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Kinky Shades of Literature

by Bona Dea Venus

An anthology of texts and images about kinky literature

The Cult

by Kelly Addams

Twins are always close, so when Sara's twin sister disappears into a secretive cult led by enigmatic Guru Ashtara, she is determined to set up a rescue, her twin has clearly been kidnapped or brain washed. But...

Driven into Switch

by Mary Lacy

"At long last, they headed to sleep, and as they lay there, he attempted to get her invigorated. Coming to over, he put his hand on her vagina. At that point, he got her hand and squeezed it over his penis."...

Home Dick

by Mary Lacy

"Her thighs continued opening and shutting, helping him to remember the final breaths of a landed fish. The knees pushed forward and after that down again as she kept on shuddering with wild energy, crushing...

Door to Door Cleaner

by Mary Lacy

"She slipped in close to him and he drove the spreads down. They kissed. Her breath was a Godawful blend of mouthwash and toothpaste, however her lips shaped pleasantly to his. When he push his tongue out, she...

Her Anal Kinkiness

by Mary Lacy

"She didn't stop, however. She kept ideal on sucking. The underhanded pixie inside her was compelling her to take the kid the whole distance. Completely befuddled, the profoundly young lady ended up sucking...

His Neighbor’s Spouse

by Mary Lacy

"When they had wound up on the love seat screwing, he felt that he would almost certainly go on perpetually, and it was just when she begun to come actually hard around him, and he was so turned on that his...

Sex Assistant

by Mary Lacy

"Gracious, I've utilized a wide range of things, similar to extensive candles that I heat over the stove and afterward cut with little swells, so it gives more erosion when I drive it all through my pussy. This...

Anal Reaming

by Mary Lacy

"As I contacted my finger to my stinky sphincter the juice started to pour from my cunt. Giving the juice a chance to keep running from my pussy down the break of my rear end, I at that point spread the dangerous...

Naughty Nurse

by Mary Lacy

"He felt her cunt crush firmly around his prick and realized she was returning once more. Her knees came up and she slouched with her can to drive his rooster in harder." Naughty Nurse is an erotic addictive...

Mandy’s New Ruse

by Mary Lacy

"Hot come spurted into her butt, and she could feel each consuming drop as it squirted into her. She couldn't get enough of it! She squirmed her rear end and scoured her dad's balls to make him come longer,...

Ass Trap

by Mary Lacy

"Rapidly, I clarified, 'I was screwed in my butt head when I was only a child. I've never gotten over the rush. My beau was a specialist. He was a specialist at butt head love.' My voice became delicate and...

Eat Out With His Bride

by Mary Lacy

"She nodded and uncrossed her legs. She eased back on her chair, letting her legs fall open and her robe practically gape open, uncovering her nude body. She knew she was just as sexy and shapely as the day...

Factory Playin’

by Mary Lacy

"Her cunt shrub was superb; thick, sleek, shiny, not endlessly unusual. Her pubic lips were sulking and pink, her clit solid and unmistakable, her cut looking out wet and salmon hued. It was sufficient to make...

Every Gentleman for Jan

by Mary Lacy

" He expelled her hand from her cunt and licked the vaginal juices from her fingers. At that point he joined her on the table and his hands investigated her body, beginning with her satiny darker hair that gushed...

Having Sunday-Ecstasy

by Mary Lacy

"His cruel slaps, the manner in which he treated her like a chep whore, his supreme control over her body were energizing her in a peculiar masochistic manner. Down in her traitorous pussy, condemning beads...

Gentlemen Prefer Young Ladies

by Mary Lacy

"Pushing her cunt into his crotch and moving it around caused Jefferson to shoot his wad in a matter of minutes. When Joan saw that he was ready to come, she pushed hard against him and let out a low moan, pretending...

Fresh Widow, No Panties

by Mary Lacy

""Our little gathering is going to go to a peak, dear," she replied. She licked her lips and laughed mirthfully, her hand returning between his legs. "Take a gander at them," she inhaled enthusiastically, her...

Ebony Passion

by Mary Lacy

"At the present time she was groaning and moaning the manner in which she did when the cum was going to spill out of her like Niagara Falls. Her hot pussy was consuming and he was pondering the a huge number...

Horny Looking Librarian

by Mary Lacy

"She woke about midnight, not knowing where she was for a couple of moments. She was stunned to discover two young men in bed with her. She woke them up. "Folks, you've gotta return home. I'll drive you."" Horny...