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Taken By My Uncle!

by Sara Kitty

Uncle Todd pulled his pants off.  The sound of tight denim being rolled down his strong legs turned me on even more.  I pounded my pussy with my fingers.  Soon, Uncle Todd was on top of me.  He kissed my...

Gang Rape 4-Pack Vol 2 - Blackmail Forced Prostitution Gangbang Anal Oral Face Fucking Spit Roast All Holes Filled Creampie Bareback Forced Sex Cum Dump

by Belle Bottoms

4 women get into big trouble when they wander into 4 situations full of men who want to use them and fill them up in every hole and cover their bodies with cum - including two daddies who want to fill their...

Knocked Up By My Cop Daddy

by Naughty Nikita

I knew I’d fucked up bad when daddy threw me in the back of the cruiser, flicked on the lights and took me down to the station. Sheesh, it was just a bit of alcohol, daddy! It’s not like I killed someone....

My Daughter's Special Needs: A Daddy Daughter Sex Story  Incest Father Daddy Daughter Sex Taboo

by Felix Stanton

Robert is going nuts. His daughter Milly was in a bad car accident, and though she has recovered, the brain trauma has made it difficult for her to communicate in anything more one or two word sentences. Oh,...

Giving My Tight Pussy To Daddy

by Sara Kitty

“He pulled back and stared down at me with a stern look. “If I fuck you I’m going to make you my little slut. I’ll take you whenever I want you. Our relationship will change completely. I will own your...

Preacher Daddy 3 Orgy At The Altar

by Sara Kitty

“I’m Thomas,” the young man said as he squeezed my breast. 

“I don’t care who you are, I just want you to fuck me, Thomas.  You’re new to this church, aren’t you?”

His Atlantic blue eyes lit...

Taken By Daddy & His Dog On My Wedding Night

by Sara Kitty

I was drunk and looking for my husband after our wedding reception. I was sure he was off cheating on me with the maid of honor.

I ran into Daddy who was out walking his dog. Daddy was so kind and decided to...

Italian women's erotic sins, volume I

by Giovanna Esse & Clarissa Cassel

Five true stories, confessed quietly, by the equivalent number of friends, each author and victim of her own destiny.

The fairy woman who made me a woman in the height of a curious and sinful adolescence, ”Princess”...

Taken by Gangs of Men: 4-Pack Vol 1

by Jackie Mcnab

4 women encounter 4 groups of men who want nothing more than to gang up on them and use them in every hole. The women eat up the attention from these men and enjoy every minute of their group experiences.


Many Firsts

by Justin Luxure


James always found himself fantasizing about his hot voluptuous mother. When this insatiable MILF discovers her son in a compromising position, she can’t help but take advantage of him! Now James...

Punished By Daddy

by Lily Weidner


Mommy never seemed to satisfy Daddy’s needs. Maybe that’s why he invited me into their martial bed for a lesson in sexual submission. Daddy wants me to teach Mom how to satisfy him—really sate...

Take It Like A Woman

by Justin Luxure


James always looks forward to his dominate mother’s commands. When his Aunt and Uncle have to ruin their latest incestuous lesson, this desperate young man doesn’t know what to do. Now mommy’s...

Yes, Mommy

by Justin Luxure


Forced to live at home with his seductive mother, James is starting to feel dirty, really dirty. The incestuous thoughts of his voluptuous MILF are making him feel far too guilty and ashamed. Now...

Taken at the Poker Game

by Jackie Mcnab

Crystal wakes up from a very late night out and heads to the kitchen only to find her husband and his poker buddies gawking at her half naked body. Her husband takes off her clothes in front of the group of...

Passed Around by My Daddy

by Jade Summers

Jody wakes up from a night of partying and heads to the kitchen only to find her dad and his poker buddies gawking at her half naked body. Her dad takes off her clothes in front of the group of men and plays...

Hypnotizing Mom To Be My Cum Covered Slut

by Sara Kitty

The induction worked like a charm and soon my mom was fully under hypnosis. I watched her breasts rise and fall as she took slow deep breaths. She was wearing a tight t-shirt and shorts. I couldn’t wait to...

Gangbanged By Daddy & His Friends For My 18th Bday!

by Sara Kitty

My friends have all left my 18th birthday party and now I'm horny and alone. But Daddy and his friends

are in the basement playing pool. This new perfume I got claims to be able to make men do anything

you want...maybe...

Dad's Dog Made Me His Bitch

by Kimmy Hicks

It was the weekend and I was supposed to be dog sitting for my Dad's huge, male Rottweiler, Buddy. It's too bad that I was fertile that day, and so horny that I felt just like a bitch in heat, myself. All I...

Banging The Beast - Vol. I (4 STORY BUNDLE)

by Kimmy Hicks

4 taboo tales of sweet human beauties who love to bang their canine beasts!


MY SWEET GIRLFRIEND FUCKS OUR DOG - My girlfriend Sadie was such a sweet, good girl...but I had always dreamed of watching...

Seeded by the Neighbor's Dog

by Kimmy Hicks

Trish is on summer break from college, and while she is home she is hell-bent on seducing the hot neighbor guy. The first day of summer, she makes sure to strut into her backyard wearing a tiny bikini to sunbathe...