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Bratty Daughter Becomes a Horny Sugar Baby: Daddy Still Loves Hypnosis

by Deedee Zee

Dad removed himself from temptation by getting a divorce and leaving. But his daughter tracked him down. Now that she’s at his place, he just can’t help himself. And hypnosis makes sure his daughter can’t...


by Stefano Mazzotti

BD Bondage and Discipline are two aspects of BDSM that have conceptual similarities, and that is why they appear jointly.   The term Bondage describes the practice of physical restraint. Bondage is usually,...

Nailed Against the Wall (Daddy Thinks I’m Mom!): Too Drunk to Care

by Deedee Zee

Mom walked out on Dad, leaving Lacey to pick up the pieces when her father goes on a drunken bender. Her attempts to stop him lead to a mistaken identity situation where Dad thinks Lacey is Mom. And, he’s...

The Sensual Sabbath

by Houston Cei

Kate, a live in grandma, is voluptuous and outspoken with a knack for getting people to do almost anything. The Anderson family appears to be normal but with Kate's prompting, Saturdays become family sex time....

Mom's Little Secret

by Bo Dunne

Connor takes Nicole to a sorority party and she seems ready for hot action on the porch. Instead, all the sorority sisters show up, laughing at his small erect manhood. He goes home, humiliated. On his monitor...

Stepbrother's Skinny-Dipping Virgin

by Pornelope

Jerry's whole life turns upside down when he catches his pretty stepsister skinny-dipping out in the pond. She's fascinated by the lusty bulge in his briefs, and willingly gives him a ball-busting blowjob. Now...

Investigating Angelica

by Kelly Addams

Private Investigator Kirk Duggan is tired of his job following insurance fraudsters and cheating husbands. It's time for him to get out, and when he is hired to prove that beautiful wife Angelica is having an...

Housewife Has a Craving for Canine Cock

by Dame Doggy

She’s a bored housewife, who just likes to inject a little thrill into her life. That’s why she has such a large variety of anal toys to occupy herself while cleaning the house. When the dog gets nosy, her...

Meeting His Parents: Serving Up Dog Cock and a Gangbang

by Dame Doggy

Phoebe is meeting her boyfriend’s parents. That’s a huge step in their relationship, which means she wants it to go well. She wore her sluttiest outfit and is eager to bend over and take everything her boyfriend’s...

Punishing The Brat

by Ginny Watson

Celine is in for a shock!

Her landlord doesn't like the way she dresses when she goes out with her friends. He says that he's responsible for her while her parents are out of the country, he says that she looks...

Becky's Beach

by Kay Nyne

Hot blonde Becky is depressed, her marriage to Adam has collapsed and she has no idea why. He has washed his hands of her, giving her their home by the sea, the car, the jewelry... everything, without dispute....


by Kelly Addams

Kenyan Kiama ran away from home when she was very young, & her life had been a constant battle until she met Helmut. He gave her a home, a job, money, but her German benefactor was a pervert. It was a fact that...

Cuckold collection 2

by Elisa Mazzarri

Due to detailed descriptions and explicit language, this collection is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN TO MINORS UNDER EIGHTEEN The collection includes: - Depravations of the Kinky Doctor - Insane cuckold voyeurism - The...

Nursery Crime

by Kelly Addams

Single mother Emma feels like she has the weight of the world on her shoulders, she can never make ends meet, so when her friend Helen tells her about a free day-care nursery she believes that she will finally...

Needles & Pins

by Anna Mann

Richard is Mr Average, he isn't that adventurous and he certainly isn't kinky, or so he thinks. Because he is about to have his eyes, and his mind, completely opened by crazy older woman Wendy, she is about...

Chat Slave

by Anna Mann

Meet Donna. A sexy and very sexually confused young blonde who feels a compulsion to obey strangers when they order her to degrade herself for them on camera. She is only submissive in chat... but that is about...


by Kelly Addams

Introducing Anna, a virgin and also a self confessed Cum Queen. She may not have had sex yet, but she certainly has developed quite a taste for the salty treats her boyfriend Jason gives her... but things soon...

Family Threesome 3

by Houston Cei

After an early retirement, the forever adventurous Jocelyn hears about the romantic, tropical setting of the bayou in the Philippines. With plenty of cash from the sale of her house and business, she's ready...

Hypnosis at Bath Time: Becoming a Canine Sex Toy

by Dame Doggy

This teacher has the best incentive to make his dog behave during bath time—girls who just graduated from his class. He uses hypnosis to make them submit and then gives them as a treat to his dog for being...

Stepdaddy's Horny Virgins #2

by Pornelope

These three horny teen virgins want to be taken hard, fast and unprotected! You'll bust a nut as they seduce--and are seduced by--their seriously built stepfathers and stepbrothers. Whether you like it outdoors...