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Seeking Ecstasy (An Erotic Memoir)

by Anna P.

The frank and explicitly raw sex memoir from a female tech executive in Silicon Valley!

Before leaving for her freshman year at college, Anna spends summer vacation in The Hamptons. Here she meets David, an experienced...

Dogging With Hanna

by Anna Mann

I never suspected that my beautiful young wife Hanna would ever cheat on me, the prenuptial agreement she'd signed took care of that... or so I thought. Imagine my surprise when she arrived home late with her...

Ronnie The Rat

by Kay Nyne

Kinky Dawn decides that she is going to enhance the naughty games she has started with her pet gerbil Jerry, and with the arrival of her new rat Ronnie, she has to make a few changes. Follow this second part...

Cucked By My Next-Door Neighbor

by Nikita Storm

It all started innocently enough: the black couple in the apartment next to mine invited me over for a nice meal. Sounds good. The walls were paper thin and I could hear them arguing every night. I don’t really...

Taken by the Group: BDSM Group Dark Fantasy Office Short

by Mona Mora

Susan was brought in to the factory to find and eliminate inefficiencies, but she didn't plan on an employee and four men she fired to come back and teach her a lesson.

It was her darkest and deepest fantasy...

Gamble our wiwes

by Elisa Mazzarri

Five couples, ten close friends who meet every Saturday evening at Michele’s, a bright engineer and his beautiful wife, Angela, a peppy blonde, see a normal evening turn into something very special. 

A challenge...

Swapped & Popped

by Jezabel Foxx

What happens at the Rave, doesn’t always stay at the Rave.

What was just supposed to be a fun night out with her friend, turned into something that will change Ginger’s life forever.


"Come on, Ginger,...

Sex as I Recall

by Guy New York

Writing about sex (especially formative experiences) is a complicated endeavor, yet one which Guy New York pulls off beautifully and honestly.

This collection of personal short stories spans new relationships,...

Burning For The BBC Stud

by Pornelope

Melanie has lusted after her sexy black counselor, Pierce, for years, but to him she's just another pretty teenage girl. Then she sees him gangbanging a lady at their religious retreat, and knows just how to...

Mature MILFS 3: Taking Him Deep In Massage Class

by Nikita Storm

19-year-old Harold needed extra-special help in massage class and I was more than willing to give it to him…

In my 20 years of marriage, I had never once strayed. I’d never lusted after a man, touched a man...

The Wheel

by Kelly Addams

Jason and Tuliza have a long distance relationship, he is based in the UK and she lives in Mombasa on the Kenyan coast. Determined to meet her he makes arrangements to detour from business in the west, and finds...

First Time Massage

by Nikita Storm

There’s a first time for everything. Amelia thought she was getting her normal massage from her long-time masseuse. Instead she found herself face to face with the most gorgeous hunk she’d ever laid eyes...

Seduced by my Wife's Fertile Best Friend

by Nikita Storm

Dinners are hard. Especially when your wife’s best friend is taunting and teasing you from across the table. It’s even worse when you know she’s getting married in a few days. With long, auburn hair a...

Knocking up the Knocked-up Nurse

by Nikita Storm

Jennifer is a beautiful, blonde nurse who happens to be expecting. Dr. Alan is her boss and the father of her child. He is also black. During a routine checkup with him, Jen discovers that she is one of the...

Changed into an Elven Goddess! Part 1

by Jezabel Foxx

Julie and Harold were hiking the Andes when they came upon a strange, undiscovered temple hidden away. Inside they find an ancient ornate box with strange writing on it. As a linguistic expert, Julie has no...

Changed into an Elven Goddess! Part 2

by Jezabel Foxx

Ever since stumbling into an ancient, abandoned temple, things just haven’t been right. Harold has gone missing and Julie has no idea where he is. The temple is not what it seems and Julie must follow her...

Maid to Change

by Jezabel Foxx

When Francine learns that her husband is having an affair with their maid, Janice, she decides to take matters into her own hands. However, as such things tend to do, everything backfires spectacularly and it’s...

Knocking up the Librarian MILF (Part 1)

by Nikita Storm

Nineteen year old Johnny had never been with a woman before, but when he fell in love with the town’s extremely hot, mature librarian MILF, Donna, that was about to change. Smitten by her beauty, he hangs...

Just Sex with His Daughter: Daddy Still Loves Hypnosis

by Deedee Zee

Dad is using a little something called just-hypnosis on his daughter. Whenever he asks his daughter do something that pushes the boundaries of the father-daughter relationship, such as a kiss with tongue or...

Knocking up Amber (Part 1)

by Nikita Storm

Frank just wanted to spend a quiet weekend alone. His best friend’s wife, however, had other plans. Amber is a tall, voluptuous red-head who has had a secret crush on Frank. Now she has set out to capture...