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Memoirs of Fanny Hill

by John Cleland

Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, better known as Fanny Hill, is one of the most notorious texts in English literature. As recently as 1963 an unexpurgated edition was the subject of a trial, yet in the eighteenth...

Personal Spy

by Blair Erotica

Tara's private investigation business is failing. Bobby, an ex-cop she worked with when she was a cop, seems to be successful. He wants her, both as a woman, and to work for him  become his personal spy in...

Captured Omega

by Arian Wulf

Captured Omega is a love story between a strong Alpha werewolf and an innocent young woman who has no idea how to deal with all the attention she's getting. There are also two manipulative evil men who take...

Sons and Lovers

by D. H. Lawrence

Though it is the author’s third novel, Sons and Lovers is often regarded as D.H. Lawrence’s masterpiece. The autobiographical work, which was originally titled Paul Morel after its protagonist, was set in...

The Futa Doctor Is IN!

by Alana Church

The Futa Infection is spreading. Caught in throes of futa-passion with her lovers, Danielle and Jackie, Dr. Sandra Lee wants nothing more than to be transformed into a futa as well! But if she gets what she...

An Alpha's Mate 1 - 3

by Arian Wulf

In this book, three innocent women fall for Alpha Werewolves who tear down their defenses and devour them in more ways than they could've ever imagined. Here, three short stories, Love Bites, Chained, and Savage,...

Carmen Takes Control

by Ginny Watson

Sexy single Carmen has bought a dusty old antique scent bottle from a mysterious old woman in the market, and confusion blossoms as she’s told to be careful and beware the consequences. Carmen thinks the contents...

Horny Helen

by Peninah

Bored and unimaginative housewife Helen has agreed to an evening out with her friend Sandra and her husband. She knows that Sandra is brash and a little vulgar but decides it might be fun to get out. And as...

Amateur Nudes

by Peninah

Budding author Jason is becoming convinced he's addicted to porn, when he should be working he finds himself surfing the web and looking for amateur nudes. And it is becoming an obsession, especially an amateur...


by Peninah

Trophy wife Jessica is shocked when her husband asks if she would consider sleeping with another man. She tells him she will do anything to make him happy, but doesn't admit that she really loves the idea. A...

Natalie Gets Knotted

by Kelly Addams

Natalie wants to be a faithful and dutiful wife, the problem is she can never resist temptation! Now the ebony beauty has found a new kink to enjoy, teasing exhibitionism, she loves to let guys catch her peeing,...

Ten Point Two

by John Lord, Kelly Addams, Ginny Watson & Anna Mann et al.

10 Naughty stories from 10 kinky authors! Featuring two guys who inadvertently fulfil a sexy ebony girls taboo fantasy when they plan to grab her, exhibitionists, voyeurs and cuckolds, ebony BBW sex, a wanton...


by John Lord, Kelly Addams, Ginny Watson & Anna Mann et al.

10 Naughty stories from 10 kinky authors! Featuring a horny brother who learns how to mind control his sisters, exhibitionists, voyeurs and cuckolds, ebony BBW sex, giant spiders, alien probing, a girl used...


by Arian Wulf

She looks like something from his deepest fantasy: Devastatingly beautiful and perfect in every way. She has a family of rabbits gathered around her and she's keeping them safe - he smirks - from him. The last...


by Tony Slade

Single mother Tori has dropped her toddler at nursery, now she finally has a few hours to herself without his demands for attention. But the big boobed mom is drawing plenty of attention from the people on the...

Peninah's Wet Panties - Volume One

by Peninah

The first five “Peninah’s Wet Panties” short stories in a single edition. Featuring: Horny Helen, A Toss Of The Coin Parts 1 and 2, Jessica and Amateur Nudes.

Cheating wives, humiliation and a gang bang,...


by Arian Wulf

Ariel is a rare creature, one that the right collector, or scientist, would pay handsomely for. She knows if she's captured, she will be studied, experimented on, and trapped in a cage forever. So, she runs...

An Honest Woman

by JoAnn McCaig

The structure of the novel is complex, layered, and interwoven. There are several narrators, stories within stories, and writers making things up and fantasizing while living real (albeit fictional) lives. There...

A Fall From Grace

by Anna Mann

Kay is a kinky girl with a disturbing and irrational fantasy.

Alex is a man who has lost it all, because of his obsession with flashing his world has collapsed, his wife has left and his job is gone. Now he lives...

Love Bites

by Arian Wulf

Prey. Weak. Inferior. A were-rabbit farmer from nowhere, Aurora knows it's important she keeps her head down and stay out of trouble when she's in a city full of predator shifters. She manages to do the exact...