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Super Ager

by Elise Marie Collins & Cate Stillman

Live long and prosper

One of America's top yoga and embodied mindfulness teachers reveals secrets and practices for optimal aging

Relationships matter: Super Ager has everything you need to know to "live long...

50 After 50

by Maria Leonard Olsen

At age 50, Maria Leonard Olsen drank her way out of my 25-year marriage. She had, against advice, put all her eggs in the motherhood basket, willfully derailing her successful law career. As teenagers, her precious...

Developing a Relational Model of Care for Older People

by The Reverend Canon Dr. James Woodward & Jenny Kartupelis

Care of the elderly is a major issue in the UK, crossing the boundaries between emotion, practical issues and economics. Yet many current concerns, and much conventional planning, are based on outdated assumptions...

The Caregiver's Path to Compassionate Decision Making

by Viki Kind

This award-winning book guides families and professionals who are making decisions for those with varying degrees of mental capacity. (New 2nd edition includes 40 bonus pages from The Caregiver’s Path Workbook.)...

Sicilian Summer

by Mary Taylor Simeti, Kate Winslow & Guy Ambrosino

Join Mary Taylor Simeti as she and her four grandsons cook their favorite summer dishes and prepare a birthday dinner for their grandfather. The author of the highly acclaimed On Persephone’s Island welcomes...

Parenting With Patience

by Judy L Arnall

This is a quick book to read when you are calm, to use when you are not!

Positive discipline has to begin with positive stress management. All families have stress. Make it work for you!                                                          ...

Parental Death

by Michelle Shreeve

According to a recent U.S. census, approximately 2.5 million children under the age of eighteen have experienced the death of a parent. Losing a parent at such a young age can have devastating consequences....

Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers

by Sara Geber & Harry "Rick" Moody

Over fifty, retiring and childless by choice?

Are you among the fifteen million Americans over fifty and childless by choice? Solo aging gracefully and a happy retirement can be yours!

Baby Boomers retiring: American...

Finding the Light in Dementia:

by Dr. Jane M Mullins & Carole Fawcett

‘Finding the Light in Dementia: a guide for families, friends and caregivers’ (2nd Edition) is an essential book that explains common changes that can occur in those living with dementia. By offering valuable...

Intimacy with God

by Grace-Jane Nkolika Ilonuba

The book, Intimacy with God is a reminder of the fact that life without a close relationship with God is a losing game. God created us to have one on one relationship with Him, which is why He created us in...

Musings of an Old Man

by Richard J. Smith

Musings of an Old Man: Some Prose and Poetry to Ponder is like a bowl of vegetable soup. Each selection is nourishing in itself, and in combination leave readers intellectually and emotionally satisfied.


Getting My Bounce Back

by Carolee Belkin Walker

#1 Amazon New Release ? Female, fit and fifty

Exercise is not optional: You don’t have to run a marathon to be fit and healthy or suffer through a triathlon that includes a half-mile swim in the ocean. But...

A Parkinson's Life

by Jolyon Hallows

Parkinson's disease is hard on those who have it and on family members who provide care for them. "A Parkinson's Life" follows one courageous woman's battle with the disease and her husband's struggle to learn...

Thanks A Lot, God

by Mark Gengler

When his first true love sends 19-year-old Hollis Olmstead a shocking “Dear John” letter while he is serving in the Army, he questions why God has abandoned him. Upon his discharge, he returns with a vengeance...

A Celebration!

by Terry E. Jones

  1. My age fifty was a time of review of who I was and what I had become. I realized the world had an expectation of retirement, withdrawal, disengagement for people beyond this age. However, I was still vigorous...

Never Too Late

by B. Lynn Goodwin

How does a 62-year-old woman who’s never been married find happiness with a two-time widower seeking his third wife on . . . Craigslist!? Does she throw caution to the wind and relinquish her freedom, or...

The Book of Old

by Nancy Knudsen

Nancy Knudsen never knew what to expect as she and her husband got older: She had to find out the hard way.

But navigating the aging process shouldnt be a mystery, which is why she wrote this insightful, enlightening,...

Time to Tell

by Deborah E Wilbrink

How-to-Tips, True Stories and Songs steer you on the road to saving your own life story or family history, from a professional personal historian. Examples are excerpts from various authors' memoirs of life...

Fat Man Running

by Jelmar Manuel

Men in crisis often start running. 

It gives them a sense of control, a space to breathe. And it’s cheaper than a Porsche. 

Fat Man Running safely prepares you for marathon running. No matter how much you...

A Hospice Chaplain's Fieldguide to Caregiving

by Em Hager

Caregiving could kill you, or it could be the best thing you have ever done. Either way, it is dangerous work, and it changes you. As a hospice chaplain and my mother’s primary caregiver in her final eleven...