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Seducing Women

by Eric J. Harper

Are you interested in pulling any woman you want?

Do you really want to know what every woman wants in a man?

Are you short of what it takes to be attractive to the opposit sex, and seduce smarter and not harder?...


by Jeff Anthony

Love, sex, romance, passion, pain, betrayal, heartbreak, breakup, divorce and more - these and many more are the story encapsulated in this impassionate, beautifully crafted book titled, Misunderstood - a collection...

A Love Story Reversed

by Edward Bellamy

The golden hands of the parlor clock point glimmeringly to an hour after midnight, and the house is still. The gas is turned almost out, but the flickering of the dying sea-coal fire in the grate fitfully illumines...

How To Win The Love Game

by C. Alex Anders

Did you know that all guys are looking for the same two things? They can’t help it. It is what their brains have evolved to want. So, getting a guy to fall in love with you is simply a matter of giving him...

Breakup Bootcamp

by Amy Chan

A self-affirming, holistic guide for everyone—single or married, divorced or dating—to transforming heartbreak into healing by the founder of the innovative and revolutionary Renew Breakup Bootcamp

Amy Chan...

Queen Margot

by Alexandre Dumas

First published in 1845, "Queen Margot" (AKA "Marguerite de Valois") is a historical novel written by French author Alexandre Dumas.

"Queen Margot" is set in Paris in August 1572 during the reign of Charles IX....

How to attract real love and friends in two days

by Stella Phil


When you feel insecure that you're not attracting the right people in your life or you're single forever then it's time to try a healthy and a new approach to become more attractive.

In my book...

Premature Ejaculation Control

by Diana Berkeley

Proven And Natural Sex Tips That Can Promote You From A 2 to 15-20 Minute Man.

Globally, more than half of the men population have a common sex problem, and it's not different from premature ejaculation.


How To Make A Woman Fall In Love Fast

by Matthew Johnson

Her best friend HATES me! Every time I get around her, she makes cutting remarks about me to girls, and openly talks about me as though I were not even there. She is more than mean . . . she is a real b. .....

How To Be Naturally Beautiful Within 3 Days Guaranteed

by Matthew Johnson

Natural skincare and beauty tips with a little bit about this talk before we start conscious beauty is about ingredients and products that help you look and feel your best, it is also about focusing on the health...

How To Get A Flat Tummy Fast In Few Weeks

by Matthew Johnson

Men prefer curves! Do we have to shout it from this rooftops. Why are we bothering with this skinny obsession? It doesn’t be the better choice! OK, I get it, curves require fat, and fat is ugly, it’s a contradiction!...

How To Get Over Your Ex Fast Within 2 Days

by Matthew Johnson

I want to provide you with more tips.

more tools and guidance to help you find

happiness and love to help you overcome

a tremendously painful break up and

very often people reach out to us and

they're in extremely...

How to Seduce Any Girl and Get Laid

by Phoebe Belinda Reynolds

Do Not Talk To Any Lady Until You Read This!

Have you ever wanted to know the steps to attract and seduce women? In How to Seduce Any Girl and Get Laid, you will be taken through all the things you must do in...

Baked with Love

by Erin Wright

Owning a business is hard. Not falling for your annoying but oh-so-gorgeous neighbor? Harder.

When Gage takes over the family bakery, he’s got a lot of work in front of him. His day starts way before dawn and...

Lessons in Love

by Erin Wright

Forbidden love is never easy…

Elijah Morland only wants one thing. 

Okay, so maybe there are two items on the list. 

But more important than anything else is to spend more time with his daughter, Brooklyn,...

The Easiest Way to Quickly Overcome Porn Addiction Perfect for Guys Who Lack Self Control, Who Are Weak-Willed or Frustrated

by Tiffany John

Are you sick of feeling like you do not have control of your life? Is your porn addiction hurting your relationships with your partner, your

friends and your family? Are you desperate to find out how to break...

Penis Enlargement

by Gordon H. Stephen

Are You In Search Of A More Bigger, Longer, Thicker, And More Powerful Penis?

INTERESTINGLY, throughout the century man's search for happiness and fulfillment have always leaps boundaries and defies many norms!...

How to Activate Your Love Life and Sex Magnetism

by Andrew Moore

Unfortunately, most people are not in tandem with their physical structure, their body shape or how they look.

Probably because they have varicose vein, stretch marks, and jiggly thighs, or perhaps they have...

Single Mom Ready to Date Again

by Phoebe Belinda Reynolds

Many uncertainties put many single moms off when it comes to dating and relationships.

This is partly because they have had some bad experiences with relationships in the past, which probably led them to where...

How to have a sparkling relationship in 49 ways.

by Céline Claire

Are you curious about how you too can a have a sparkling relationship? Well, reading this e-book will help you have better relationships since it has up to 49 ways that you can depend on for good relationship...