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Gang Raped in the Trailer Park: gangbang non con spitroast deep throat cocksucking face fucking bareback creampie forced prostitution cum dump

by Belle Bottoms

Jane pulls her trailer into an RV park where a family in the space next door invite her over for drinks. Before she knows it she’s been drugged and tied up and is experiencing a train of men who pay to fuck...

Gang Raped by a Small Town: gangbang non con double penetration spitroast deep throat cocksucking face fucking bareback creampie cum dump

by Belle Bottoms

On her way home for Christmas break, Tina gets pulled over by some small-town cops. She can’t afford to pay for a ticket and these two decide to take her down to the station to see if they can figure something...

Gang Raped by My Professors: gangbang non con spitroast deep throat cocksucking spanking bareback creampie

by Belle Bottoms

University student, Sarah, has just failed her semester and six of her professors give her a chance to change her grade to an A. All she has to do is let all six of them spank her and fill every one of her holes,...

Gang Raped by the Police Force: gangbang non con spitroast deep throat cocksucking face fucking bareback creampie

by Belle Bottoms

College student, Jenna gets pulled over by a cop car and taken down to the station in handcuffs only to find herself gang raped by a non-stop train of every cop in the station. Author's Note: Gang-raped by the...

Gang Raped by the Fraternity: gangbang non con deep throat cocksucking face fucking bareback creampie all holes filled

by Belle Bottoms

When Andrea winds up at a frat house with her friend and is left alone, she is drugged and gang-raped by the entire fraternity. She can't fight off the huge group of guys as they hold her down and fuck her over...

Gang Rape 4-Pack Vol 1: gangbang non con spitroast deep throat cocksucking face fucking bareback creampie all holes filled double penetration cum dump

by Belle Bottoms

Four different girls find themselves in 4 very bad situations. They are overpowered and raped repeatedly by men who just want to use them and throw them away. This 4-pack includes: Gang-raped by My Professors...

Gang Raped in the Biker Bar: gangbang non con spitroast deep throat cocksucking face fucking bareback creampie

by Belle Bottoms

Laney is on her way home from a party. She's lost and she has to pee. Thinking she can get some help in a dark bar on a deserted street she goes in. The men inside pull off her skimpy dress and take turns on...

Bred and Milked by Gorillas

by Jade Summers

Jenna visits a safari on vacation with her family and has a strong urge to leave to tour to get a closer look at the gorillas. She is swept away and hidden in a dark cave for months where she is impregnated...

Fucking My Sister’s Virgin Mouth and Pussy: Brother Sister Incest Taboo Virgin First Time Oral Swallowing Cocksucking Creampie Bareback Breeding Cum Play CIM CIP

by Jade Summers

Lately, my sister has been a pain. When I come home to visit from college she's a total brat to me. What I find out is apparently she wants to come live with me. She's 18 but not out of high school yet and Mom...

Stripped and Milked at the Zoo: Bestiality, Zoophilia, Mind Control, Gangbang, Oral, Anal, CIP CIA CIM, Forced Exhibitionism, Forced Lactation

by Jade Summers

Marnie and her husband both work at the zoo. One morning, she heads to her job where she works with the gorillas. She has noticed that her breasts have gotten very large lately and none of her bras fit her anymore...

Filthy Xmas 4-Pack: Incest, Mind Control, Gangbang, Hypnosis, Anal Stretching, Double Penetration, Deep Throat, Swallowing, Creampie

by Jade Summers

Four filthy Christmas stories that include mind control, incest, Christmas fantasy scenarios, anal stretching and play, gangbang activity, and a huge peppermint stick or two in the ass. This 4-pack includes:...

Santa’s Anal Punishment: Mind Control, Oral, Anal, Spanking, Cocksucking, Face Fucking, Swallowing, CIM CIA

by Jade Summers

Kimmie is home from college for Christmas and while watching TV on Christmas Eve she is shocked to find Santa Claus staring at her. She looks up into his twinkling eyes and can't resist following his orders....

Hypnotized by Elves: Gangbang, Creampie, Bareback, Spitroast, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Food Fetish

by Jade Summers

When Brenda wanders into magical winter wonderland maze she isn’t prepared for the group of horny elves that seem to have control over her mind. She strips for them and opens her legs wide for them, while...

Unwrapping Myself for Daddy: christmas erotica, mind control, hypnosis, incest, creampie, bareback, taboo

by Jade Summers

Lisa is home from college and is alone with her daddy on Christmas morning. His special present for her is a ring with a hidden compartment that contains a special perfume that makes Lisa do things she’s never...

Drugged and Used by the Fraternity: dub con, drugged sex, drunk sex, alcohol enema, gangbang, all holes filled, creampie, bareback, swallowing

by Jade Summers

When Andrea goes to a frat house with her friend she doesn't expect that she will be drugged and plied with an alcohol enema. She's surprised when she finds herself naked and surrounded by the entire fraternity....

Getting it On With Gorillas 4-Pack: Bestiality Zoophilia Gangbang Cocksucking Swallowing Mind Control Hypnosis Virgin Breeding Milking Creaming Spitroast All Holes Filled Dub Con Taboo

by Jade Summers

Four dirty gorilla stories in one book! Gangbangs, milking, forced exhibitionism, mind control, creampies, breeding, spitroast, all holes filled!!! It's all here if you dare to read these four tales of women...

Big Black Birthday Fuck Fest (Interracial Gangbang Sex)

by Jenna Powers

Sarah heads home to celebrate her 35th birthday but at the gym she receives a text from her husband. His cryptic text asks her to meet him at a seedy motel on the outskirts of the city. Sarah arrives at the...

Garage Shop Gang Fuck (Interracial Gangbang Sex)

by Jenna Powers

Crystal has a happy life: A husband who just got promoted, a home and some money on the side. The only thing missing is a sex life. When she goes to get her car fixed, she gets more than she bargains for after...

Taboo Dance

by R. Richard

DESCRIPTION In a taboo town, Cara is the ultimate prize. Anything goes if you have the money, no matter how kinky or immoral the act! Now, with her beloved town in desperate need, Cara’s going to be pushed...

The Implication

by Tommy Mackson

DESCRIPTION Whether our daddy has bought his daughter a limo ride for her birthday, bought her a mega yacht, or given her a hell of a limo ride, each steamy story possesses one thing in common... a sex crazed...