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Degraded And Deceived

by Anna Mann

When she was just nineteen Tracy made a mistake, it was an error that would prove to haunt her far into the future. She posed for a set of explicit nude photographs, and believed the photographer when he promised...

Belly Dance

by Anna Mann

Chubby ebony girl Peace always feels left out, she never gets invited anywhere.

But suddenly she becomes the centre of attention when a group of guys from work invite her to a party. Peace is excited and enthusiastic,...

50 Sexy Hotwife Sex Stories for Adults

by Dorithie Saynsbery

Includes 50 stories of hotwives living their lives to the fullest and their devoted husbands supporting them all the way.

I love making my husband watch me give it away to another man!


50 Erotic & Steamy Romance Stories

by Leila Camille

50 Erotic Stories In This Large Volume!

Be prepared to be completely and utterly filled with seductive passion. These are not your typical romance stories. These stories were written with one thing in mind: to...

Vanquished Men

by Orlando

Femdom. Femdom Author Orlando’s latest installment in the “Men” series – another collection of Female Domination Stories. In Two Dog Night Jimmy is convinced to don a dog costume to win a prize that...

Therese Raquin

by Émile Zola

Therese Raquin by Emile Zola. In the claustrophobic atmosphere of a dingy haberdasher's shop on the Passage du Pont-Neuf in Paris, Thérèse Raquin is trapped in a loveless marriage to her sickly cousin, Camille....

About Sappho's Initiation

by Jonathan Biernot

“She faced the bed; raised her skirt at the front above her knees; lifted one knee onto the mattress before placing the other alongside. Then, she hauled up the back of her skirt, rucked it up around her waist...

About Eve

by Chris Bellows

Ever wonder what became of the bossy, precocious little girl from your neighborhood? The cute one who ordered the boys around, made trouble and, being the favorite of all the adults, always got away with it....

The Rainbow

by D. H. Lawrence

The Rainbow by D. H. Lawrence. The Rainbow is about three generations of the Brangwen family of Nottinghamshire from the 1840s to the early years of the twentieth century. Within this framework Lawrence s essential...

Women in Love

by D. H. Lawrence

Women in Love by D. H. Lawrence. Women in Love begins one blossoming spring day in England and ends with a terrible catastrophe in the snow of the Alps. Ursula and Gudrun are very different sisters who become...

Doctor's Orders Complete Medical Collection

by Arya Hucovv

These three steamy short stories feature innocent young women being filled by a lot of fertile alpha males in a medical setting. In this bundle, you will find: Unsafe Treatment, Too Small, & Filled By Alphas....

Filled By Alphas

by Arya Hucovv

It happens on a bright Monday morning. Witnesses will tell reporters later the sun suddenly disappeared from the sky and there was a brilliant flash of lighting, followed by booming thunder and a shadow in the...

Tempting Fate

by Anna Mann

After storming out of a party in the early hours Sophia finds herself facing Ambush Alley. A hooker has warned her that it isn't safe for a woman on her own, but after just finding her boyfriend with his cock...

The Darkest Secret

by Anna Mann

Every man has fantasies Chris told his friends quietly, then shocked them when he revealed his own. His friends found the idea he had put forward both disturbing and decidedly exciting, and so they developed...

Free Use Fiona

by John Lord

A new law has been passed, and women everywhere are furious.

Free Use has become compulsory, every single woman between 18 and 35 has to submit to 3 hours of Free Use Duty at least once. During those hours she...

Sealing The Deal

by Anna Mann

Clarke had worked day and night for 3 years to secure a contract worth millions with Crown Prince Abbas Al-Shamsi. But on the day of the contract signing he was hit with a new and frightening condition. Before...

Too Small

by Arya Hucovv

Sasha is too small... down there. Tired of being the only girl in her sorority who has never experienced pleasures with a man, she signs herself up for a doctor's appointment. Nothing like Science and an unforgettably...

Boss's Naughty Daughter

by Kethandra Wilde

In no mood for Halloween fun, the holiday still brings an unlikely couple together, aided by sunburn, a very naughty kitty costume, a regretted promise and a fat joint of weed. That starts an intimate exploration...

Unsafe Treatment

by Arya Hucovv

Nancy has a problem. She is two cup sizes bigger and her body is changing in ways that she doesn't know how to handle, especially when she starts filling up. Thankfully, Doctor Hunter knows exactly how to help...

Who's Our Daddy?

by Kethandra Wilde

A lusty, unique family finds love, answers, and each other.

Two girls, more than friends, had no idea they were sisters. Or that their father was the stranger they teased with promises of erotic delight.

He had...