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Xcite Delights - Book Three: an erotic romance collection

by Dominic Santi, Alanna Appleton & Kate J. Cameron

This new Xcite Books collection of sensational, sexy stories will arouse, excite and, occasionally, even shock you.  A stunning selection of eight delicious stories from our best-selling authors including K...

In Pearls: A collection of five erotic stories

by Giselle Renarde, Anna Sansom & Valerie Alexander

An Xcite Books collection of five lesbian erotic stories with mixed themes including f/f, contemporary, fem dom, fetish and cougars.

The Brat and the Master

by Aishling Morgan

The 100th novel by popular erotic author Aishling Morgan.


One Final Night

by Scarlett Rush

An erotic novella with mixed themes including m/f, public sex, exhibitionism, uniform fetish and menage.

Anita and Angie Get Wet: A collection of five erotic stories

by Alex Jordaine, Kate Dominic & Emma Lydia Bates

An Xcite Books collection of five lesbian erotic stories with mixed themes including f/f, contemporary, BDSM, fem dom and rubenesque.

The Siren

by Tiffany Reisz

Some love stories you never forget. Some books will change your world. Be prepared… this is one of them. She tore herself from the man she adored, who transformed her, who possessed her… who would have destroyed...

One Man Rush

by Joanne Rock

Matchmaking Case File 114 Requested Match: Kyle Murphy, pro hockey player (This guy can score.) Challenge: Not looking for anything serious (yet) Notes: Ridiculously attractive, sexy, irresistible…and I want...

Once a Hero...

by Jillian Burns

Once a hero…always a hero. Subject: Captain Luke Andrews, MD. Current Status: On stress leave in beautiful Hawaii. Mission: Rest and recovery. Obstacle: There’s no rest from the wicked chemistry he’s found...

Rub It In

by Kira Sinclair

Rub It In Sexy, reclusive Caribbean resort owner Simon Reeves and Marcy McKinney have always had a volatile work relationship. But when the resort is closed and Simon intentionally traps Marcy on the island,...

Night After Night...

by Kathy Lyons

Schoolteacher Christy Baker has just had a hot, intense, and fantastically sexy dream. The next morning, however, Christy learns that the delicious stranger of her hot little night-time romp is her neighbour!...

Want Me

by Jo Leigh

Shannon Fitzgerald created the New York Hot Guys Trading Cards – a private “man swap” for her single friends. Still, she has yet to find the perfect man…until she sees Nate Brenner for the first time...

Tuscan Seduction

by Amber Carlsbad

I am making out with a guy I just met I don't think I've ever been so aroused. Gina has given up a boring job and even more unsatisfying relationship to flee to Italy, convinced there's something more waiting...

Silent Surrender

by Barbara J. Hancock

Alexia Scott only wants a peaceful vacation in Mexico, far away from her hectic Wall Street job. But sexy-as-sin resort owner Carlos Rivera has a more energetic plan for her in mind. The captivating stranger...

Under Her Uniform

by Victoria Janssen

Isobel Hailey has disguised herself as a man so she can fight in the British Army in WWI. Only a few people know the truth, including her two officer lovers so why can't she stop thinking about handsome Corporal...

Nuts Deep!

by C M Gordon

When a troubled friend turns up dead in a New Orleans jail cell, Max Load thinks suicide. But when the well-hung PI is summoned by the man's wealthy family to investigate, his suspicions soon turn to Murder—in...

Rescuing A Runaway Bride

by Honey Jans

Samantha Logan is a runaway bride. Jake Ramsey is a PI on a stakeout. When they meet in the dark after midnight all their formerly suppressed desires explode. Samantha so needs to prove her sexiness after finding...

Black Velvet Silver Heat

by Christy Poff

When Tamara Corvis heads to Morocco on her book tour, the bestselling author never imagines the life-altering experience she faces will lead her to the man she’s destined to meet. In the space of several weeks,...


by Yvonne Sarah Lewis

Virginia lives on a small farm with her horse, Diamond. She likes the company of men, but doesn't want a permanent, exclusive relationship. She's resolved to take no husband to her bed-without his wife's permission....

2-in-1: Machine Lust Series

by Michelle Marquis

Two complete Erotic Romance / Science Fiction novels from bestselling author Michelle Marquis!

BLACK COPPER: Doctor Laura Kinsey is a mild mannered psychiatrist who hasn’t been able to enjoy sex for years....

Words Made Flesh

by Thom Wolf

Best-selling novelist Glenn Holden has an appreciation for the rougher side of sex. But when a handsome stranger breaks into his house claiming to be a character from one of Glenn's own thrillers, the author...