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Crossing the Border

by Daniel A Olivas

From acclaimed fiction writer and book critic, Daniel A. Olivas, comes his first collection of poetry, Crossing the Border.  These narrative poems delve deeply into the many ways we cross borders of race, culture,...

Best Eaten Cold

by Tony Salter

Imagine that somebody wants to do you harm. Someone you once knew but have almost forgotten. Now imagine that they are clever, patient and will not stop. They are not interested in causing you physical pain...

Nine Lessons

by Nicola Upson

Called to the peaceful wooded churchyard of St-John’s-at-Hampstead, Detective Chief Inspector Archie Penrose faces one of the most audacious and unusual murders of his career. The body of the church’s organist...

No Justice, No Peace

by Myron MacHutchens

No Justice, No Peace: A Cautionary Tale is a story that details what MacHutchens believes is the only way to break a nearly four hundred year American tradition of whites murdering Blacks without consequence....

GRID Traveler Trinity

by J Carrell Jones

After searching the galaxy for centuries, The Most High Goddess found planet Necron, the origin of Magick. They also discovered Captain Sean Blakemore is one of a handful of humans with the ancient alien DNA...

We Were Witches

by Ariel Gore

Spurred on by nineties “family values” campaigns and determined to better herself through education, a teen mom talks her way into college. Disgusted by an overabundance of phallocratic narratives and Freytag’s...


by Megan Edwards

Publicity and Promotions

• $19,850 marketing and publicity budget, coordinated by Smith Publicity in New York who has been been successfully promoting New York Times bestsellers since 1997 • Key outlets:...

Among the Dead

by J. R. Backlund

BESTSELLING TRADITION: Fans of Tami Hoag and J. T. Ellison will love this gripping debut mystery.

SMALL TOWN SUSPENSE: J. R. Backlund reveals sinister secrets that small towns love to keep buried. As demonstrated...

Dead Man's Bridge

by Robert J. Mrazek

Disgraced former army officer Jake Cantrell and his pal, Bug, a wolf-dog he saved while in Afghanistan and the only friend he has left, try to put their bitter pasts behind them as Jake finds employment at the...

As Good As It Gets

by Mark Timothy Morgan

“I was twenty-one years old when the letter arrived.

It was the most exciting letter I ever received.

Written in my father’s untidy scrawl,

it had obviously been sent in the joy of discovery

and his happiness...

Autopsy of a Father

by Pascale Kramer & Robert Bononno

“[Kramer’s body of work is] precise and sumptuous . . . a song of emotion, but with a great lucidity about the humanity of simple people.” —Swiss Federal Office of Culture, Swiss Grand Prize for Literature...

The United Continuums

by Jennifer Brody

- Thrilling conclusion of award-winning series: YA readers who have loved this series will be pleased with the page-turning conclusion to Brody's Continuum series. The first book in the Continuum series - The...

Shallow Grave

by Brian Thiem

  • STRONG SALES: Thiem has a strong sales track from his first book in all formats with room to grow.

  • EXPERT AUTHOR: With years of experience both as a homicide detective in Oakland and as a military investigator...

  • China Strike

    by Matt Rees

    On an ordinary summer day, chaos erupts across the globe when thousands of cars simultaneously speed out of control in the United States and Europe. The death toll is enormous, and there is only one thing connecting...

    Perish from the Earth

    by Jonathan F. Putnam

    Newly minted trial lawyer Abraham Lincoln is riding the circuit, traveling by carriage with other lawyers and a judge to bring justice to the remote parts of Illinois. Meanwhile, Lincoln's close friend Joshua...

    Murder in Mayfair

    by D. M. Quincy

    In 1814, Atlas Catesby, a brilliant adventurer and youngest son of a baron, is anxious to resume his world travels after being injured in a carriage accident in London. But his plans are derailed when, passing...

    Dirt Road

    by James Kelman

    After his mother’s recent death, sixteen-year old Murdo and his father travel from their home in rural Scotland to Alabama to be with his American aunt and émigré uncle for a few weeks. Stopping at a small...


    by Carl Sever

    After twenty years of riding the rails, Alphonse has earned a reputation for being a kindhearted soul always ready to help. When he helps the Sadlers, a young couple seeking a better life in small-town 1950s...

    Dark Lady

    by Charlene Ball

    • Novels about the Tudor, Renaissance, and Elizabethan eras continue to be popular, and books written about this historical figure in particular have sold well (see comp titles). • Novels about strong women...

    Lily the Tang Soo Dodo and the Impossible Push-Up

    by Sean Kinney, Melissa Kinney & Jessica Reino

    Lily the Tang Soo Dod loves learning karate, but her smile turns into a frown when it's time to do push-ups in class.  In this rhyming tale, Lily learns all about persistence and perseverence - two big words...