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How To Get Your Kids To Cooperate

by Dr. Suzanne Gelb PhD Jd

Child throwing a tantrum … again? Total chaos at bedtime?

Your home doesn’t have to be a battle zone.

Learn the basics of positive discipline — with tools and practices that you can use right away — inside...

It Starts With You—A Guidebook For Parents

by Dr. Suzanne Gelb PhD Jd

My daughter just won’t cooperate.

The tantrums have gotten out of control.

He promises to do his chores, but then he doesn’t.

She’s having trouble making friends at her new high school.

I’m trying everything...

How To Get Ready To Be A Parent

by Dr. Suzanne Gelb PhD Jd

Got a child on the way? Excited? Nervous? Overwhelmed… a little? Or a lot? Now’s the time to get calm and prepared for the big event. This Life Guide can help.

Inside this Guide, you’ll find practical steps...

Helping Your Teen Make Healthy Choices About Dating And Intimacy

by Dr Suzanne Gelb PhD Jd

Is your teen showing interest in dating and intimacy (sex)?

Or already whirling down that path, full speed ahead?

Are you worried your teen might make risky decisions—with potentially life-changing consequences?...

The Best Single Parent

by LiBook

Are you a single parent?

Do you need a practical guide on how to take care of your children?


Don't you know how to face the challenges for single parents and look for recommendations?

"The Best Single Parent"...


by Esti Skloot

When pregnant Esther—a young, adventurous, British-born Israeli—follows her new husband, Steve, to America, she has no idea what she’s getting herself into. Even before their baby is born, Esther discovers...

In the Country of Women

by Susan Straight

  • A memoir about race—women who are African-descended, French and Swiss, indigenous and immigrant, whose fathers are a mystery, and how mixed-race people continue to shape this nation, as they always have.
  • In...

  • At the Narrow Waist of the World

    by Marlena Maduro Baraf

    • As of 2016, an estimated 38.44 million female baby boomers lived in the US. • 1 out of every 5 adults in the United States—43.8 million—experiences mental illness in a given year. • Approximately...

    9 Months In, 9 Months Out

    by Vanessa LoBue

    Expertise can explain the science of what's happening to a fetus or a baby throughout development, but all the science in the world can't tell you what it feels like to have a baby: the pang of morning sickness,...

    The Sexually Confident Woman

    by Tabitha Forsythe

    As a woman, your sexual confidence can actually make you more powerful, and can boost your ability to fulfill the goals that you want to attain. Understand that sexual confidence is not limited to bedroom matters....

    Expecting Sunshine

    by Alexis Marie Chute

    • 1/4 (25%) pregnancies end in miscarriage. The World Health Organization estimated that there are approximately 211 million pregnancies every year, which, with the above statistic on miscarriage, would equal...


    by Kristin Hensley & Jen Smedley


    Has it been months since you’ve read a book with actual adult words that had nothing to do with farm animals or superheroes or going potty? Well then, it’s time to take a break....

    Day Nine

    by Amanda Munday

    A harrowing memoir about a woman’s struggle with postpartum depression.

    Nine days after the birth of her daughter, Amanda was involuntarily admitted to a Toronto psychiatric ward for postpartum depression (PPD)....

    To Have and to Hold

    by Molly Millwood, PhD

    A clinical psychologist’s exploration of the modern dilemmas women face in the wake of new motherhood

    When Molly Millwood became a mother, she was fully prepared for what she would gain: an adorable baby boy;...

    A Is for Advice (The Reassuring Kind)

    by Ilana Stanger-Ross

    Practical, reassuring, and beautifully written, A is for Advice provides a brief and compelling reflection on pregnancy, birth, and the early postpartum period for expectant mothers of all kinds--whether you...

    Health for all Children

    by Alan Emond

    The foundations of health and wellbeing are laid down in pregnancy and the early years. Health for all Children takes a life course approach to child health, starting in pregnancy and extending to the age of...

    The Color of Life

    by Cara Meredith & James Meredith

    Cara Meredith grew up in a colorless world. From childhood, she didn't think issues of race had anything to do with her. A colorblind rhetoric had been stamped across her education, world view, and Christian theology....

    Carrying Them with Us

    by David M. Engelstad & Catherine A. Malotky

    Carrying Them with Us: Living through Pregnancy and Infant Loss is a reflection on what pastors David Engelstad and Catherine Malotky have learned since the day in 1984 when their eight-week-old daughter Erin...

    One Mom To Another

    by Cynthia Anderson

    For every mother who feels she is coming up short, Cynthia Anderson has a message: Be Kind to Yourself, Embrace the Good, and Find Joy in the Everyday. In One Mom to Another, Cynthia uses her decades of experience...

    Brave Love

    by Lisa Leonard

    Women today feel pressure to be the best wife, mom, and professional possible - often at the expense of their own identity. But what if you could experience deep peace - knowing you are loved right now, just...