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Godmother: An Unexpected Journey, Perfect Timing, and Small Miracles

by Odile Atthalin

After thirty years of traveling the world, Odile Atthalin-a French intellectual from a well-to-do family in Paris-ends up in Berkeley, CA, where synchronicities abound and ultimately give her everything she...


by Odile Atthalin

Odile Atthalin was a young woman from a prominent, bourgeois family in Paris when she decided to leave home in search of meaning. All she knew was that she wanted to go East; but once she had separated from...

Simple Steps to Dry Nights

by 50MINUTES.Com

Change is only 50 minutes away! Find out everything you need to know about putting a stop to bedwetting with this straightforward guide.

Although bedwetting is a normal part of infancy, it can be frustrating...

Make Learning Fun!

by 50MINUTES.Com

Change is only 50 minutes away! Find out everything you need to know about making learning enjoyable with this straightforward guide.

If your child seems constantly distracted at school, lacks motivation and...

How to Beat Bullying at School

by 50MINUTES.Com

Change is only 50 minutes away! Find out everything you need to know about dealing with your bullies with this straightforward guide.

Unfortunately, bullying is one of the biggest problems for schoolchildren,...

Poised for Retirement

by Louise Nayer

A unique narrative on a unique time offering solace to people nearing retirement. Poised for Retirement is not your parents’ retirement guide, nor is it a financial planning guide; rather, it’s the relatable...

Amelia & Me

by Melinda Hildebrandt

Perhaps in a moment of compromise – of forgiveness and flexibility – we might arrive at the same destination from separate points of departure and find that it was the journey itself that made it all worthwhile....

Knights in Training: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous, and Compassionate Boys

by Heather Haupt

Bringing chivalry back into our modern-day world, this book shows us how to inspire today's generation of young boys to pursue honor, courage, and compassion.

In an age when respect and honor seem like distant...


by Meg Meeker & Dave Ramsey

"Your go-to gift for new fathers." — Dave Ramsey, New York Times bestselling author, motivational speaker, and radio host

Whether you know it or not, if you're a dad, you’e a hero— that's the message of...

From Parents to Partners

by Janis Keyser

Build collaborative partnerships with families to help the whole family thrive. This book explores the reasons and methods for developing cooperative partnerships, along with tools and strategies to help build...

The Chicken Who Saved Us

by Kristin Jarvis Adams

The true story of an autistic boy with a body under siege by mysterious illness, and the chicken who saved his life.

“Heartbreakingly beautiful – the gift of the human animal bond.” – Temple Grandin, Author,...

From Alzheimer's With Love

by Marc Swift

  • Author tells true story of essential steps to healing Alzheimer’s.
  • Go where medical management leaves off.
  • A Christian strategy for outsmarting the grip of Alzheimer’s.


by Sophia Sayigh & Milva McDonald

What do homeschoolers do all day? Unschoolers, a fictionalized portrayal of the lives of families educating their kids outside of school, answers that question with the power of story. Through day-in-the-life...

Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia

by Karen Watchman

Drawing on the author's first-hand experiences with families, this book provides crucial, accessible information and answers the difficult questions that often arise when a family member with an intellectual...

The Essential Guide to Safe Travel-Training for Children with Autism and Intellectual Disabilities

by Desirée Gallimore, Martha d'Avigdor, Lizzie d'Avigdor & Mike Steer

For those growing up with an intellectual disability, comfortable, safe and independent travel will prove an invaluable life skill. The key to pursuing fulfilling work and leisure activities and developing as...

How LEGO®-Based Therapy for Autism Works

by Daniel B. LeGoff

With in-depth descriptions of LEGO®-based therapy in action, this book explains how and why it helps to promote the development of social skills for children with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) and related...

I Love You with All My Butt!: An Illustrated Book of Big Thoughts from Little Kids

by Martin Brückner

We just can’t get enough of the funny stuff kids say. We share our own children’s gems with friends and family. If we’re smart, we write down these scraps of accidental poetry. And we turn them into books....

Dementia in the Family

by Lee Cardwell

Approximately six million people have some form of dementia in North America, and they each have an average of five care partners. This number is growing each year and will continue to grow until a cure is found....

All About ADHD: A Family Resource for Helping Your Child Succeed with ADHD

by Thomas Phelan

By the author of the bestselling parent book 1-2-3 Magic

For the estimated 20 million Americans with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder comes the third edition of All About ADHD by Dr. Thomas W. Phelan,...

What to Do about Smearing: A Practical Guide for Parents and Caregivers of People with Autism, Developmental and Intellectual Disabilities

by Kate E. Reynolds & Lucy Pulleyblank

With practical advice and examples of interventions, this supportive book presents positive ways to manage faecal smearing in children and adults with autism and developmental disabilities. Explaining the root...