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The Ultimate Guide for Parents

by Lesley Strachan

What worries you the most about the future of your kids?

Are you concerned about them finding the right job, having financial independence, being happy and healthy, and having the confidence to do what they...

Bad at Adulting, Good at Feminism

by Prudence Geerts

#1 Amazon New Release ? Relationships ? expectations vs. reality

Planet Prudence comics: A top online illustrator, Prudence ""Planet Prudence"" Geerts, presents her take on the struggles of adulting and finding...

Embracing the Awkward

by Joshua Rodriguez

From First Day of School to First Dance

Who are you? Young adults struggle with lots of issues; finishing up school, finding a career, finding a partner to be with and most importantly figuring out who they...

Bound by My Choices

by Keshawn A. Spence

Young Keshawn’s parents were absent and almost non-existent, but he never let that diminish his dreams, or his tenacity to succeed. Bound by My Choices is an illustrated revelation of his personal stories...

Pretty Women Curse, Ugly Men Sing

by Kelvin Ortiz

"I wanna live there one day", Enosh says from his grandfather's backseat, looking out at a city skyline. Pulled out to sea by impossible towers of countless lights, only to have his grandfather wrinkle his...

Changing Directions

by Eddie Lee, Makhyli Simposon & Stephen Smith

Eddie and Makhyli had a perfect relationship; they did everything together. Many people admired their connection and felt inspired by their closeness. They were not only mother and daughter, but artist and...

Minimizing Transition Loss

by Ed. J. D Christian, Kevin S. Koett & C. Thomas Potter Ii

The transition from middle school to high school poses as one of the most challenging transitions students will make in their academic career in grades K-12. The transition from grade eight to grade posts the...

Lost in Transition

by Kevin S. Koett, Ed. J. D Christian & C. Thomas Potter Ii

The transition from high school to college can be difficult for many students. This book shares examples of situations that students might face during their transitions and ways in which teachers, parents, administrators,...

Everything is Normal

by Sergey Grechishkin

Everything is Normal offers a lighthearted worm’s-eye-view of the USSR through the middle-class Soviet childhood of a nerdy boy in the 1970s and ’80s. A relatable journey into the world of the late-days...

The Boy Crisis

by Warren Farrell, PhD & John Gray, PhD

  • Author speaking engagements and workshops

  • Author websites and social media platforms

  • Promoting to groups: Boys to Men, Mankind

  • Warren Farrell’s previous books have sold a million copies

  • John Gray’s books have...

  • Toddler To Teen

    by Mel A Hayde

    Building on the success of the 20 000 sales of the Terrific Toddlers books, this new book has updated and expanded the original books and added key sections in each chapter for parenting the school years (ages...

    Summary & Study Guide - The Teenage Brain

    by Lee Tang

    Adolescents Are Not an Alien Species,

    Just a Misunderstood One.

    The must-read summary of “The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist’s Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults,” by Frances E. Jensen,...

    Helping Your Transgender Teen, 2nd Edition

    by Irwin Krieger

    Going through puberty and adolescence presents unwelcome changes for transgender youth, and this book provides advice to parents of transgender teens to help them understand what their child is experiencing...

    The Adventures of Silly Billy: Sillogy

    by Greg McVicker

    Irish Author and Poet, Greg McVicker, brings us on three, true life adventures from his childhood while growing up in County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

    These hilarious, heartwarming stories will have readers laughing...

    Out of Montana

    by Gordon L Noel

    When Gordon Noel was five years old he came home from school to find that his father had left his mother for another woman. There were no roadmaps for divorced kids in 1940s Montana, and for the next thirteen...

    Stolen Identity

    by RoShawn C Evans

    Your personal identity describes who you are, who you aspire to be, or who people perceive you to be. The majority of us have been told in our lives at one time or another that we can be whoever or whatever...

    The 6 Most Important Decisions You'll Ever Make: A Guide for Teens: Updated for the Digital Age

    by Sean Covey

    From the author of the wildly popular bestseller The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens comes the go-to guide that helps teens cope with major challenges they face in their lives—now updated for today’s...

    STUCK In the Sick Role

    by Melissa Stennett Deuter

    In her psychiatric outpatient and urgent care practices, Dr. Melissa Deuter has been an expert advisor to failure to launch young adults who are “STUCK” in a mindset of disability and their families for...

    Understanding Your Child's and Teen's Behavior

    by Angie Rumaldo

    Worried about your child's behavior and future? Discover how to decode their conduct to build a brighter tomorrow.

    Is your child struggling with schoolwork, friendships, or home life? Are you concerned about...


    by Peter R Slattery

    A ‘Frame’ is just what it sounds like. It’s something that contains or puts a border around what you are looking at; so you can see more clearly what’s inside, or in this case, what you might want to...