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Light Radiance Splendor

by Leah Chyten

The Divine Shekinah seeks deliverance from exile to heal a world desperately in need of Her wisdom. Her chosen mission keeper, three generations of kabbalists from places as diverse as a 19th century shtetl...

I Believe In Butterflies

by Marian L. Thomas

Follow three women as they navigate life’s often rocky terrain in search of hope, courage, and love.

Seventy-six-year-old Emma Lee Baker has lived a seemingly ordinary life near the banks of Thomas Bay, but...

The Absence of Evelyn

by Jackie Townsend

Newly divorced Rhonda, haunted by her sister Evelyn’s ghost, travels to an old palazzo in Rome to confront Marco, the man who stole her sister’s heart—only to find out he’s vanished in the wake of Evelyn’s...

Running Wild Anthology of Stories

by Elaine Crauder, Luanne Smith & Lisa Diane Kastner

This gripping collection of stories - fiction, nonfiction, and narrative poem - will make your imagination run wild! Featuring stories by Sarah Smith Ducksworth, Elaine Crauder, Luanne Smith, Keith R. Fentonmiller,...

A Fright in the Night and Other Rhymes

by Matthew Hartley & Lori Escobar

A Fright in the Night and Other Rhymes is Matthew “Morbid” Hartley’s second collection of humorous poems for kids. In these pages you’ll find frighteningly funny poems about ghoulish ghosts, wicked witches,...

Dezirah Volume 2

by Jacey K Dew

A millennium and a half ago, supernatural beings signed a treaty to disappear. Over time humans let their existence slip away into stories, myths, legends, fairy tale, fable, and movie plot. Upset with their...

Shallow End

by Brenda Chapman

  • The fourth Stonechild and Rouleau mystery
  • Kala Stonechild is the first female First Nations sleuth in Canadian crime fiction
  • Author’s last four novels garnered strong reviews and advance praise. Publishers...

Spangled Ruin

by Holly Morse

A small town postal worker knows more than the young woman at her counter, including what they share; a Chinese American boy draws on fantasy ponies to outmaneuver menace; and an outsider artist teaches an urban...

Nudge the Morning

by Pat Lee

‘Pat Lee’s poetry often reflects her respect and reverence for the things of the natural world. She has an artist's eye for landscape and a Wordsworthian ability to paint it in lyric poetry. Many of her...

Sheppard and the French Rescue

by G. William Weatherly

Captain Sheppard McCloud is unexpectedly called to Washington in May of 1942 while his ship, the battle cruiser Argonne is in dry dock undergoing repairs from the Battle of Cape Vilan. At a luncheon with President...

Excalibur's Return

by Maurice Whelan

“If stillness can be tasted, precious memories will return, such as poetry once learned by heart, which in Maurice Whelan’s case told of King Arthur receiving his sword Excalibur from the maiden in the lake....

The Lilac Bow

by Maurice Whelan

The Lilac Bow is the first book of poetry by the author of the collections Excalibur’s Return, A Season and a Time and, most recently, Spirit Eyes. Maurice Whelan is also the author of the acclaimed novel...

Veggie Vero & the Sandwich Imposter

by Veronica Green & Noh A.

When the piglets of KalesVille smell ham sandwiches, they become very afraid that an imposter is living in their vegan town.  This is a job for Veggie Vero!  Protector of animals and superhero of KalesVille,...

Window Pane

by Sue Raymond & Michele Charron

The rain streaming down the window pane entices her to join it in its run. Why does it have such pull on her soul? Does the rain truly have the answers of her past? Why does no one help her find out why she...

Bartleby, the Scrivener

by Herman Melville

Bartleby the Scrivener is one of the most highly regarded short stories of American fiction. Dealing with themes of depression, apathy, loss and curiosity it is one Herman Melville's finest works. Many of the...

Spring Raine

by Delia Latham

An uncharacteristic, last-minute decision to do something "wild and crazy" before entering the stressful world of forensic science sends Raine Presley to Cambria, California. Against a cloud of disapproval from...


The Night Spinner

Dreamsnatcher #3

by Abi Elphinstone

Moll Pecksniff and her friends are back for a new adventure as the thrilling series that began with The Dreamsnatcher concludes.

In a ruined monastery in the northern wilderness, a Shadowmask called Wormhook...

50 Mystery and Detective masterpieces you have to read before you die vol: 1

by Mark Twain, Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle & Edgar Allan Poe et al.

This book contains the following works arranged alphabetically by authors last names In a Grove [Ryūnosuke Akutagawa] Fantômas [Marcel Allain] The Triumphs of Eugène Valmont [Robert Barr] The Woman in Black...

Soldier, Brother, Sorcerer (Of Crowns and Glory—Book 5)

by Morgan Rice

“Morgan Rice has come up with what promises to be another brilliant series, immersing us in a fantasy of valor, honor, courage, magic and faith in your destiny. Morgan has managed again to produce a strong...