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Prodigals of Monte Carlo

by E. Phillips Oppenheim

This novel has an intriguing start, as handsome and charming Sir Hargrave Wendever gets a nasty shock from the doctor. He decides to do some good with his money in the time he has left, and offers a penniless...

Fall; or, Dodge in Hell

by Neal Stephenson

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Seveneves, Anathem, Reamde, and Cryptonomicon returns with a wildly inventive and entertaining science fiction thriller—Paradise Lost by way of Philip K. Dick—that...

The Evil Within

by William King

After years of researching the supernatural, a young man is unwillingly consumed by the dark forces of the unknown while trying to help a beautiful and wealthy young woman who he finds irresistible, and quickly...

Jewels Have a Long Life

by H. Bedford-Jones

Are the things we love ever ours? The old Moor thought not: “I bought them! They were given me! They are mine!” he mocked. “Yet when you die—what? They are just so much gravel to you, then.”

The Passing of the Sphinx Emerald

by H. Bedford-Jones

In Santa Fe, the story of this malign and magic jewel, which began in Ancient Egypt, comes to its strange conclusion.

The Bride of the Sphinx

by H. Bedford-Jones

Now almost in our own day the Sphinx Emerald turns up in Cairo to work its malign magic in a memorable drama.

Lady in Chain Mail

by H. Bedford-Jones

From the hand of a dead Mameluke after the battle of the Pyramids, a civilian scientist with Napoleon’s army took the Sphinx Emerald… and though the Mameluke’s militant daughter offered to buy back the...

Richelieu Raids a Tomb

by H. Bedford-Jones

The malign magic of the Sphinx Emerald works its spell anew in one of the famous dramas of history.

Leopards Are For England

by H. Bedford-Jones

That malign and magic jewel the Sphinx Emerald comes on the scene to play its part in a stirring drama of the Crusades.

A Task for Leonardo

by H. Bedford-Jones

The incomparable Leonardo da Vinci had great plans for the magic Sphinx Emerald—but though the King of France was his friend, he had also made a bitter enemy.

The Reward of Nostradamus

by H. Bedford-Jones

Catherine de Medici coveted the Sphinx Emerald. And when the King gave it as a reward to his physician, Doctor Nôtredame rode in dire peril of his life.

The King’s Jewel

by H. Bedford-Jones

The strange Sphinx Emerald which Richard had brought home to England from the Crusades was the property of Edward III in this year 1349—a year of triumph because of victory; of terror because of pestilence....

Swordsmen of Saladin

by H. Bedford-Jones

In the Twelfth Century an intrigue at the court of the great Sultan Saladin brings forth the Sphinx Emerald to play its strange magic role.

The Old Man's Boy Grows Older

by Robert Ruark

In this book the boy has grown up to new adventures, to college, to a seaman's berth on a North Atlantic freighter, to African safaris, and treks to the world's far corners - and to other dogs and boys who now...

The Son of Julius Caesar

by H. Bedford-Jones

These Sphinx Emerald stories are a veritable Outline of History.

Here the tragic young Caesarion dominates the scene.

The Justice of Amru

by H. Bedford-Jones

Fanatic followers of Mohammed stormed out of Arabia in the seventh century to slaughter the Greek troops of the Great Eastern Empire and conquer Egypt… and again the strange Sphinx Emerald came to the scene...

Master of the World

by H. Bedford-Jones

Alexander of Macedon had conquered most of the world, and his legions were rolling toward Carthage when—a wily little priest strangely presented to him the Sphinx Emerald.

Assassination at Christmas

by H. Bedford-Jones

Steel clashed and bugles blared in the Antioch of December 362... and the strange Sphinx Emerald flashed again to potent life.

The Eye of the Sun

by H. Bedford-Jones

This series about the Sphinx Emerald constitutes, as has been said, a veritable Outline of History—or perhaps “Highlights of History” would be more accurate. For this reason the greatest event in all history...

Red Sky Over Thebes

by H. Bedford-Jones

The Sphinx Emerald passed into other hands—to reappear centuries later when conquering Cambyses came storming into Egypt with his Persian legions…