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The Enchanted April

by Elizabeth von Arnim & Brenda Bowen

The charming, slyly comic novel of romantic longing and transformation that inspired the Oscar-nominated film


Escaping dreary London for the sunshine of Italy, four very different women take up an offer advertised...

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Seas

by Jules Verne

While investigating reports of a sea monster off the coast of New York, Professor Pierre Aronnax instead discovers adventure in the depths of the ocean with Captain Nemo and the crew of the submarine Nautilus...

The Shadow Line

by Joseph Conrad

A young ship's officer quickly comes of age when he is faced with a ship-board crisis that tests his ability to lead his crew.


by H. Rider Haggard

On a journey to a lost African kingdom, Horace Holly and Leo Vincey meet a mysterious queen, Ayesha, who is known as "She" or "She-who-must-be-obeyed."

The Rover

by Aphra Behn

The magic of Naples during Carnival inspires love between a disparate group of local citizens and visiting Englishmen.

Rob Roy

by Walter Scott

Frank Obaldistone fights to restore his family's honour and good name when his cousin, Rashleigh, steals documents that will destroy Frank's father's reputation.

Moll Flanders

by Daniel Defoe

Daniel Dafoe's Moll Flanders tells the story of a woman who manages, by her wit and beauty, to survive and thrive in a life of sin and wickedness.

The Mayor of Casterbridge

by Thomas Hardy

Blinded by alcohol and foolishness, Michael Henchard trades away his wife and daughter one fateful night. As he rebuilds his life and becomes the mayor of Casterbridge, his past inevitably haunts him, and is...

Lorna Doone

by R. L. Blackmore

John Ridd has worked hard to build a respectable life as a farmer when he falls in love with Lorna Doone, a member of the clan responsible for the death of his father. Desperate to save his love from Carver,...

A Journal of the Plague Year

by Daniel Defoe

A London narrator recounts both the personal and the political happenings of a single year during the Great Plague in the seventeenth century.


by Walter Scott

The conflict between the Saxons and the Normans provides the backdrop for Sir Walter's Scott's epic tale. When Ivanhoe is disinherited by his nobleman father, he sets off to restore his place in the world and...

Grimm's Fairy Tales

by Brothers Grimm

Grimm's Fairy Tales brings together many of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm’s best-known and fantastic works, including “Rapunzel,” “Hansel and Gretel,” “Little Red Riding Hood,” and “Snow White and...

The Double

by Fyodor Dostoyevsky

After an uncomfortable and embarrassing evening at a party, the unsociable Golyadkin meets his double and soon discovers that this more charming and successful version of himself intends to take over his life...


by Elizabeth Gaskell

Mary Smith, a frequent visitor to the small town of Knutsford (Cranford), keeps abreast of the goings-on of the various townsfolk through her numerous correspondences with local friends.

Castle Rackrent

by Maria Edgeworth

Faithful family employee Thady Quirk recounts the decline of the Rackrent family who lost their fortune due to their irresponsible and extravagant lifestyle.

Around the World in Eighty Days

by Jules Verne

Phileas Fogg makes a £20,000 wager that he can travel around the world in only eighty days and, alongside his faithful valet Passepartout, sets out on a misadventure that seems takes him off course at every...

The Pagan Madonna

by Harold MacGrath

Humdrum isn’t where you live; it’s what you are. Perhaps you are one of those whose lives are bound by neighbourly interests. Imaginatively, you never seek what lies under a gorgeous sunset; you are never...

Love in a Mask

by Honore de Balzac

Balzac, in gratitude to the Duchesse de Dino for her friendship and unfailing kindness to him, one day presented her with the story of "L'Amour Masque" (Love in a Mask) in his own handwriting. The duchess was...

Boy Scouts on the Trail

by John Garth

Stout Harry Ritter gave a sudden chortle of glee and looked up from the copy of the “Long Point Snort” he was languidly perusing in the shade of some cedars behind Tent Four. “Say, fellows, have you seen...

Boots and Saddles

by Elizabeth Custer

One of the motives that have actuated me in recalling these simple annals of our daily life, has been to give a glimpse to civilians of garrison and camp life—about which they seem to have such a very imperfect...