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The Return of the Twith: The Twith Logue Chronicles: Adventures with the Little People, Volume 12

by Kenneth G. Old & Patty Old West

The Return of the Twith to their homeland has had to wait for over a thousand years. These wee folk, only half a thumb high, had to flee when the wicked Wizard of Wozzle invaded their tiny country. They could...


by Carol Reid

What happens when a daughter learns she is getting a new sister BROTHER? A sweet, heartfelt story of embracing differences and loving what you are blessed with, but not what you were expecting.

Keep the Light

by Myron Stenzel

When he finished, the waves washed away a message that he offered to the heavens and the ocean. "I believe in God and the sea, believe in me." As the two walked up the beach towards the house, you could almost...


by Stephen Arnold

"To want to understand human nature is to understand my nature. I have directed humanity so well because of my intimate knowledge of your nature. The desire to weed out your negative self is the attempt to remove...

Itzalku: The Pipil Saga

by Milton Manrique Juarez

Long gone are the monuments and the traditions of the people. Long gone are the sacrifices and ceremonial offerings to the old gods. Most Mesoamericans have either been killed or enslaved, and Spain owns the...

The Shadow of Great Men

by Terry A. Green

"I looked to the west and saw the soldados moving like a wave into our position. Men were kneeling and firing. Others were swinging their empty rifles or wielding their knives. Regardless, they began to fall...

Fairly Identical

by Beverly Durst

Emma watched a sparkling, flashing thingy fly by her face. She swatted at it. It flew away and started circling her head. Looking closer, she saw this tiny little form was a person with wings. It looked just...

The Adventures of Bob: Bongo and The Great Donut Chase

by Ryan Shea

The crazy adventures continue with Bongo and Bob. Now that Bob has taken Bongo from Planet Doodledip back to Earth, find out what trouble Bongo stirs up while being Bob's new space pet, and why Bob will always...

Silly Bubba and the Llama

by Vicci Shook

The rhino snorted, Uncle Robert grinned, and Aunt Shirley said, "Oh, no you don't!" Uncle Robert revved the engine. Vroom! Yes, this really happened! Yes, Bubba and his family went on a trip to the safari park....

Mr. Ses Attends Stockville Elementary Academy

by Sheila Craan

Mister Ses finds he is living in an abode on Stockville Elementary Academy's east schoolyard side before he's discreetly discovered by a boy named Lesley. Awestricken by him, Lesley decides to place him in his...

I Saw God Today

by Kris Newlin

One of the best ways to be in relationship with our Creator is to see him in all things. Whether it is seeing a message of hope in a rainbow or feeling the warmth of God's love in a heartfelt hug, seeing God...

Comfort: Layla Sue Series

by Kayla Shai

Layla Sue is just one character compared to the millions of real people-real ladies, who will connect with her. Meet Layla Sue, a young thirteen-year-old girl on the verge of growing up in what could be her...

Having Fun with Alien Technology, Part 1

by A.C. Wells

Gordon Freeman. After the events of the Black Mesa Incident, he became Humanity's last hope. And then he vanished... In his wake, Freeman left alien invaders, Portal Storms, and a lack of leadership when it...

Virtuous: Genesis Two Eighteen Series

by Jayme Moore Llewellyn

Proverbs 31:10 says, "Who can find a virtuous woman? For her price is far above rubies." Since the age of eleven, Sarah Phillips has assisted her father, a missionary doctor, in the little village of Olanchito,...

Tarleton's Spy: A Tale of the Southern American Revolution, Book 1

by David Slaughter

"The salt wind whipped at Jimmy's face as he stared longingly toward the distant horizon. His whole life in London was gone, and a new adventure in the colonies lay ahead of him, as uncertain as the waves tossing...

Daggers, Diplomacy, and Deceit

by Sara Prater

On the run from a death sentence. Forced to hide among violent barbarians. Vacen Horsetrader is hounded by enemies that want his head. Raised in the nonviolent Consortium Lands, he faces Daggers, Diplomacy,...

Secret Son

by Laila Lalami

Raised by his mother in a one-room house in the slums of Casablanca, Youssef El Mekki has always had big dreams of living another life in another world. Suddenly his dreams are within reach when he discovers...

Loitering With Intent

Stone Barrington #16

by Stuart Woods

Key West is a great place to unwind, unless you?re Stone Barrington, and you?re looking for someone who doesn?t want to be found.

Fairest of Them All

by Jan Blazanin

If life were a fairy tale, Oribella Bettencourt would have a "happily ever after" kind of future ahead of her. A Hollywood producer has come to Des Moines in search of a perfectly modern Princess Rapunzel, and...

Blood Bayou: A Novel

by Karen Young

To Save a Victim, Camille St. James May Have to Become One Herself.

Seven years ago, tragedy ended the troubled marriage of Camille and Jack Vermillion. Now, as head of the Truth Project, her life safe and...