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Surfing Goliath

by Michael Hyde

Seal and his mates live in the remote coastal town of Brown?s Beach. Seal lives for the thrill of body boarding. Seal?s mate Angelo lives for fishing, especially the danger of shark fishing. Every three years...

In Union

by Raewyn Caisley

Twelve-year-old Christian Phillips doesn?t think he will make the junior rugby team. When his parents give him a pair of footy boots before the trial ? a gift from his late grandfather, a staunch Wallabies fan...

Stormbringer lll: Ravens Rising

by Kerry Greenwood

After bringing down the Lightning Nest, the heroes of THE RAT AND THE RAVEN have returned to the University, only to find it deserted and the gates locked. Dismas, who can break any lock, opens the outer door...

Stormbringer l: The Rat and the Raven

by Kerry Greenwood

Ten years after a terrible accident that stripped the earth with laser burns seven kilometres wide and brought an end to most of human civilisation, patches of settlement still survive. One is the University,...

The Last Boy

by June Colbert

After fourteen-year-old Ben argues with his family, he goes to their bomb shelter, expecting his family will turn up any day to fetch him. However, his wait turns to weeks and when Ben finally emerges he finds...

The King of Large

by June Colbert

THE KING OF LARGE is the personal diary of Robbie, an overweight kid. Robbie's problems with his weight become critical when his health deteriorates to the point where he has blackouts and is excluded from the...

The Broken Wheel

by Kerry Greenwood

After the Three Days disaster stripped the earth with fire, the people who were left formed groups to survive. There were the Travellers, who traded in small goods and stores. There were the medieval role players...

The Darkest Little Room

by Patrick Holland

'The darkest little room in the world is the human heart,' she said at last. 'Even yours, perhaps, has black secrets that you would never let into the light.' Patrick's Holland's haunting new novel arises from...

Mama, I Can't Sleep

by Brigitte Raab & Manuela Olten

Sometimes it feels almost impossible to fall asleep. So, when a little girl insists that she simply cannot sleep, her mother tells her how all of the animals in the world go to sleep. But each animal sleeps...

Mr. Big: A Tale of Pond Life

by Carol Dembicki & Matt Dembicki

In a watery world where only the strong survive, the reptiles and fish living in a small pond launch a plan to eradicate Mr. Big, a snapping turtle that is terrorizing them. Despite a few protests from some...

My New Granny

by Elisabeth Steinkellner & Michael Roher

Fini’s granny has changed. Before, she would comment on Fini’s strange hair styles, help her feed the ducks in the park, had traveled all over the world, and was an amazing cook. Now, Fini’s granny admires...

The Virgin Elizabeth: A Novel

by Robin Maxwell

A book of passion, of sixteenth-century England, of greed and political ambition unto death. Historians and novelists have written extensively about the various aspects of Queen Elizabeth I’s long, rich,...

Nick and Jake: An Epistolary Novel

by Jonathan Richards & Tad Richards

America in 1953 seems hell-bent on squandering the flood tide of international goodwill earned in WWII. Senator Joe McCarthy is on a red-hunting rampage in Washington, and the fledgling CIA under Allen Dulles...

Just Say the Word

by Carla Salvo

When her boyfriend is naively sucked into the Mob, a young woman spends years trying to reconcile her days as a school teacher against her nights as a mob mistress. Eventually, the distraught young woman flees...

Top O' the Mornin' Mini Minnie

by Connie Mace

Mini Minnie dreams of searching for colorful rocks and stones in Ireland, but doesn't know how to get there. After finding a note in a bottle from Granny Ballyroo, Mini Minnie hops in the bottle and sails from...

All About Havanese Puppies

by Jenny Milbrook

Learn how to lead a full and rewarding life with your Havanese Puppy and watch them develop into a mature healthy Havanese! In Fact, if you want to learn all you can about Havanese Puppies, then you've come...

How to Train Your Havanese

by Jenny Milbrook

Want to learn how to be in control of your Havanese? Training your Havanese puppy o Basic commands o Common puppy problems o Housetraining o Barking o Biting or nipping o Jumping up o Leash problems o Choosing...

Process of Elimination: A Thriller

by Arthur T. Bradley

A powerful international organization wants to tip the balance of global power by infiltrating the White House. At the direction of its mastermind, alias Pecos Bill, presidential candidates have become unwitting...

Stop Ruining the Moment:Out at Home Volume 1

by Alex Wendzel

Stop Ruining the Moment brings Alex Windzel's brilliant humor to your eReader in living color and witty commentary.  Experience the next evolution in comics with Alex's first eComic! Every strip in this collection...

Tangled Secrets

by Carol Preston

In tragic circumstances Beth and her brothers are left in England to grow up without their parents. When Beth's childhood dream to be reunited with her father in Australia finally eventuates she finds that dreams...