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Owned at the Office

by Orielle Aria

Billionaire Ethan Wylder can have anything and anyone he wants, and what he wants right now is to have Andrew Jones, one of the workers at his office, bent over his desk, completely at his mercy.

But before that...

Punished at the Office

by Orielle Aria

Andrew Jones is terrified when he’s called to the office of his hot boss, billionaire Ethan Wylder, who could destroy his career with a mere word. He expects he’s done something terribly wrong, and he’s...

Chapter One - SAMPLE - Vices/Virtues

by Beatrice DeSoprontu

"For all the crazy things her alter ego did in the dungeon, Cristela wouldn't even dare wear a bikini at the beach." Cristela had a childhood shrouded in secrets. Ashamed of their circumstances, her mother told...

I Can Read My Slutty Sister's Mind

by Veronica Sloan

When he's granted the power to hear his beautiful sister's thoughts, Corey discovers that she's hiding a guilty secret. Sienna wants to be dominated by an alpha male, and her boyfriend can't deliver! Sienna...

Birthing My Cute Baby Foal

by Jez Bestiality

I caught my leg as I vaulted the wire fence, but I ignored the scratch on my calf and rushed toward the stables. I was on a mission. Nothing was going to stop me.

It was just before sunrise, and the curtains...

Family Sexual Health Inspector 10-Pack Serial Bundle

by Deedee Zee

Hypnosis makes his family think his job requires him to have sex with his mom and sisters any way and every way he wants.

Check #1: Giving Mom Great Dick

The hypnosis he has the family under makes them fine with...

Birthing The Lion's Cubs

by Jez Bestiality

Ella pushed through the thorny thickets. Sweat trickled from her brow, down her cheek and was wiped away with a quick brush of her hand. Her heart pounded like war drums.

There! She froze when she saw the mighty...


by John Lord

Peter sits at the bar and listens to a couple of guys discussing the brunette sitting not far away. He has to agree she does look easy, the way she's dressed, short skirt, loose top with no bra... it's like...

Mind Controlled By The Feral Stallion

by Studly Stallion

Tasked with uncovering the fate of several women who’d mysteriously disappeared on a horse ranch, Linda sets up camp and takes turns watching…and waiting.

Just as she’s falling asleep, something whispers...

A Night In The Zoo

by Kelly Addams

Ruth has accepted another crazy challenge, spend the whole night, nude, in the local wildlife park and win a month of free beer! Her long suffering friend Jenny has agreed to tag along and soon the teens find...

Hucow Amanda

by Kelly Addams

Amanda is a girl with a fetish, but it isn't until she finds an interesting online forum that she begins to understand that she is not alone. There are other girls who dream of being treated like dairy cattle,...

Suckle Me

by Kelly Addams

Joanna hated the elevator, so when the lights failed & the floor shook as the metal & mirror box came to a halt between floors her panic set in. Fortunately quiet & intense stranger Darren calmed her nerves...

The First Four Cases

by Anji Philips

Crime might not pay, but for Tracie, criminals pay the billsif she can catch them. This is an anthology of the first four erotic, darkly noir, and sometimes romantic cases of Tracie Dumas, the world's sexiest...

Gang Bang With The Firemen

by Emmy

Gang Bang with the Firemen is about a lonely housewife that stays home and masturbates while her husband is away on business trips.  One day, she makes an astonishing discovery that her husband does much more...

Kinky Shades of Literature

by Bona Dea Venus

An anthology of texts and images about kinky literature

The Cult

by Kelly Addams

Twins are always close, so when Sara's twin sister disappears into a secretive cult led by enigmatic Guru Ashtara, she is determined to set up a rescue, her twin has clearly been kidnapped or brain washed. But...

Horny Nurse, Linda

by Mary Lacy

""Put your tongue in there, nectar," he stated, "that is the best approach to do it. Gracious, infant, I cherish it."He was squirming his can now as the tongue sent power through his body that incited him to...

Kinky Nun

by Mary Lacy

"He wriggled up to lie over her and push his protruding rooster head into the hot lips of her cunt. The cleric was wild about her enormous areolas, nearly as large as the tips of her thumbs since they were hot...

Doing Ends Meet

by Mary Lacy

""I would have put my hand on his cockerel," she said. She was fingering the zipper along the edge of her dark calfskin skirt, pulling it down a couple of inches, at that point moving it back up, taking as much...

Horny Disc Jockey

by Mary Lacy

"Abruptly her whole body was wild, muscles jerking, cunt consuming, her clitoris throbbing, the buds of her areolas nearly erupting from her moving bosoms. She ended up brutally sinking her teeth into her significant...