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Army Brat

by Ginny Watson

Donna is an army brat, and since her mother left she has lived alone with her sergeant major step-daddy. Her mother was an alcoholic, so when she returns home drunk shortly after her eighteenth birthday her...

A Threesome For Daddy

by Ginny Watson

Jenny & her best friend Emma have arranged a special "Movie Night" for Jen's widower daddy, he doesn't get out enough, he doesn't meet new people! Meanwhile David, Jenny's daddy has discovered a whole new avenue...

A Threesome For David

by Ginny Watson

Jenny & Emma have arranged a special Movie Night for Jen's widower step-dad, he doesn't get out enough or meet new people! Meanwhile step-dad David has found a new avenue of fun, peeping down the blouses of...

Banging Beth

by Ginny Watson

Edward and his daughter Beth are on holiday, but unlike other years 18 year old Beth wants some independence. Separate hotel rooms have been booked rather than a shared villa, and reluctantly Edward had swallowed...

Bella And Her Brother

by Ginny Watson

18 year old Bella can't sleep, but she isn't particularly stressed... she doesn't think anything is heavy on her mind, except, when she does get to sleep she dreams only about sex, & of greater concern, she...

Billionaire's Reluctant Hotwife

by Thomas Roberts

When Tania's first husband tried to coerce her into being a hotwife, she wanted nothing to do with the lifestyle. But over time, the idea of being roughly taken by sexy well-hung black men began to intrigue...

Put in a Trance and Toyed: Daddy’s Anal Princess

by Deedee Zee

With the help of a picture hiding a 3D image, Dad is able to put his daughter under a trance that makes her totally oblivious to everything he does to her. Toys, veggies, his mouth, his fingers, and more are...

A Birthday Surprise

by Ginny Watson

Sandra has just turned eighteen, and her party is planned... she wants a quiet time with four of her closest friends and her step-daddy, but something happens before the party that makes her think she should...

Adele's Family Gang Bang

by Ginny Watson

Sexy blonde Adele has always felt more mature that her 18 years. She's comfortable with older men, so she is always happy to accompany her daddy and uncles to the working men's club, she doesn't even mind when...

Adele's Kinky Gang Bang

by Ginny Watson

PLEASE NOTE: This is the PI / non-biological edition of the previously published taboo short story - "Adele's Family Gang Bang"

Sexy blonde Adele has always felt more mature that her 18 years. She's comfortable...

The Pack

by Kay Nyne

Some people describe housewife Claire as Timid or Mousy, but in reality they couldn't be more wrong because Claire leads a secret and very kinky life. She is conveniently submissive to an online Master, but...

Sister’s Pussy is Brother’s Overtime Bonus

by Deedee Zee

Every time her older brother works overtime, he comes home and crashes. Nothing can wake him up once he’s out. Nothing. Not even his sister availing herself of his body and trying to get knocked up with his...

Groped - Crystal's Fetish

by Kelly Addams

Crystal always avoids the rush hour crush, she doesn't like being crammed into a train carriage like a sardine in a can. But fate has a plan for young Crystal, as a small accident leads her into a life of crazy...

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by Leonardo Parsifal

An exciting gay short story that will make you horny!!

Carlo is a 35 years old accountant and has a wife, but one day he meets Roberto, a very tall bartender that makes Carlo doubt his sexuality very soon.


Polly and Her Neighbor

by Kelli Wolfe

She wanted to hate Josh for what he was making her do, but at the same time she didn’t want him to ever stop.

When nineteen-year-old Polly backs into her handsome neighbor Josh’s brand new car, it’s all...

Polly and Her Boss

by Kelli Wolfe

She searched for any glimmer of mercy in his eyes, any chance that he might relent, but there was nothing.

When nineteen-year-old Polly comes to work late yet again she’s worried that her boss is going to yell...

Polly and Her Preacher

by Kelli Wolfe

“You have sinned, and to earn forgiveness you must be punished.”

After her recent misadventures nineteen-year-old Polly can’t stop thinking about sex, and the memories leave her burning with sinful desires....

The Punishing Polly Collection

by Kelli Wolfe

Polly just wants to graduate from college, but somehow she’s always getting into trouble with her boss or the neighbors and whenever that happens it seems there’s only one way to fix things.

Night Shift Nurses

by Zora Vítková

A chubby innocence is at her patient's service - in every situation

The entire Night Shift Nurses series in one handy volume.


- The Nurse's Fat Udders

- Fist Fucking the Fat Nurse

- A Group Fuck for the...

Sex Doll for Her Horny Sons: Mommy Loves Hypnosis Too

by Deedee Zee

When Brent and Matt found out their mother had been using hypnosis to control them, the first thing they did was delete all the commands. The second thing they did was turn the tables on their mother, forcing...