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If Your Father Finds Out, He'll Kill Us!

by Moms In Heat

I wanted my son. Badly. I needed him so much my lady parts ached. I was getting to that age where I would no longer be able to have a baby. But I wanted one last one.

My husband, Don, was always on the road....

Bored Housewife, Pet Sitter

by Kathrin Pissinger

A story about a young and devious lesbian mistress and her older slaves

Ever since I've become the little sex pet of my young mistress, she would "walk" me around our neighbourhood, just to publicly show how...


by Tyraine Leslie

She takes off early to fuck him hard in the ass.

Come Again?

by Tyraine Leslie

Her first time... sort of.

I Fuck My Black GF's Best Black GF

by Tyraine Leslie

Over 50 white has a quikie w over 50 black woman at a party.


by Tyraine Leslie

Two couples have fun on holiday.

I Am a Cock

by Tyraine Leslie

Honestly, an normal, usually flaccid, sometimes erect cock.

Helen's Fantasy

by Tyraine Leslie

Wife's fantasy becomes a reality.

Happy 4th of July

by Tyraine Leslie

How Teri started to get her groove back.

I Hate You

by Tyraine Leslie

A story of sexual frustration and orgasmic results.  Hot

Halloween Party

by Tyraine Leslie

He meets a girl and ends up in a kinky foursome.

I Hate Christmas

by Tyraine Leslie

A disgruntled Santa Claus tells all & learns about Christmas.

Good Morning Run and Fuck

by Tyraine Leslie

White guy fucks friends black GF's pussy and ass.

Forbidden Pleasures

by Ginny Watson

Greg has taken his best friend's 18 year old daughter Alice and her friend Zoe away on holiday, although he questions how wise it will be considering that Zoe gives him a permanent erection! So imagine his surprise...

Leslie's Desperation

by Anna Mann

It was an embarrassing accident that soaked her jeans and opened Leslie's eyes to the fetish she had no idea lurked inside her, but after that first time wetting herself in the park she definitely knew she was...

Ouch Daddy... That Hurts

by Ginny Watson

Rebellious teen Dee is 2 hours past her curfew, she knows she's in deep trouble if her daddy is still awake & waiting for her return. Unluckily for Dee both of her parents are waiting for her, & they are both...

I Came On My Sleeping Daughter

by Ginny Watson

Daddy has no idea if his sexy 18 year old daughter Gina is a tease or just naive. The way she flaunts herself in her skimpy see through nightie leaves him aching to discover the truth. He may soon get his answer,...

Fingering Fairies

by Ginny Watson

Kevin knows a secret! A secret the no-one would ever believe. Fairies are real, and he has three of them as his personal slaves. Now Kevin has reached the age of 18 and he suddenly notices that fairies aren't...

Cisco Wouldn't Take NO! For An Answer

by Studly Stallion

"What's up, boy?" I turned and looked to see him practically right over my shoulder. I giggled and shoved him away. But he was insistent.

"What do you want, boy?" I fished out an apple and handed it to him.


Billionaire's Defiant Hotwife

by Thomas Roberts

When sexy hotwife Tania is captured by the ruthless BaMa gang, she her lover, Sarah, are thrown into a dank jail cell. Then she's taken and violently used by Bear, their powerful and grotesque leader. Can her...