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After the Bloodwood Staff

by Laura E Goodin

The sedentary and impractical Hoyle meets Sybil Alvaro in a used bookstore, and she invites him to follow in the footsteps of her favourite author in a search for the mysterious Bloodwood Staff. He’s spent...

The City of Refuge: Book 1 of The Memphis Cycle

by Diana M Wilder

Once the glory of Akhenaten's reign, the imperial city of Akhet-Aten now lies tangled in the raveled ends of old plots; wrecked, abandoned and rumored to be cursed.

When Commander Khonsu is assigned to escort...

Combat Machines

Imagine A New World

by Kevin Klesert

What would happen if a 21st Century US Navy task force on a short mission to test a new ultra-secret weapon traveled back in time with their military superiority and their knowledge of how history played out?...

122 Rules

by Deek Rhew

Law student Monica Sable is in trouble; “In the wrong place, at the wrong time, overhearing the wrong conversation”, her entire world is about to turn upside down.

Using his mastery of the 122 Rules of Psychology,...

The Juliet

by Laura Ellen Scott

"Ah, the wild west, where the men are tough, the women are trouble, and the emeralds are cursed."

THE JULIET is a novel that braids the history of a cursed emerald called The Juliet with the story of an ailing,...

Reflections: A Modest Collection of Short Stories

by S Franson

Stories in Reflections are reflections of the imagination. They are for fun and are fiction. However, some might suggest a way of seeing what you might not normally notice in everyday life. So often, more is...

Fear of Mirrors: A Fall-of-Communism Novel

by Tariq Ali

The story of a family whose life mirrors the rise and fall of the Soviet Union

With the fall of Communism, East German dissident Vlady Meyer’s life begins to fall apart. As the German nation unifies, his wife...

Godmen: God among men

by Khandelwal Ankur

DVM is the world’s largest marketing company. It manages politicians, religious leaders, celebrities, and even assassins. Unknown to most, its in��uence grips and controls every part of society. DVM uses...

Winefred: A Story of the Chalk Cliffs

by Sabine Baring-Gould

ONE grey, uncertain afternoon in November, when the vapour-laden skies were without a rent, and the trailing clouds, without a fringe, were passing imperceptibly into drizzle, that thickened with coming night,...

Shining Path: A Lone Wolf Thriller Book One

by William Schnorbach

During the 1990s, a feisty US Congresswoman is kidnapped by Shining Path guerillas and held for ransom high in the Andes.  She spends most of her time in the naked embrace (as a relief from the cold) of an...

The High-Maintenance Ladies of the Zombie Apocalypse

by Melinda Marshall & Christine Steendam

Seriously, we need a synopsis? Doesn’t the title say enough? Okay, if we must . . .

Only the finest will do for Maddie and Vanessa. From Yoga to spa days to the best bottles of wine—life is good until a...

Disrupted: When the Internet of Things Takes Over

by Robert J. Heerekop

These days, most of us are constantly connected to the internet with smart phones which guide us through our daily lives. After just fifteen years, the use of mobile phones has shifted from a nice-to-have gadget...

Legacy of the Grand Master

by William Speir

The granddaughter of the founder and first Grand Master of the Order of the Saltire learns her family?s greatest secret. She is given a choice and a challenge: walk away from the Order and what it represents;...

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

by Jules Verne

Jules Verne s classic science fiction fantasy carries its hero Professor Aronnax of the Museum of Parison a thrilling and dangerous journey far below the waves to see what creatures live in the ocean s depths....

Catalyst (Star Wars): A Rogue One Novel

by James Luceno

NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Lauded Star Wars author James Luceno returns to pen an intense tale of ambition and betrayal that sets the stage for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

War is tearing the galaxy...

Odessa Sea

Dirk Pitt #24

by Clive Cussler

“Oceanography’s answer to Indiana Jones”*, Dirk Pitt responds to a mysterious Mayday signal from a deserted ship that draws him toward a deadly Cold War secret in this novel in the #1 New York Times-bestselling...

The Impostor: Blood Machine

by Richard Lee Byers

Matt Brown lived in a world of superheroes and supervillains. But none of that had anything to do with him––until aliens invaded Earth, killed all the heroes and set about colonizing the planet. By chance,...

The Impostor: Half a Hero

by Richard Lee Byers

Matt Brown lives in a world of superheroes and supervillains. However, none of that has anything to do with him. He's just an ordinary guy living an ordinary life––until the Earth is attacked and its heroes...

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

by Jules Verne

Written by Jules Verne in 1870, Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea is a book that tells us the story of three accidental visitors to an underwater world hosted by the mysterious Captain Nemo. From their arrival...