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The Love Lottery

by Raj Dhaliwal

In our fast-paced digital age, never has finding the one felt more like playing the lottery. If anyone knows about the cruelty and chaos of dating in the 21st century it’s Raj Dhaliwal; accountant by day, hopeless...

The $20,000 T-Shirt

by Devon Weaver

Have you ever felt like you were failing as a parent?  Me too.

At a random moment together in the kitchen, my wife asked me what I was teaching our two kids.  The question ran through me like a 12-gauge shotgun...

Just Another Kid

by Torey Hayden

"Just Another Kid is not just another book. This remarkable teacher's memoir reminds us that love takes many forms." -The New York Times

From the bestselling author of One Child comes the true story of six children...

How to attract and seduce women with the secrets of an italian seducer

by Davide Balesi

In the world of seduction who has done the same thing, will always get the same results! There is nothing more truthful but this sentence! If you haven't obtain success with women in all this time, you don't...

Path to the Night Sea

by Alicia Gilmore

What happens while we choose not to see? When we ignore the paper on the windows, the absence of a child, the menace of a neighbour? What happens behind the locked doors, in the overgrown yard, during the passing...

Cute Babies

by Michelle Perkins

  • Looking at babies tends to relax and de-stress people
  • Short quotes about babies and childhood are easy to read for kids or seniors
  • Nurture your appreciation for the value of life and empathy for others

  • His Heart Changes Everything

    by Courtney Redelsheimer

    Where do we turn when all we know and understand is stolen from our lives? Some have turned to family, friends, or jobs as the source of healing after tragedy. Others prefer alcohol, drugs or other abusive...

    Romance Scam Survivor

    by Jan Marshall

    "How could you give money to someone you’ve never met?"

    That’s the first question most people ask.

    For Jan Marshall, life was good. She had worked hard, set herself up well, and was looking for a companion...

    Loving Him Well

    by Gary L. Thomas

    Women: you’re not alone in your marriage. You never have been, and you never will be. While it may not always feel like it, God desires for you to have a relationally healthy, emotionally engaged, and spiritually...

    Love yourself and be loved

    by Joan Ørting

    Do you stand in your own light? Most of us break down every day with thoughts such as: "I'm not good enough, I'm not smart enough, I'm not beautiful enough, I'm too fat," we become our own greatest critic and...

    Love & Sex

    by Nancy Houston

    Sex is a gift from God, created to bond a married couple and to reflect His nature. But it isn't always easy to navigate two bodies becoming one. About the time you think you have it figured out, something can...

    A Child Inside

    by Sharon Shaw

    Sharon Shaw is a respected psychotherapist specialising in cases of childhood sexual, emotional and mental abuse. Few of Shaw’s clients would know that her brilliance as a therapist comes from profound personal...

    Devil's Choice

    by Graham Wilson

    Old Balmain House family story moves to the next generation

    A man sits at a table in a prison cell, hands shackled. The door opens.

    In comes a slip of a girl, eyes darting around, face drawn and white.

    She is small...


    by Jacqueline Newman

    New York’s go-to Divorce Lawyer Jacqueline Newman steps away from the high stakes world of her Fifth Avenue matrimonial law practice to give American women wise and entertaining counsel on the rules and realities...

    Soon-to-Be Ex for Men

    by Jacqueline Newman

    NEW YORK’S GO-TO DIVORCE LAWYER, Jacqueline Newman steps away from the high stakes world of her Fifth Avenue matrimonial law practice to give men wise and candid counsel on the rules and realties of divorce....

    The Children Money Can Buy

    by Anne Moody

    The Children Money Can Buy covers decades of dramatic societal change in foster care and adoption, including the pendulum swings regarding open adoption and attitudes toward birth parents, the gradual acceptance...

    Breaking the Ruhls

    by Larry Ruhl

    An urgent and timely memoir exploring the unseemly reality of childhood sexual abuse, a scourge on too many neighborhoods, often hiding in plain sight. Millions of victims remain silent, buried under the weight...

    Arabic Folklore The Queen & The Young Man Who Never Laughed

    by Muhammad Vandestra

    There was a man, of those possessed of houses and riches, who had wealth and servants and slaves and other possessions; and he departed from the world to receive the mercy of God (whose name be exalted!), leaving...

    I Let Him Go

    by Denise Fergus

    On 12th February 1993, Denise's life changed forever. As she was running errands at New Strand Shopping Centre, she let go of her two-year-old son's hand to take out her purse. Denise never saw her son again....


    by Robert Field

    Every Monday the six players for the George Inn ladies dart’s team meet for their league match but behind the camaraderie of the occasion each has their own story to tell.