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A Taste of Pleasure

by Antoinette

What would you do with a considerable inheritance? For one woman with a voracious appetite for pleasure, it’s all about satisfying her diverse tastes—in the kitchen and in the bedroom—in this scintillating...

The Reluctant Dom: Obsession Series, Book One

by Paul Preston

When the pretty, though spiritually conflicted Cassandra approaches Charles in a Chicago suburb, both lives are changed forever. Plagued by a lifetime of repressed sexual desire, Cassandra allows Charles to...

Damien and the Casual Thing - A Sexy Gay Jock M/M Romance Novelette from Steam Books

by Corey Stark & Steam Books

It seems things are looking up for towel boy Damien: he's just experienced a whirlwind night of pleasure out of his wildest dreams with Matthew, the sexy but obnoxious captain of the swim team. But when Matthew...

Mistress of Ceremonies

by Adrienne Maitresse

Join Mistress Bibi (professional Dominatrix, Goddess and Bitch) on another one of her adventures. Mistress of Ceremonies follows Bibi as she attends a fetish night at her CD/TV friend Ms Cherry D'Light's kink...

Kissed by Water: The Watchtower Chronicles 3

by Delwyn Jenkins

Charlotte McLaren is tired of being the good girl.

She wants to be strong and decisive, as powerful and independent as the other members of her Quatre. She wants to join in the fight against their enemy and to...

32 Lays Later: The List 2

by Kate J. Squires

Can passion and porn co-exist?

Sexually adventurous Bethany is ready for a change. After spending almost ten years as a nurse, she craves work that will stimulate her amazing body as well as her quick mind.


Exhibition: Unchained Vice

by Nicolette Hugo

It's not what you show, it's what you hide...

Grace Cantrell is a self-destructive exhibitionist uncomfortable in her own skin. Jason Wright is a fine-art photographer living life from behind his lens.

When Grace...


by H.C. Brown

Who's more dangerous – a stripper, an assassin, or a serial killer?

The Stripper Ripper is stalking the streets of New York City, preying on male strippers, and the press is making mincemeat of a helpless police...

A particular clinic

by Patrick Santiago

For some months Simonetta has had some problems reaching pleasure, so she goes to a specialized clinic. When she sees the straps on the bed, she understands that the treatment will be very unconventional. She...

A Tryst in the Shadows - A Sexy Victorian M/M Threesome Short Story from Steam Books

by Melody Lewis & Steam Books

Lord Harland, the Earl of Blackvale and London's Debonair, has had many conquests in the ton, all successful. But now he only wants one - Lord Bartholomew, the Earl of Stonegate. Can he finally make the Devil...

Midnight Rendezvous - A Sexy Victorian Bi MMF Threesome BBW Short Story from Steam Books

by Melody Lewis & Steam Books

Lord Bartholomew, the Earl of Stonegate, is known as the devil of the town for his forbidding appearance and mysterious schemes. Lord Harland, the Earl of Blackvale, is society's debonair, knowing all the ways...

Seduction Game - A Sexy Victorian Bi MFM Threesome Short Story from Steam Books

by Melody Lewis & Steam Books

The Earl of Stonegate, called the Devil of the ton, and the Earl of Blackvale, known as the Debonair of the ton, have a few things in common. They are both wealthy, dashing enough to make women swoon... and...

Fantasy Gallery - A Sexy Short Story from Steam Books

by Logan Woods & Steam Books

Every woman harbors a secret fantasy that she won't share with anyone else. An out of the way place. A viciously, painfully sexy stranger. Or wild, uncontrollable sexual passion. Underneath every part of her...

Unraveled in Space - A Sexy Romance Sci-Fi Short Story Featuring BDSM & Bondage from Steam Books

by Sandra Sinclair & Steam Books

For Viane, a soldier of the Galactic Space Force, every mission is fraught with peril. One mission in particular gets out of hand, one that results in tragedy. Unable to get over the guilt she feels over what...

Kareem Punishes Me - A Sexy Alpha Male Bondage and Blindfolds Short Story from Steam Books

by Sandra Sinclair & Steam Books

Driven by worry and jealousy, Yvette flees Kareem's villa. He is not the kind of man to let someone he owns easily slip from his fingers, though, and soon she is back in his grasp, back to face a punishment...

Kareem, My Master - A Kinky BDSM Bisexual Threesome FFM Menage Bondage Short Story from Steam Books

by Sandra Sinclair & Steam Books

Yvette never thought she would belong to any man, but now that she does, she's surprisingly happy. Kareem was everything she had ever dreamed of and he gave her everything she wanted. But all happiness comes...

In Kareem's Hands - A Sexy BDSM Billionaire Bondage Short Story from Steam Books

by Sandra Sinclair & Steam Books

After a series of unfortunate events, Yvette is ready to give up on life. And so she jumps off a bridge, thinking that by doing so she would put an end to everything.

She thought wrong.

To her surprise, she wakes...

Damien the Towel Boy - A Sexy Gay M/M Jock Short Story from Steam Books

by Corey Stark & Steam Books

There isn't much glory in being the towel boy and all-around assistant for the school's swim team, but Damien doesn't mind. One of the guys, Alex, treats Damien with increasing affection, which is all the motivation...

The Geek's First Boyfriend - A Sexy M/M Gay Jock Novelette from Steam Books

by Corey Stark & Steam Books

Troy thought he knew how the rest of his high school life was going to play out. He figured he'd always spend Friday nights at his secret geek hideout in the school basement playing computer games before going...

Kelly's Wild Side

by Rachel Richards

Kelly Ferguson is young, single and has a bit of a drinking problem. She isn't an alcoholic, but her drinking causes her to have a lot of one-night stands as she tries to find Mr. Right. When he finally does...