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Bidding To Sin

by Rosita Varon

Just when everyone is depending on her to win a vital contract, Melanie Brooks, a talented manager of a creative design team suddenly finds herself pitched into a tumultuous sexual adventure that makes her head...


by Virginia Crowley

The greater the degree of purity in a person, the darker the taint on their soul if they succumb to temptation.Not even the men and women of the holy orders are safe from corruption as Lady Stephanie Peabody...

Instruments of Pleasure

by Nicole Dere

Two musically gifted young cousins, Max (the girl with the boy's name) and Toni (vice versa) have been brought up under the tyrannous rule of Aunt Charlotte. Their lives are dramatically transformed when Charlotte...

Lacing Lisbeth

by Yolanda Celbridge

Blonde Lisbeth Lache, together with her partner Sabrina Bossi, owns a worldwide chain of hedonistic resort hotels. Lisbeth relishes her role as boss, to Sabrina's secret jealousy. At Sabrina's suggestion, Lisbeth...

Love Song of the Dominatrix

by Cat Scarlett

Dinah is a tough-talking bisexual dominatrix with a weakness for redheads. So when she meets Grace, a beautiful hotel receptionist looking for excitement, she can't resist converting her to a life of lesbian...


by J D Jensen

"Our eyes were not permitted to look either to our left or rigth; our noses must always touch the cold marble;our rumps always to be thrust high and tightly back, our knees and feet widely placed. We would hear...

No Pain, No Gain

by James Baron

No Pain, No Gain is a collection of short stories united around their narrator's search for satisfaction through sexual submission. The pseudonymous author, a film-industry insider has spent his own life questing...

At The End Of Her Tether

by G C Scott

Jan Norris is 42, and has never had an orgasm. This all changes however, the morning her husband leaves for a business trip. Blindfolded and driven to a mystery location, chained and handcuffed, Jan finds herself...

Sleazy Rider

by Karen S Smith

When newlyweds Emma and Kit speed away on their matching Ducati motorbikes, Emma knows not to expect a conventional honeymood. From the moment they meet a biker gang and the leader takes a shine to Emma, events...

Mixed Signals

by Anna Clare

Adele Western dreams of a thriving career as a cook, so when she is hired by Paul, an up-and-coming restaurateur, she couldn’t be more pleased. That’s until she meets Jude, the hunky builder who’s working...

Make You A Man

by Anna Clare

Claire Sawyer is a PR queen with the breasts of Venus di Milo and the morals of Attila the Hun. At the sharp end of the celebrity food chain she is amoral yet pragmatic.

When the opportunity arises to make a...

In Pursuit Of Anna

by Natasha Rostova

Anna Maxwell is a pixie-like bad girl with a penchant for brawny men, determined to prove her innocence when accused of stealing from her father's company. Los Angeles-based bounty hunter Derek Rowland sets...

Hot Gossip

by Savannah Smythe

Suzy Whitbread packs in her job at a beauty salon and returns to the rural English village where she grew up. As a teenager the locals frowned on her close relationship with Clifton McKenna, father of her best...

Hard Blue Midnight

by Alaine Hood

Lori is the owner of a New England boutique that specialises in vintage sexy clothing. She spends more time hunting for treasures from the past than enjoying the present. But when she meets Gavin MacLellan,...

Fighting Over You

by Laura Hamilton

Yasmin and U seem like the perfect twenty-first century media couple. She's a scriptwriter for soaps and he's a magazine editor with a knack for tapping into the latest trends. Then, one evening, U confesses...

Feminine Wiles

by Karina Moore

Young American art student Kelly Aslett is spending the summer in Paris before flying back to California to claim her property inheritance when she falls in lust and love with gorgeous French painter Luc Duras....

Coming Round The Mountain

by Tabitha Flyte

Lauren is on top of the world, literally, travelling in the Himalayas to 'find herself'. But when she runs into her first ever boyfriend, Callum, everything turns rocky. Lauren still loves Callum. Callum still...

Campaign Heat

by Gabrielle Marcola

Cassie's chic, smart and knows how to get her clients off the hook. However, when Governer Bryce 'Baby Face' Clarkson's libido lands him in hot water, Cassie's not so keen to bail out this particular red-blooded...

Burning Bright

by Janine Ashbless

Erotic paranormal romance

Two lovers, brought together by a forbidden passion, are on the run from their pasts. Veraine was once a commander in the Imperial army: Myrna was the divine priestess he seduced and...

Bright Fire

by Maya Hess

An erotic time-slip novel...

Jenna Bright's light aircraft crash lands en-route to Scotland, hurtling her out of her hectic modern life as a courier pilot and back in time over two thousand years.

Leaving behind...