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The Upside of Ordinary

by Susan Lubner

Eleven-year-old Jermaine's quest for fame as the creator of a reality television show based on her less-than-exciting family and friends teaches her important lessons about unbridled ambition, selfishness, and...

Kevin Keeps Up

by Ann Whitehead Nagda

For Kevin, school is definitely a trial. Staying in his seat, paying attention, and not getting distracted are hard for him in this poignant chapter book about a boy struggling with attention challenges.

Hunter Moran Saves the Universe

by Patricia Reilly Giff

Twins Hunter and Zack have a small problem to solve: they must save their town from a diabolical dentist who is planning to blow it to smithereens. But first they have to hold a funeral for an incriminating...


by Eric A. Kimmel

Omar wants a snake more than anything, but his mom is unenthusiastic to say the least. However, the family manages to strike a compromise: Omar can get a corn snake; but the pet, which he names Arrow, must stay...

Fame, Fortune, and the Bran Muffins of Doom

by Marty Kelley

Simon's latest scheme is to gain everlasting fame and glory by winning the school talent show. What stands in his way? A lot. Utter humiliation starts to look more likely than fame and glory.


by Mel Odom

Lance Corporal Bekah Shaw joined the United States Marine reserves to help support herself and her son when her ex-husband, Billy Roy, decided they were no longer his responsibility. But when her team is activated...

Bloody Mary: A Novel

by Sharon Solwitz

Debut novel by National Jewish Book Award finalist and longtime Sarabande author.

The Cows

by Lydia Davis

With her trademark precision, Davis turns her eye to three beloved cows, capturing them in celebratory, delighted detail.

Greetings from Below

by David Philip Mullins & David Means

Set in Vegas, these Mary McCarthy Prize-winning stories chronicle what becomes of a man contorted by grief and sexual regret.

Eyes Like Hell

by G.S. Dial & C.H. Duckworth

Eyes Like Hell is the thrilling first chapter in the All Hallows' Eve series.

Something is lurking in the mountains of North Georgia. A handful of locals have been missing for weeks, and a group of unwary travelers...

The Ardis Cole Series: Unmarked Grave (Book 2)

by Vickie Britton & Loretta Jackson

Ardis Cole travels to Scotland to do a facial reconstruction on a skull her friend Bruce McBrier has discovered in the woods outside his ancestral castle. Because of an ancient ax buried in the skull, Bruce...

Hindle Wakes

by Stanley Houghton

It's holiday week in the Lancashire town of Hindle, just before the First World War. Fanny Hawthorne, a spirited, determined mill girl, has just returned from a weekend in Blackpool with her friend Mary Hollins....

Deadly Additive

by Donn Taylor

To soldier-of-fortune Jeb Sledge, the assignment seemed simple: Rescue an heiress and her journalist friend from Colombian guerrillas and collect a sizable paycheck for his troubles. But things rarely go as...

Iron's Prophecy (The Iron Fey - prequel to The Lost Prince) (The Iron Fey)

by Julie Kagawa

Before she knew she might become Iron Queen Meghan Chase was warned by the oracle that her firstborn child would bring nothing but grief.

And now, as Meghan and her long awaited Prince Ash celebrate their new...

The Iron Legends (The Iron Fey - short story collection): Winter's Passage / Summer's Crossing / Iron's Prophecy

by Julie Kagawa

Enter the world of the internationally bestselling Iron Fey series.

Dangerous faeries. Heartbreaking romance. Thrilling action and limitless adventure. The world of the fey has never been so powerful. This...

Confessions of an Angry Girl (Confessions, Book 1)

by Louise Rozett

Rose Zarelli, self-proclaimed word geek and angry girl, has some CONFESSIONS to make…

#1: I'm livid all the time. Why? My dad died. My mom barely talks. My brother abandoned us. I think I'm allowed to be...


by Hannah Harrington


Until now. Because the last secret she shared turned her into a social outcast–and nearly got someone killed. Now Chelsea has taken a vow of silence–to...

Desired (Scandalous Women of the Ton, Book 5)

by Nicola Cornick

Covent Garden, London, October 1816

Tess Darent’s world is unravelling. Danger threatens her stepchildren and she is about to be unmasked as a radical political cartoonist and thrown into gaol. The only...

The Cold Room (A Taylor Jackson novel, Book 4)

by J.T. Ellison

He can only truly lover her once her heart stops beating

Homicide detective Taylor Jackson thinks she’s seen it all – but she’s never seen anything as perverse as The Conductor. After capturing his victim,...

Aftertime (An Aftertime Novel, Book 1)

by Sophie Littlefield


Cass Dollar vaguely recalls surviving something terrible. Around her is barren wasteland where cities once stood. Her body is ravaged. Her daughter...