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Possessive Vampires

by Daisy Rose

In the dead of the night, Raelynn is captured with a dark beast with eyes like the abyss and wings that block out the light. The last thing she expects is for him to offer her the world. His intentions are clear....

Unbridled Vampire

by Daisy Rose

When Raelynn and her werewolf protector seek refuge on a cruise ship, lust is heavy in the air, consuming them with a breathless urgency that drives the werewolf to take her for the first time.

But they are not...

Tishala In The City

by Alice Ebuya

Masai maiden Tishala returns. In this second part of her adventure the young and slightly naive African girl learns that not everyone in her new Spanish home is to be trusted, there are men who want to take...

Vampire Inheritance

by Daisy Rose

At eighteen, Raelynn Pierre has her life all figured out. When her eccentric grandfather sends for her to visit him, she takes the opportunity to meet the family she has never met.

But the journey takes her to...

Hotwife Heaven

by Kelly Addams, Anna Mann & Kay Nyne

A collection of naughty cuckold and adultery tales, from ebony wife Penelope who cuckolds her hubby at every opportunity to a pregnant wife who finds her craving is for illicit sex. In this edition Penelope...

Michelle's Perverted Saviour

by Anna Mann

Teen Michelle is lost. She is drunk and she's been walking through a strange Spanish town for half the night looking for a familiar landmark. Her legs are tired and unstable, she has to rest, just for a moment,...

Gail On The Game

by Kelly Addams

Fashion model Gail has always harboured a secret fantasy. Dressed in a kinky fetish outfit for a photo shoot one of her detractors stated that she looked like a hooker, an insult that affected her deeply, but...

Transgender Erotica the Employee

by Misty Love

Transgender Erotica the Employee : Boss Turn a good employee into a 'good wife'

Transgender Erotica My Transformation To a Girl

by Misty Love

Transgender Erotica My Transformation To a Girl: man begins his journey as a girl

Dominique's Camping Trip

by Ginny Watson

Dominique has noticed that the man she had always called Uncle Roy has started looking at her in a different way since she turned eighteen, of course he isn't her real uncle so it's acceptable that he now sees...

Daddy Did Me On My Wedding Day

by Ginny Watson

Naughty Natasha is getting married, but even during the church service she is getting off as a vibrating egg inside her forces her I do's to come out as a stutter. She can't wait to get to the reception, then...

A Brothers Revenge

by Ginny Watson

Teens Mark and Sally are heading home from a party, and Sally is very drunk, so drunk that she stumbles and leaves her brother grasping a naked breast as he grabs her to prevent a fall. It is a moment that feeds...

Observing Thanksgiving with an Incest Gangbang: Thanksgiving Incest Gangbang

by Deedee Zee

His daughter tells him everything, mostly because she doesn’t have a choice in the matter, but she’d never told him about the boyfriend she brought home to Thanksgiving. Dad thinks there’s something more...

2-Pack Incest Reunion Bundle: Curfew Gangbang and Observing Thanksgiving

by Deedee Zee

First she broke curfew, then she brought home a surprise boyfriend. Her lies will lead to multi-hole fulfillment.

Gangbang Daughter for Breaking Curfew (Daddy Still Loves Hypnosis)

It’s the sexual version of...

Ellie's Pony

by Kelly Addams

Nineteen year old Ellie is obsessed with animal sex, she loves to watch them getting down and dirty. Most of all she loves horses, so much so that she gets herself a job as a stable hand, but it isn't until...

Mom's Little Toy

by Bo Dunne

Lights, camera, action! Connor, a tall but under-endowed college student, has never had the joy of a woman's body. His mom has serviced him with blow jobs because she was always a free spirit. Now they're going...

Transgender Erotica first taste

by Karen Styles

Transgender Erotica first taste:chance encounter gives him experience his first of many transgender girl

Transgender Erotica My Sexy TS neighbor

by Karen Styles

Transgender Erotica My Sexy TS neighbor: Fun time with my super hot and sexy TS neighbor

Transgender Erotica First taste Book 2 Mindy

by Karen Styles

Transgender Erotica first taste:chance encounter gives him experience his first of many transgender girl


by Ginny Watson

Diane always feels shame when she allows the family pet to snuffle between her legs as she sits at the table, for weeks he has been giving her a kinky thrill, & now she has decided it's time for him to get more...