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by Kelly Addams, Ginny Watson, Anna Mann & Kay Nyne

30 Totally Taboo Short Stories from Anna Mann, Kelly Addams, Ginny Watson and Kay Nyne in one sizzling edition... the title says it all, bestiality with girls who love their pets perhaps a little too much......

Bestial Beth

by Kay Nyne

Bestial Beth... the debut short story from Kay Nyne.

Pretty 19 year old Beth has been accused of thinking like a dirty old man, but she isn't offended, she knows she's kinkier than average girls. So when spiteful...

Caroline The Milky MILF

by Ginny Watson

Caroline is devastated when her husband of twenty one years leaves her. He has accused her of being boring, she has never stimulated him... she isn't kinky! But he is very wrong, as Caroline proves when she...

Mom's Tender Love

by Victoria Blackstone


What’s a guy to do when the demons that haunt him, deep in the night—desperation, despair, and loneliness—won’t allow him peace? He goes in search of his mother, hoping, praying, that she...

Fanny Hill: Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure

by John Cleland

Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure, popularly known as Fanny Hill, is a novel by John Cleland.

Written in 1748 while Cleland was in debtor's prison in London, it is considered the first modern "erotic novel" in English,...

Gypsy Moon

by Temple Madison

A piercing howl splits the night as Jennifer cowers against her headboard looking at those crowded around her bed. They call themselves family, but to her they are complete strangers—until Lance walks in.


Mom's New Man

by Victoria Blackstone


In her rational mind, Jill is well aware that her son needs a woman of his own. The needy woman in her, though, can’t bear the thought of losing him to another woman. Indeed, once she allows him...

Intentional Incest

by Surely Wilder


What’s a girl to do when she finds out that her fiancé is actually her half-brother; and that he has been trying to impregnate his mother? Sleep with her father of course. Surely Wilder’s latest...

David: The Whitfield Rancher

by Kathi S. Barton

Sunny, or Sunshine Davis, is a well-known investigative reporter. After her recent article shuts down a drug lab, she just disappears. People everywhere are looking for her. Truth is she’s been shot and left...

Lady Chatterley's Lover

by David Herbert Lawrence

The release of the novel written by David Lawrence "Lady Chatterley's Lover" caused a great scandal, associated with numerous frank descriptions of sexual scenes, and was once banned in different countries....

Milk Me

by Beth Kean

David Johnson is a small town journalist and aspiring author covering a story that he has instigated himself. His investigations have exposed the strange and degrading practices that take place behind the locked...

Taming Tori

by Beth Kean

Meet Tori Rogers, 

a thirty six year old married mother of one, a woman only exceptional in the degree of her disinterest in any act that she considers any darker than creamy vanilla. 

Unadventurous, she is...


by Beth Kean

A story of fetish and desire. The first part of the Exhibitionist Emma series of short erotic stories. Follow sexy exhibitionist Emma as she explores her sexuality and the overwhelming urge that she feels to...

The Romance of Lust: A Classic Victorian erotic novel

by Anonymous

The Romance of Lust, anonymously written in the 1870's, is one of the first examples of erotic fiction as it has developed into a widely popular genre today, scandalous for it's time, this is a window into sexual...


by A.J. Llewellyn & D.J. Manly

Carden, Roy, Thiago and Dennis have survived the carnage of the Vampire/Human war. Carden is destined to battle his uncle for the title of King of the Vampires, whilst struggling with his own urge to drink human...


by A.J. Llewellyn & D.J. Manly

In the continuation of Blood Eclipse, Rory finds himself hopelessly enamored with Carden and will finally experience the rapture of loving a pure blood vampire. But there are those who are determined to have...

Daddies Fucking Their Daughters 8-Pack Vol 1

by Jade Summers

If you're looking for something dirty, this 8-pack has eight stories of very naughty daddy/daughter relations. Daddies that drug and hypnotize their daughters, then fuck them or pass them around to their friends....


by E.V. Robbins

Before Jude’s death, he placed a bounty on Racy, Cynthia and Holmes. He wanted to be certain that he could reach out beyond the grave to have his revenge should he fail in his attempt to turn them, to have...

The Event

by Emily Elizabeth Varner

How far is too far?

Emily Varner arrives at work with only two things on her mind: was her boyfriend cheating on her and how was she going to pay for law school?

But a chance encounter that day leads her to a...

I Can't Stop Hypnotizing Mom

by Veronica Sloan


When Teddy asks his son, the world-renowned hypnotherapist, to make his wife more fun in the bedroom, he unleashes a sexual goddess. Greg's sweet mother used to blush at the merest hint of sex, and...