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The Old Man's Boy Grows Older

by Robert Ruark

In this book the boy has grown up to new adventures, to college, to a seaman's berth on a North Atlantic freighter, to African safaris, and treks to the world's far corners - and to other dogs and boys who now...

The Son of Julius Caesar

by H. Bedford-Jones

These Sphinx Emerald stories are a veritable Outline of History.

Here the tragic young Caesarion dominates the scene.

The Justice of Amru

by H. Bedford-Jones

Fanatic followers of Mohammed stormed out of Arabia in the seventh century to slaughter the Greek troops of the Great Eastern Empire and conquer Egypt… and again the strange Sphinx Emerald came to the scene...

Master of the World

by H. Bedford-Jones

Alexander of Macedon had conquered most of the world, and his legions were rolling toward Carthage when—a wily little priest strangely presented to him the Sphinx Emerald.

Assassination at Christmas

by H. Bedford-Jones

Steel clashed and bugles blared in the Antioch of December 362... and the strange Sphinx Emerald flashed again to potent life.

The Eye of the Sun

by H. Bedford-Jones

This series about the Sphinx Emerald constitutes, as has been said, a veritable Outline of History—or perhaps “Highlights of History” would be more accurate. For this reason the greatest event in all history...

Red Sky Over Thebes

by H. Bedford-Jones

The Sphinx Emerald passed into other hands—to reappear centuries later when conquering Cambyses came storming into Egypt with his Persian legions…

The Last Pharaoh

by H. Bedford-Jones

That strange bewitching jewel, the Sphinx Emerald, plays another part in world drama when a Mata Hari betrays the Egyptians, and Artaxerxes of Persia storms up the Nile to take over the ancient kingdom of the...

The Sphinx Emerald

by H. Bedford-Jones

A strange jewel that wrought mischief and magic as it passed from hand to hand down the ages starts its strange eventful dramatic history here in Ancient Egypt...

An Amiable Charlatan

by E. Phillips Oppenheim

The Englishman is enjoying his dinner at Stephano’s, it was an ordinary evening. Suddenly a man comes quickly to his desk, begins to eat his food and quietly transfers him a package under the table. This is...

The King-Makers

by H. Bedford-Jones

The last of a long line of emperors stages a comeback under Yankee auspices.

The Tomb-Robber

by H. Bedford-Jones

All China was buzzing with talk about the theft of the priceless Han jades when Connor, free-lance of Oriental politics, took a hand in the risky game.

Connor Takes Charge

by H. Bedford-Jones

To manage a Far East business in spite of Chinese intrigues takes both courage and brains; and Vincent Connor’s friends never guessed he had either.

A Prince for Sale

by H. Bedford-Jones

His companions of the China clubs and legations thought Vincent Connor a wealthy playboy; but his “play” was matching wits in tight places against wily Oriental intriguers…

House of Missing Men

by H. Bedford-Jones

Vincent Connor wondered why a Russian countess should invite his friend to dinner in the French concession at Tientsin; and the answer was sudden and grim.

Diplomacy by Air

by H. Bedford-Jones

Vincent Connor’s political intrigues were so secret and successful that they puzzled all China; but this blow drove him to open and reckless action.

Trailing Trouble

by Jim Kjelgaard

Young game warden Tom Rainse had two prized possessions; a pinto pony, and Smoky, the dog with a bloodhound's "nose for trouble." When the pinto was stolen, Tom put Smoky on the trail, only to find that it led...

Wild Trek

by Jim Kjelgaard

This is the story of the trapper, Link Stevens, and his fearless snow dog, Chiri. It began when the trapper and his dog set out to rescue a naturalist stranded in the perilous Caribou mountains - the impenetrable...

Trading Jeff and His Dog

by Jim Kjelgaard

Young Jeff takes to the open road as an itinerant peddler in Pennsylvania in a series of adventures with his dog...


by Jim Kjelgaard

Pepe, a young Mexican goat-herder, courageously fights the superstitions of his uncle as well as a killer jaguar in this story about a Mexican boy who must try to kill a tiger to save his family. His friendship...