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The Clever Gut Diet: How to Revolutionize Your Body from the Inside Out

by Michael Mosley

From #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Fast Diet and The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet comes a life-changing look at your gut—home to your “second brain”—and the crucial role it plays in your health...

Informed Consent

by Michele Stanford

“Once you know truth, you can’t un-know it. Once you know truth, you have a moral obligation and a moral imperative to apply and to share that truth; there is a responsibility associated with it.”


Surpassing the Shame

by Daniel P. Kennedy, Kathy Vader & Connie Anderson

Daniel is gay, bi-polar, HIV positive, and has substance abuse issues. If you know a person with some or all of these various diagnoses, each one must be treated separately, but also as part of the whole person....

Pretty Sick: The Beauty Guide for Women with Cancer

by Caitlin M. Kiernan & Jamie Lee Reardin

The ultimate resource to looking your best during and after cancer treatment from a veteran beauty industry insider

When beauty editor Caitlin Kiernan received the shattering diagnosis of cancer, she was obviously...

Remember Me As Loving You

by Kimberly Childs

• Author’s stepfather was Tony award-winning theatrical producer David Merrick, making her memoir of interest to Broadway enthusiasts. • Author’s mother was a publicist for the Savoy Hotel and had numerous...

The MIND Diet Cookbook

by Kristin Diversi

• The MIND diet was named U.S. News and World Report's 2015's No. 2 Best Overall Diet, behind the DASH Diet • Contains over 150 recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner • Combines popular DASH diet and...

Loving Yourself Inside and Out

by Faith Canter

Do you find it hard to make healthy choices for yourself, or to stick to the ones you do make?  Do you know you should eat better, move around more, and make more time for yourself – but you never do?  Do...

Twelve Lessons on Breathing and Breath Control - For Singers, Speakers, and Teachers

by George E. Thorp

This vintage book contains a detailed guide to the various breathing techniques employed by singers and public speakers. Written in simple, clear language and full of useful information, this timeless handbook...

Dangerous Boobies: Breaking Up with My Time-Bomb Breasts

by Caitlin Brodnick & Rachel Bloom

After watching too many family members die of cancer, at age 28, public speaker and comedian Caitlin Brodnick was tested for the BRCA1 gene mutation and tested positive, indicating an 87% chance she'd likely...

Gotta Kidney?!

by Michael Banks

I wrote the book because not only did I want to record all the positives that occurred because of my illness, I also wanted to share my story so that others could benefit from it. This book is written for all...

Crystal Healing for the Heart: Gemstone Therapy for Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Well-Being

by Nicholas Pearson

A gemstone-supported healing journey guided by your heart

• Offers hands-on exercises and meditations with more than 60 gemstones and minerals, each a specific heart-healing stone

• Explores the anatomy...

The Alzheimer's Solution

by Dean Sherzai & Ayesha Sherzai

A revolutionary, proven program for reversing the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease and cognitive decline from award winning neurologists and codirectors of the Brain Health and Alzheimer's Prevention Program...

From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing that Awaits You

by Adele M Gill & Dr. Verna Benner Carson

From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing that Awaits You, by Adele M. Gill and Dr. Verna Benner Carson is a true life story about author Adele Gill who grew up with a mother who was chronically and acutely...

From Broken to Blest

by Adele M Gill & Dr. Verna Benner Carson

From Broken to Blest: Embracing the Healing that Awaits You, by Adele M. Gill and Dr. Verna Benner Carson is a true life story about author Adele Gill who grew up with a mother who was chronically and acutely...

Positive Vibes for Women

by Erin C. Mahoney & Rodney Miles

There are six powers all women have but too seldom use. There are unexplored worlds women neglect. But as limitless as a woman’s potential might be, as valuable and important to the world as well as those...

Thriving in Chaos

by Sandy Dow

Anxiety, Overwhelm, Burnout.

The effects of stress are crippling. Health issues, insomnia and resistance can shut down your ability to think clearly, take action and perform at your best. This hands-on book is...


by Barefoot Doctor

Psyche derives from the Greek: soul – hence psychic healing or soul-healing (as opposed to sole-heeling which you might at first glance think would be more suited to a barefoot doctor’s style).

Implying we’ll...

The Wild Side

by Janet Lisa Balcombe

The Wild Side: Betrayal. Grief. Meth-addiction. Paranormal Activity. Redemption.

There is hope for the addicts, the rebels, and the broken-hearted.

Sitting in prison on a raft of charges including kidnapping,...

Fighting for Our Lives: My Battle With Cancer to Save My Baby and Myself

by Heather Choate

A runaway bestselling self-published book debuts to the trade, telling the true story of a mom-to-be diagnosed with cancer who defies her doctors and fights to save herself and her unborn child.

Fighting for Our Lives

by Heather Choate

• Choate’s book sold over 110,000 copies in the self-published version • Heather Choate’s incredibly moving and inspiring story has been featured on major media including CBS This Morning, FOX News,...