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How To Be a Lady Who Leaves

by Emma Heptonstall & Nina Farr

Leaving your husband and getting divorced is a big deal, even when it’s your idea. But how do you know if you're making the right decision for you, and if you are, what’s the first thing you need to do?


Planning Plan B

by Kylie Parker, Dyan Burgess & Eddie Lees

Life is random. For many, life is an enjoyable journey: most of the lows are not too low and most of the highs are compensation for the beige bits in between. Yet we know that the unforeseeable is always out...

His Heart Changes Everything

by Courtney Redelsheimer

Where do we turn when all we know and understand is stolen from our lives? Some have turned to family, friends, or jobs as the source of healing after tragedy. Others prefer alcohol, drugs or other abusive...


by Jacqueline Newman

New York’s go-to Divorce Lawyer Jacqueline Newman steps away from the high stakes world of her Fifth Avenue matrimonial law practice to give American women wise and entertaining counsel on the rules and realities...

Soon-to-Be Ex for Men

by Jacqueline Newman

NEW YORK’S GO-TO DIVORCE LAWYER, Jacqueline Newman steps away from the high stakes world of her Fifth Avenue matrimonial law practice to give men wise and candid counsel on the rules and realties of divorce....

Breaking Upwards

by Charlotte Friedman

Divorce is not just a legal process, it is an emotional one too. The break-up of a relationship can be a devastating experience, leaving you with overwhelmed with anger and grief.

As Charlotte Friedman shows,...

White King Is Dead, Long Live Black Queen!

by William O’Dowda

After a gap of two years since where book 1 ended, the groom resumes his tale. He explains how he dealt with the gridlock. It has not been a cooling off periodpassions are still running high. The groom looks...

Plenty More Fish

by Dawn Martin

When Pete leaves Chloe for another woman, she must raise their family alone, however, an impromptu internet pop-up leads her to believe she has found the perfect way of finding love again.

After meeting a string...

Co-Parenting from the Inside Out

by Karen L. Kristjanson & Edward Kruk

Effective co-parenting, or sharing significant parenting time with an ex-spouse, is one of the best gifts separated parents can give to their children.

The interviews in Co-Parenting from the Inside Out are with...

Exposed Secrets in Love and Relationships

by Morgan Addison

A must read for any adult who wants love or have experienced romantic love. From first love, first kiss, first heartbreak to first marriage, the reader experiences fond memories and emotions of first encounters...

Out of Montana

by Gordon L Noel

When Gordon Noel was five years old he came home from school to find that his father had left his mother for another woman. There were no roadmaps for divorced kids in 1940s Montana, and for the next thirteen...

Grief and Romantic Relationship Dissolution

by Shawn Blue

Grief and Romantic Relationship Dissolution, Shawn Blue explores the grief and loss associated with divorce and romantic breakups. Using a model of love and attachment theory, Blue sets a foundation for how...

Marriage During Deployment

by Marna Ashburn

Since combat operations began in October 2001, more than 2.1 million U.S service members have been deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan, and over half of them were married. Marriage During Deployment, a memoir about...

Solo Success!

by Christine Ingall

Millions of people, who live alone and are without a partner, avoid everyday leisure pursuits for fear of being seen to be on their own. Many people in a relationship never do anything on their own. This step-by-step...

The Spiritual Path to Healing a Broken Heart!

by Roebuck Robert & Ross Jarvis

The Path to Healing a Broken Heart is a remarkable story that highlights the tragedy of divorce and the triumph of being single. The author, Robert Roebuck, discovers the reality of God’s presence along with...

Unchain Me Mama

by Audra R. Upchurch

Pain. Abandonment. Neglect. Judgment. Pressure. Abuse. At first glance, these words don’t bring to mind the elements of a relationship between a mother and her daughter—but these hardships are often involved...

The Price of Heartbreak

by Rick Sharpe

Failure is failure. I had failed… miserably! I suck at break-ups but who doesn’t? I was the guy next door who “had it all together!” But that’s not what goes on inside. My experience had shame written...

The Path of Happiness

by Trudy Joy

Have you ever had a feeling within you that felt bigger than you, a knowing and overwhelming feeling that you must act upon something unknown? When Trudy separated from her husband, she needed something that...

Single Dad Seeks: Dating Again After Divorce

by John Oakley McElhenney

This dad explains it all to you. Likes, dislikes, hopes, fears. He’s going to share with you his strategy for finding a “next” mate. What he wants you to know about his ex-wife and his kids. While his...

Divorce: Defined

by Zachary Brooks

When your wife throws you out of the house, no one gives you an instruction manual. Youre officially on your own!

Zachary Brooks was once in that exact situationleft on the sidewalk like the trash. He felt alone,...