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Rebel in Disguise

by Lucy Gordon


Love me, love my dog!

Until the moment Gil Wakeham casually strolled into her office, Jane had enjoyed being the youngest branch manager at Kell's Bank. But when Gil asked her to share his...

Marrying the Boss!

by Leigh Michaels

He'd been offered the deal of a lifetime…

But Keir Saunders needed something extra to really impress his prospective business partners.

He needed the perfect business accessory—a wife!

And who better than his...

Trusting Heart

by Helena Dawson

Dare she trust him?

From the moment Jenny had set foot in Italy, Armando Conti had made his bad opinion of her perfectly plain. She couldn't seem to convince him that he'd misjudged her!

But with no job and very...

Deceptive Passion

by Sophie Weston

Would he charm her a second time?

Her estranged husband was the very last person Diana had expected to meet on a working holiday in Greece. Miles Tabard hadn't changed—he was still as dynamic, sophisticated…...

Fate of Happiness

by Emma Richmond

A stand-in wife and mother…?

Coming to terms with her accident was hard enough, but now Lian found herself thrust into the midst of chaos! Suddenly she was expected to be housekeeper to mercurial multimillionaire...

Desperately Seeking Annie

by Patricia Knoll

Thursday's child has far to go…

Annie had only Flynn Parker's word that they were husband and wife. There was a period two years ago that remained a complete blank…six weeks in which Flynn claimed he had wined,...

Temporary Texan

by Heather Allison



Claire Bellingham was allergic to Texas. Of that she was sure. She was a city girl born and bred. Unfortunately, to fulfill the requirements of her grandfather's will, she found herself having...

Earthbound Angel

by Catherine George

An angel in her backyard!

Maybe her stepdaughter was right! Imogen was only a young widow, perhaps she did need to fall in love again. But she required a positive angel of a man to restore her faith in herself,...

Kit and the Cowboy

by Rebecca Winters


The rancher and the runaway…

Who'd ever have guessed Kit had her very own guardian angel—and that he'd be wearing spurs?

But rancher Jarod Banning had saved Kit's life, offering her what...

Island of Dreams

by Valerie Parv

Dream or deception?

Men fall over themselves to be in Lisa Alexander's company. She can handle her boss, who clearly fancies her, but the persistent journalist who wants an exclusive on her famous relations is...

Hero Trap

by Rosemary Badger

The tenderest trap of all?

Jack was the man who had ruined Kelly's business, and yet in fighting him she had come to love him. He had tried to make amends by offering her work as his cook. Okay, it wasn't exactly...

Voyage to Enchantment

by Rosemary Hammond

Pretty woman…

It was the vacation of a lifetime and shy Melissa was determined to make the most of it. That meant throwing off her inhibitions once and for all and, like some modern-day Cinderella, transforming...

Shining Through

by Barbara McMahon

"I don't believe in love and shan't risk it again."

When Melissa worked for him, Bret Terrell accused her of espionage. Married to him, she was nothing more than the obliging stepmother of his son. Was there...

Ranch, a Ring and Everything

by Val Daniels


Reluctant bride…

Samantha Yeager: unemployed teacher, seeks a job for the summer.

Mark Chandler: wealthy rancher, doesn't intend to help her out.

But Mark has reckoned without his grandmother. Elizabeth...

Wife in Waiting

by Jessica Steele

Everything comes to he who waits….

Josh Fereday, widowed and wary, has decided that she isn't marriage material. But now that her twin sister, Belvia, is happily wedded, Josy must get on with her own life.


Forsaking All Reason

by Jenny Cartwright

"Why on earth do you want to marry me?"

Jane Garston had only known Guy Rexford for a short while when he proposed. He was all a woman could wish for—rich, successful, handsome—and she loved him enough to push...

Storm Haven

by Marion Lennox

Could Nikki's home be a haven for Luke?

As a general practitioner to Eurong on the Queensland coast, Dr. Nikki Russell deliberately led a quiet life with small daughter Amy. Needing three weeks to review for...

To Catch a Playboy

by Elizabeth Duke

"Delia and Julius Branson invite Andrew Carstairs and friend to join them on board Mistique"

Tess was thrilled when her boyfriend, Andrew, received an invitation to meet Julius Branson—the man who, if her suspicions...

Lord of the Manor

by Stephanie Howard

Lord of all he surveyed…

Charlotte knew of Jett Ashton's reputation: he was cold, hard and ruthless. She wasn't surprised to find that he intended to evict her friends, including their young son. Well, she didn't...

Bride's Daughter

by Rosemary Gibson

Enemies at the altar…

Jordan Keston's father was about to marry Tamsin's mother—and Tamsin was furious!

As a teenager, she'd been obsessed with Jordan, dazzled by the glamour and sophistication of this rich...