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Mamaw Pee Wee and the Dancing Chair

by Leann Rosenbaum

Most families eat at the dinner table, but in the Hoover home something strange was going on-dancing! What was the cause of the dancing? The children thought that maybe, just maybe, it was a magical chair. So...

Dangerous Secrets

by Aranda (Aranda James), Vance

When she asked the question, wealthy landowner Jordyn Grey could not even fathom the secrets wildlife biologist Braeden was keeping while conducting a wolf study on her conservation farm, Promise Land, situated...

Mayflower Dreams

by Karen Petit

Deep inside the common house, William Bradford coughed and wheezed. His face was as gray as the smoke from the fire. His right hand tried to roll a large barrel of gunpowder toward the door while his left hand...

Springtime in Christmas Town: Kathy Elaine Ribble

by Kathy Elaine Ribble

Kerri had gone through a lot recently. Her parents mysteriously disappeared in Israel, she moved back to Christmas Town, and she met Brad Kensington. On top of it all, now Gina ended up in the hospital after...

Price of Vengeance: A Dreamscape Warriors Novel

by Kurt D. Springs

"Liam! What have you done?" Marcus demanded. "You know our teachings on revenge." Suddenly, irrationally angry, Liam straightened. "How can you defend him after what he did? To you, to Mom, to my birth parents,...


by Kathleen Farquhar

You think you know evil? The world of Viron hides behind a mask of Royal galas, peace, and plenty...all the while an unspeakable force rises against the monarchy, threatening to destroy all they have created....

Why Am I Treated This Way?

by Harriet Scott Lee

Throughout life, we see people hurt others or get hurt by others for absolutely no cause other than they fall in love. How stupid of them. What were they thinking! Imagine loving someone and wanting nothing...

Quest for Mother's Love

by Beverly Bird

This book captures the essence of life and the many walks we take through its pathways. Feeling trapped is a state of mind and there is always a way out. Quest for Mother's Love invites us to listen to our thoughts...

Do You Love Me?

by Kala Shuler

There's no love like a mother's love, except for the Father's love. Do You Love Me? reassures us that the unconditional love of the Father is always awaiting us in His open arms.

Living With Ghosts

by Kari Sperring

Read Kari Sperring's posts on the Penguin Blog.

The dazzling debut from a brilliant new fantasy talent.

This highly original, darkly atmospheric fantasy novel immerses readers in a world where ghosts and other...

Small Favor

Dresden Files #10

by Jim Butcher

THE New York Times Bestseller

Harry Dresden?s life finally seems to be calming down?until a shadow from the past returns. Mab, monarch of the Sidhe Winter Court, calls in an old favor from Harry?one small favor...

The Critters in Rainbow Forest

by Sara West

Abby and her friends started their day like any other, playing in the forest and having lots of fun. After meeting bad boy Billy, they never dreamed of what would happen next. "All the rainbows in Rainbow Forest...

Steve's USA

by Donald McCann

Steve's three guests looked at each other, knowing that they had their boy. Steve had analyzed the problem, and hit the ball out of the park. It all boiled down to the Party-doctrinal elite. Steve's USA is the...

The Goat in the Boat

by Carolyn Christopher Simer

Find out what happens to Joe when he wakes up late and finds chaos in the barnyard. Learn alongside Joe the importance of caring for your pets. An easy-to-read, humorous story for you and your child to read...

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: U.S. Civil War Horse Perspective: 1861-1865

by Clint Goodwin

Experience key U.S. Civil War battles through the eyes of a black stallion whose future generations will carry notable military leaders into American wars. Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory: A U.S. Civil War Horse...

The Unlikely Trio

by David Gray

Three young teens, who never gotten along in school, have their dogs stolen by a gang. They form an unlikely alliance to retrieve their beloved dogs. Their adventure to find their dogs takes them across the...


by Tara Stephens

Life is always an adventure when you're a tiny mouse. When Lora Franks rescues Mouse and moves to the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana, they get to explore Native American culture, dance in a Pow-wow,...

Chester Jester Finds His Smile

by Sharon Kramer

Sometimes Chester's dad said as a joke, "Chester, your rememberer just must be broke." What happens when Chester forgets what his brain couldn't find, no matter how much he jiggled and juggled his mind? Join...

A Girl Called Ugly

by Julianne Taylor

It was during this time in poor Ugly's life that she wished she had never been born. She had no friends to share her feelings with and happiness was like an elusive butterfly that refused to stay in one place,...

Moon Dust

by Crystal Moore

Michael dreamed of going to the moon, Meeting new friends and eating good food. Playing in moon dust with Cherry, Juan, and Charlie, Made him happy to see his clothes sparkly. Waking up for dinner, Michael went...