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The Fantastic Beasts Mega-Bundle - 12 Pack - Books 1 - 12 (Bestiality Zoophilia Knotting Dog Sex Erotica)

by Betsi Ality

'The Fantastic Beasts Bundle' features 12 bestiality stories of brat women, enjoying their canine counterparts affections.

Read as they swallow doggy cock in insatiable fashion, pleasing their doggies and taking...

Jackie & Hyde

by Kelly Addams

Jackie has always felt a little like Jekyll and Hyde, on the outside she is prim and proper, a perfect lady, but on the inside her imagination runs riot with erotic fetish & kink. So far she has managed to keep...

Stacy And Her Stepdad

by Ginny Watson

Stacy wants to see her step-daddy happy, she wants him to have someone to love... someone that she trusts completely not to break his heart just like her cheating mother did. Her best friend Josephine would...

Erotic Ramblings - Vol 1

by Beth Kean

Two erotic short stories together in one edition: Flash, the tale of an exhibitionist, and Sophistication, a good girl going very bad in Italy!

Flash. The Adventures of Exhibitionist Emma. A story of fetish and...

Post Me

by Ginny Watson

Lucy is suddenly the centre of attention, and she doesn't know why until she is given the link to a porn website where her nude photographs have been posted. The pics are clearly her, but this only adds to her...

Kinky Karen

by Ginny Watson

Karen isn't sure if she really wants to move to Morocco to live with her step father, because his villa is in the middle of nowhere, half way up a mountain and about a million miles from civilization. But Karen...

Lick Me

by Ginny Watson

Too hot to sleep Denise lay on top of her covers nude except for her panties, but it wasn't just the heat keeping her awake, her step father had been in her room checking on her and seen her naked. But what...

Suck It

by Ginny Watson

Rachael never knew that her step-daddy was a sleepwalker until the night she spotted him wandering fast asleep in just his underwear. But it wasn't the walking that shocked her, it was the huge bulge she saw...

Puppy Love

by Kelly Addams

Warning: 18+ Bestiality Content. Debbie is not her real name, she is using an alias because she has so much to lose if her kinky secret ever got out... because Debbie is a top professional lawyer... she is also...

Eve & Claire

by Kelly Addams

Eve & Claire. Volumes 1 to 3 of their naughty adventures on the Spanish coast. Includes: Sex On The Beach, Eve Awakens and Claire's Climax. Follow the adventures of two inexperienced nerd girls on their first...

Cuckold Games

by Kelly Addams

Andrew is a cuckold... and his sexy African wife Imara is more than happy to play the game. This edition covers the beginning of their kinky games and incorporates two previously published short stories... Cuckold...

Dominated By My Dog: taboo zoophilia beast bestiality beast sex beast erotica bestiality erotica dog sex animal sex knot knotting breeding creampie dog erotica bareback oral sex

by Clarice Whet

I could feel the orgasm swelling up in the lower part of my belly, and just when I was about to climax, I heard the voice again, "you really think I'm gonna make you cum every day without getting anything in...

Gangbanged by Every Man in My Family

by Trisha Treat

When 18 year old Faye gets curious when she hears all the guys from her family in the basement having fun while the women are upstairs talking about things that bore her, she decides to head to where the fun...

My Sex Ed Class Taught By Daddy

by Trisha Treat

Heather and her sisters have been homeschooled their whole lives, and when they turn 18, they get a special private class with Daddy so that they can learn all there is to know about sex and pleasure. Heather,...

Caught Fucking Daddy While He Sleeps

by Trisha Treat

When Daddy started taking new sleeping pills to help him get some rest, I soon learned that they also made him pass out with an immovable erection. What is a horny 19 year old to do when Daddy is passed out...

Naughty Nudists

by Ginny Watson

Celine wasn't really sure that she wanted to visit a nudist resort with her step daddy, but when she had settled in and understood that she was the sort of girl everyone lusted over... including her step father,...

Fantasy Fulfilled

by Beth Kean

Kelly is on holiday in Spain and exploring a new side to her sexuality! The thought of being seen "accidentally" nude by a stranger thrills her... and she is determined to make an opportunity as soon as possible....

Impregnating My Sleeping Daughter: taboo incest family sex sleep sex daddy daughter daddy daughter erotica father daughter father daughter erotica bareback creampie breeding impregnation pregnancy

by Clarice Whet

Later that day, a little bit after midnight, I went downstairs to watch the Saturday night porn on TV while everybody was asleep. Only when I got in the living room, I found my daughter sleeping on the couch....


by Kelly Addams

Denise is in a tight spot! Husband Simon is in the grip of depression as he comes to terms with the fact that an accident has robbed him of his job, the bank are ready to evict them, and try as she might, she...

The Collector

by Beth Kean

Jade & Mae are now a couple, but despite Jade's best intentions her young Chinese lover wants to follow her into a life of erotic photo shoots & hardcore porn, reluctantly the African girl agrees, & soon they...