you, the young black girl trying to navigate her way through life, as well-seasoned woman...

panties UP dress DOWN

by Deletta Louise Gillespie

panties UP, dress DOWN is a collection of stories that convey how a mother converted her daughter's awkward and painful childhood experiences into teachable moments - and used them as opportunities to provide...

The Inspirational Parent

by Alex Urbina & Dr. Shefali Tsabary


"Alex speaks to the power of conscious...


by Aidan Macfarlane & Ann McPherson

Ever felt you need to turn to a whole team of advisers for help in bringing up your wayward children? From psychiatrists to cooks, from laundry maids to substance abuse counsellors? Then this book, an easy-to-read...

Parenting the Addicted Teen

by Barbara Krovitz-Neren

An innovative approach for parents of addicted children, this step-by-step program teaches parents how to reconnect with the entire family and be in charge again. The program is designed to help parents let...

Pride & Joy

by Kathleen Archambeau

Stories of success, happiness and hope from the LGBT community Stories that comprise the best of LGBT history ? Pride and Joy: LGBTQ Artists, Icons and Everyday Heroes tells the stories of queer citizens of...

Girls Just Want to Have Likes: How to Raise Confident Girls in the Face of Social Media Madness

by Laurie Wolk

Girls Just Want to Have Likes is the key to separating your child from their phone and getting them back in your life!

The Worlds Worst Mum

by Kirk Donna & Treadaway E

#worldsworstmum – you know you are doing it all wrong, but you do it anyway!

I wrote this series of stories to highlight something we women do too often. We judge, convict and have thrown the key away on ourselves...


by Meg Meeker & Dave Ramsey

"Your go-to gift for new fathers." — Dave Ramsey, New York Times bestselling author, motivational speaker, and radio host

Whether you know it or not, if you're a dad, you’e a hero— that's the message of...

Under Their Wings

by Patty Lou Hawks

  • Written by one of the Girl Scouts most recognized troop leaders.
  • True story of holding together a Girl Scout troop over 10 years.
  • Inspiring exploration of motherhood developing the character of girls.


by Jean Grant

Can marriage survive war and temptation?

In the spring of 1976, the crackle of machine-gun fire resonates throughout Beirut, Lebanon. Finlay Fortin, a professor at the American University of Beirut, is anxious...


by Don E Kenne & Janice Lockert

Young love is encountered in high school by two very talented young people, Tommy and Janice,  and endures  through four years at Ohio State University.  Unexpected circumstances result in the young man...

Parental Vigilant Care: A Guide for Clinicians and Caretakers

by Haim Omer

This volume presents the concept of vigilant care as a protective and non-intrusive parental attitude to risky behaviors of children and adolescents. The effective component in vigilant care is not control,...

Youth Magnet: Attract and Empower Youth

by Alphaeus Anderson & Teresa Hairston

Organizations that serve and support youth are in a state of emergency. Churches are reporting staggering dropout rates, programs are seeing lackluster youth participation and there is an overall disinterest...


by David Pratt

High school senior Jim Wallace faces the approaching Christmas holidays with a mixture of hope and dread.  To escape the pressure, he imagines the woods and marshes around his home to be an independent country, Wallaçonia,...

Guide For Adoptive Parents in the Teen Years

by Katie Naftzger & Adam Pertman

Describing the essential skills you need to help your adopted teen to confidently face the challenges of growing up, adult adoptee and family therapist Katie Naftzger shares her personal and professional wisdom....

A-ha Moments!

by Quentin Newhouse Jr. PhD

Each year there are more single-parented boys who do not have the guidance and wisdom of a steady dad or even a willing and appropriate male role model. They are left with the negative, inappropriate, or outlandish...

Dear People in the Yellow House

by Dave Kardee

Just when Dave thought things couldn’t get any worse, the world proved him wrong. This is nothing like other coming-of-age stories you have read before.

After moving to a “developed” country in the hopes...