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Home Alone with My Stepmom: A Stepson, Stepmother Fantasy

by Tracy Alton

After being away for a long time, twenty-one year old Steven is invited back home: his father wants him to meet his new stepmother, Meredith. She's a gorgeous woman, and it's clear that his father isn't satisfying...

Wolf Tales VI

by Kate Douglas

A Woman's Secrets. A Man's Search.

An Unexplored Realm Of Pure Pleasure. . .

Pride. Power. Passion. They are the hallmarks of the shapeshifting Chanku—although not every member can immediately accept these gifts....

Letters to Penthouse XXII: Views from the Top and Bottom

by Penthouse International

Get ready for sex from the spectator's point of view. And may we point out that the view is just fine! Because readers of Penthouse know that watching your woman in the throes of passion with another man-or...

Lesbian Erotica: Lesbian Mistress

by Dana Mitler

Lesbian Erotica: Lesbian Mistress erotic story compilation, hot and sexy.

Lesbian Erotica: Lesbian Roommates

by Donna Irvin

Lesbian Erotica: Lesbian Roommates: lesbian erotic stories.It isn't easy living under the same roof as someone you want, but aren't supposed to have.

Lesbian Erotica: Sorority

by Kelsi Arlene

Lesbian Erotica: in the sorority girls just wanna have fun. sorority is a compilation of what happened at the sorority houses. short story.

Man 2 Man Fantasies: A St8 Guys Confession

by Straight Guy

A straight man's confession about his curious fantasies with other men. It is taboo thinking for the straight man. I am accepting that I have these sexual desires. I think most men do, but are unwilling to admit...

Lesbian Erotica: College Erotic Stories

by Carol Lavac

Lesbian Erotica: College Erotic, college time of experimentation. This was looking up to be a great freshman year of college.

Lesbian Erotica: First Time

by Tiffany Dochver

Lesbian Erotica: First Time lesbian encounter steamy story.

Nine Moonless Nights

by Arcana Roman

The siren's song entices Theron and his ears find the notes overwhelming, a potent invitation to take what is forbidden. A carnal, explicit story which tells the tale of a wanton girl and the lengths she'll...

Lesbian Erotica: The Neighbor

by Megan Swan

Lesbian Erotica The Neighbor: Mature lesbian lady seduce her neighbor 18 years old daughter.

Penthouse: Between the Sheets

by Penthouse International

Is it any wonder that the world's number-one writers of erotic fiction have found a home in the world's number-one magazine of erotic entertainment? Now, from the pages of Penthouse, come thirty torrid tales...


by Geneva Holliday

In Geneva Holliday’s latest novel of lust and revenge, Seduction works both ways.

Mildred Johnson is the last woman on earth that gorgeous Tony Landry would dare to be seen with. That is, until Tony wants to...

Letters to Penthouse XVII: Sinfully Sexy

by Penthouse International

ALL PLEASURE. NO LIMITS. What could be better, wilder, hotter than sixteen collections of confessions from the world's number-one forum on human sexuality? The answer: The seventeenth volume of LETTERS TO PENTHOUSE,...

A Woman's Lust

by Seth Daniels

Letitia Parker Wells, prompted by a story assignment about sex tourism for men, is looking for a sex resort that caters to the needs of females. She visits one of the most widely advertised resorts for singles...

Running Wild

by Sarah McCarty

Three stories of sensual erotic romance. Three werewolves who feed a wild hunger?

Donovan must bring the Pack Alpha home and nothing more. But when he catches the sexy scent of Lisa Delaney, he?s hers, body...

Letters to Penthouse XVI: Hot and Uncensored

by Penthouse International

HOW HOT CAN YOU GET?Plenty hot! This 16th collection of Letters to Penthouse proves that you can never get too much of a good thing...and the thing you get is steamy, lusty, daring, and outrageous sex that most...

Secrets And The Sea

by Camryn Cutler

Kate Lamb needs a vacation. The years of working her way up to become one of the best graphic artists of her time have taken their toll, and she needs a rest. Little did she know a vacation hiking in the Alps...

Midnight Ecstasies

by Christy Poff

Carl Sandeford is the successful head of emergency medicine in Charleston. He has a gorgeous wife and a great life while he is a silent partner in a club catering to sexual fantasies.Cassie Sandeford, a successful...

Damned, Delicious, and Dangerous

by Lisa Renee Jones, Megan Kerans & Delilah Devlin

Men of darkness, men of passion. . .trapped by temptation and bound by desire. No woman can refuse their erotic invitation for sexual pleasure. . .

"The Demon Lord's Cloak" by Delilah Devlin

Bound and naked,...