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The Great Montgomery Crown

by Jeffrey Pinchard, Danièle Coulombe & Jean-François Brazeau

You are about to read a compelling story in THREE ACTS in a HYBRID FORMAT.

Our eyes and brain are accustomed to today?s method of reading and communicating on a mobile device so you will get the hang of it quickly....

The Labrador Response

by Melissa Crickard

When she's not working in the Emergency Department at George Washington University Hospital, Dr. Sara Sullivan lives an adventurous life. But the chance at another vacation seems to diminish with each passing...

Stealth Assassin

by Don Pendleton


A CIA black-ops team and their cutting-edge drones are destroyed in a mysterious plane crash. Suddenly, world leaders and innocent victims are being assassinated one by one…by similar drones....

The Flaming Sword

by Breck England

IAn the beginning, the Lord sent mighty cherubim with a flaming sword to guard the holiest place on earth, the mount of Jerusalem, where the golden Dome of the Rock stands today. Now mysterious conspirators...

Cloud Warriors

by Rob Jung

The discovery of the century... Anthropology professor Terry Castro, leading a summer-school program in the Peruvian rain forest, stumbles upon the remnant of a nation of tall, white-skinned warriors from the...

Sanders of the River

by Edgar Wallace

British Commissioner Sanders rules the West African territories in the manner of a strict father, watching over his subjects with a combination of force and indulgence. When Sanders takes a period of leave,...

The People of the River

by Edgar Wallace

The book is a collection of short stories in the “Sanders of the River” series about individuals and their interactions with Commissioner Sanders, the British authority figure.

Go West

by David Quantick

GO WEST is a novel about Charlie Bread, self-styled Antiques Whisperer and forgery hunter. When Charlie is sent on the trail of a mysterious document that may have been written by the inventor of Peter Pan,...

Eva's Atonement: Fighting for Justice

by Joe Smith

After Eva spared Jana's life during their death match, her life is falling apart. Most of her friends want nothing to do with her and Nancy is suing her for loss of income.

Eva is determined never to fight again....

Deadly Secrecy

by Andrew Scott

With cross-border relations between Westminster and Holyrood tense over nuclear policy, journalist Willie Morton investigates the death of anti-nuclear activist Angus McBain and begins to suspect he was killed...

Rise of Prophecy

by Abdur R Mohammed

Ancient visitors from the stars shall return at the end of this age to pass judgment 

on the world.  If peace exists, the rewards will be glorious; if war and chaos are 

rampant, however, humanity shall face...

Maritauqua Island

by Greg Olmsted

Wanting peace and quiet, and a low profile so he can recover from a series of traumatic events, Liko moves to an isolated island in the Gulf of Mexico. Maritauqua Island seems to provide what he’s looking...

Langbourne's Loyalty

by Alan P Landau

A new century, and a time of celebration, for family, marriages and children, and a necessity to expand the business. 

It is also a time for sadness, suffering and loss; Mother Africa does not change her rules...

A Lawless Place

by David Donachie

Edward Brazier is enlisted by Prime Minister William Pitt to assist his investigation into smuggling activity in Deal. However, with his love Betsy now locked into a loveless marriage with Tom Spafford, a useless...

Tarzan and the Golden Lion

by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Flora Hawkes, a previous housemaid of the Claytons', overheard the story of Tarzan's discovery of the treasure chamber in the lost city of Opar (from The Return of Tarzan and Tarzan and the Jewels of Opar)....

The Second Adventure MEGAPACK®

by Frank Belknap Long, Johnston McCulley, Nictzin Dyalhis & James Holding et al.

The Second Adventure MEGAPACK® assembles 23 tales (and a poem) of grand adventure. We’ve plundered a wide variety of sources to bring you an assortment of rip-roaring action tales, exotic locales, and even...

Ice Maiden, The

by Sara Sheridan

As she stows away on a ship bound for Antarctica, a young woman uncovers a shocking betrayal.

1842. Stranded on Deception Island in the South Atlantic, her whaling captain husband lost at sea, Karina is destitute...

The Burning Hill

by A.D. Flint

On the run from unjust court-martial back home, a young British soldier gets robbed and shot on Copacabana Beach. The bullet in Jake’s head should have killed him but, miraculously, it saves him from a previously...

Legend of Keane O'Leary

by P McCormac

When outlaw chief Keane O'Leary decides it's time to retire from a life of banditry he is unaware he is about to unleash a bloody sequence of events that will make his past misdeeds seem like a hillbilly shindig....

Return to Crows Creek

by Paul Bedford

Return to Crows Creek is the second in the series following the adventures of Englishman Marshal Daniel Wheetman, who has been given over to President Hayes by Queen Victoria in an attempt to bring to justice...