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Diamonds Are For Thieves

by Harvey A. Saltz & Carmen Carrillo

This is an action thriller on the subject of international diamond theft with a murder, or two, here and there. The protagonists must seek a safe harbor when all of their lives are threatened.

Angela's Ransom

by Harvey A. Saltz & Carmen Carrillo

The story opens as an international terrorist dabbles in kidnapping and mass murder in Southern California. It's not long thereafter before catastrophic nuclear consequences unfold. An unlikely team of an accountant,...

We, the Drowned

by Carsten Jensen, Charlotte Barslund & Emma Ryder

This international bestseller about generations of men who go to sea and the women and children they leave behind is a magnificent tale of love, war, and adventure. Cannibals, shrunken heads, prophetic dreams,...

Critical Intelligence

by Don Pendleton

Operating under covert presidential directive, the clandestine antiterrorist organization Stony Man doesn't officially exist. Unofficially, they fight the fires bureaucracy can't or won't touch. Off the grid,...

Cradle of Destiny

by James Axler

Reborn after near nuclear eradication, humanity struggles in a world defined by a secret history of conspiracy, rivalry and inhuman domination. As an ancient powerful race attempts to retake planet Earth, a...

Powder Burn

by Don Pendleton

A ruthless Colombian drug lord has launched a deadly campaign targeting DEA agents and U.S. diplomats. With the body count growing and the American government powerless, Mack Bolan is called in as a last resort...

Sacred Lake

by Elza V Brain

The setting is in New Zealand around 1998-2000 Rangi's grandfather, Pops, is ill and needs money for healthcare. Rangi and his friend, Colin, have heard that a recently deceased man had hidden a fortune in gold...

Maud's Stone

by Sheila Woods

A British soldier injured in an uprising in India finds a beautiful red stone pendant, but he soon becomes alarmed by its mysterious powers and sells it on. This sets the pendant on a journey through many unscrupulous...

The Indian Scout: A Story of the Aztec City

by Gustave Aimard & Lascelles Wraxall

French-born author Gustave Aimard spent a fair amount of time exploring the canyons and prairies of North America, and the experience profoundly impacted his later career as a novelist. The Indian Scout is a...

Last of the Incas: A Romance of the Pampas

by Gustave Aimard & Lascelles Wraxall

The lush South American lowlands known as the Pampas have been the site of a tense tete-a-tete between the indigenous communities and the descendents of European settlers for centuries. Gustave Aimard's Last...


by E. W. Hornung

A mysterious stranger appears at a secluded compound in the Australian outback. Gallant and sophisticated, it is clear that his past is at odds with his current situation. Where did he come from, and why has...

The Girl Scouts' Good Turn

by Edith Lavell

Marjorie Atkinson and her fellow students are settling in for a new school year at Miss Allen's Boarding School. Among the first tasks of the new term is selecting a batch of recruits for the school's elite...

The White Scalper: A Story of the Texan War

by Gustave Aimard

Set against the backdrop of the Mexican-American War, Gustave Aimard's thrilling adventure tale The White Scalper is yet another of the author's novels whose central protagonist is something of a cultural misfit,...

The Red Track: A Story of Social Life in Mexico

by Gustave Aimard & Lascelles Wraxall

Following in the tradition of his well-received series of action-adventure tales set in the wilds of western North America, Gustave Aimard offers up The Red Track, a prequel of sorts, which fills readers in...

The Royal Life Guard: Or, the Flight of the Royal Family, a Historical Romance of the Suppression of the French Monarchy

by Alexandre Dumas & Hery Llewellyn Williams

Fans of classic historical fiction will delight in this gem from Alexandre Dumas, author of such masterpieces as The Count of Monte Cristo and The Three Musketeers. Bringing together fast-paced action and a...

Mystery Wings: A Mystery Story for Boys

by Roy J. Snell

After spending years traveling the globe righting wrongs, fighting for justice and solving mysteries, the intrepid detective Johnny Thompson seeks out the refuge of his family's ancestral home, hoping for a...

The Indian Chief: The Story of a Revolution

by Gustave Aimard & Lascelles Wraxall

The concluding volume of Gustave Aimard's series of epic action-adventure tales set in the wilds of Mexico, The Indian Chief presents the soul-stirring denouement of the story of the intrepid Count de Raousset-Boulbon,...

The Golden Triangle: The Return of Arsene Lupin

by Maurice Leblanc

In the aftermath of World War I, French gentleman-thief Arsene Lupin is recovering from injuries he suffered in battle. Lupin stumbles across evidence of a nefarious plot targeting one of the nurses responsible...

Tales of Mean Streets

by Arthur Morrison

This collection of short stories and vignettes brings to life the gritty coterie of outsiders who have populated the marginalized East End of London for hundreds of years. Rather than stooping to the caricatures...

Whispers at Dawn: Or, The Eye

by Roy J. Snell

Amateur detective and all-around good guy Johnny Thompson has always relied on his athletic prowess and quick wits to help him crack the cases he stumbles across. But in this volume of the series, our hero gets...