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The Boy with the Bronze Axe

by Kathleen Fidler

Kathleen Fidler's classic story is set in the ancient Stone Age village of Skara Brae on Orkney. This is a fascinating and vividly portrayed story of life nearly 3,000 years ago.

Kali and Brockan are in trouble....

Haki the Shetland Pony

by Kathleen Fidler

Adam and his Shetland pony Haki have been inseparable. Haki is clever and brave and Adam soon trains him to do things other Shetland ponies can't -- to act, to dance and to follow the sound of Adam's bagpipes....

The Fox Girl and the White Gazelle

by Victoria Williamson

Reema runs to remember the life she left behind in Syria. Caylin runs to find what she's lost. Under the grey Glasgow skies, twelve-year-old refugee Reema is struggling to find her place in a new country, with...

Flash the Sheep Dog

by Kathleen Fidler

Orphan Tom has been sent to live in the Scottish Borders with an uncle and aunt he's never met. But a remote sheep farm in Scotland is a different world from his home in London. Tom is lonely and struggles to...

The Black Earth

by Philip Kazan

1922. When the Turkish Army occupies Smyrna, Zoë Haggitiris escapes with her family, only to lose everything. Alone in a sea of desperate strangers, her life is touched, for a moment, by a young English boy,...

The Staveley Suspect

by Rebecca Tope

Simmy Brown has a lot on her mind. Not just keeping her florist business afloat, her father’s failing health, the challenge of developing a long-term relationship with Christopher, but also the approach of...

What Falls Between the Cracks

by Robert Scragg

Did she slip through the cracks, or was she pushed?

When a severed hand is found in an abandoned flat, Detective Jake Porter and his partner Nick Styles are able to DNA match the limb to the owner, Natasha Barclay,...

Tapestry of War

by Jane MacKenzie

From the deserts of North Africa, to the waters of Scotland, the Second World War touches the lives of two women from two very different worlds. In Alexandria, Fran finds her world turned upside down as Rommel’s...

The Black Silk Purse

by Margaret Kaine

Ella Hathaway recalls little of her life before the workhouse, although she does remember someone whispering, Dearie, promise you will never forget what you saw. Your Ma was killed deliberate and someone oughter...

Japanese Folklore Tales of The Beautiful Weaving Maiden Bilingual Edition English & Spanish

by Muhammad Vandestra & Maya Aminah Sakura

All you that are true lovers, I beseech you pray the gods for fair weather upon the seventh night of the seventh moon.

For patience’ sake and for dear love’s sake, pray, and be pitiful that upon that night...

The Myth of Hastinapur

by Rahul Rai

Mahabharata, one of the greatest epics in the history of civilization, from multiple vantages:

  • The inevitability of Kurukshetra war
  • Kunti’s death and Lakshagraha
  • The sacrifice of Bheema’s wife Hidimba
  • The...

The Chorus Girl and Other Stories

by Anton Chekhov

The Chorus Girl, Verotchka, My Life, At a Country House, A Father, On the Road, Rothschild's Fiddle, Ivan Matveyitch, Zinotchka, Bad Weather, A Gentleman Friend, A Trivial Incident. An incredible collection...

Anne of Avonlea

by Lucy Maud Montgomery

At sixteen, Anne is grown up...almost. Her gray eyes shine like evening stars, but her red hair is still as peppery as her temper. In the years since she arrived at Green Gables as a freckle-faced orphan, she...


by Wilkie Collins

The novel has a convoluted plot about two distant cousins both named Allan Armadale. The father of one had murdered the father of the other (the two fathers are also named Allan Armadale). The story starts with...

Anne of the Island

by Lucy Maud Montgomery

New adventures lie ahead as Anne Shirley packs her bags, waves good-bye to childhood, and heads for Redmond College. With old friend Prissy Grant waiting in the bustling city of Kingsport and frivolous new pal...


by James Joyce

The only extant play by the great Irish novelist, Exiles is of interest both for its autobiographical content and for formal reasons. In the characters and their circumstances details of Joyce's life are evident....

Worth Her Weight in Gold

by Sarah Gailey

Winslow Remington Houndstooth, notorious outlaw, handsomest heartbreaker in the American South, has just finished a lucrative job, but he's faced with a hippo-sized problem that would test even the most seasoned...

The House of Mirth

by Edith Wharton

First published in 1905, THE HOUSE OF MIRTH shocked the New York society it so deftly chronicles, portraying the moral, social and economic restraints on a woman who dared to claim the privileges of marriage...

The Age of Innocence

by Edith Wharton

Winner of the 1921 Pulitzer Prize, The Age of Innocence is Edith Wharton’s masterful portrait of desire and betrayal during the sumptuous Golden Age of Old New York, a time when society people “dreaded...

James Scindhia

by Amara Usulor

James fell madly in love with his best friend's servant girl Lucy after his world crumbled by the death of his father. The outcome was disastrous when Kodili entered the picture. The grass is made victim by...