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Penthouse Variations on Quickies

by Penthouse Variations

Penthouse Variations on Quickies showcases the intense pleasures of quick sexual encounters. From five-minute frolics and almost fully-clothed romps to the passionate necessity of fast love to avoid unseemly...

Doggy Daycare Vol. 3 (Bestiality Zoophilia Knotting Dog Sex Virgin Creampie Taboo Animal Sex Anal Creampie Erotica XXX)

by Betsi Ality

Andrew and the dogs are back for an interspecies orgy that leaves me dripping with cum. Read about how they fuck me in every hole they can, with Andrew leading the charge and the dogs our willing servants. It's...

Doggy Daycare Bundle - 3 Pack (Bestiality Zoophilia Knotting Dog Sex Virgin Creampie Taboo Animal Sex Erotica XXX)

by Betsi Ality

Follow Tia's wild doggy adventures and read on, wide-eyed as Andrew joins her and her canines for some interspecies orgies you won't soon forget! Featuring woman and beast combos, anal sex, double penetration...

Doggy Daycare Vol. 2 (Bestiality Zoophilia Knotting Dog Sex Virgin Creampie Taboo Animal Sex Anal Erotica XXX)

by Betsi Ality

So Andrew caught me in quite the predicament with his dog and two others last time around, but seeing how much he enjoyed it gave me an idea. I invited him in to the doggy gangbang and he accepted, so now I...

Doggy Daycare Vol. 1 (Bestiality Zoophilia Knotting Dog Sex Virgin Creampie Taboo Animal Sex Erotica XXX)

by Betsi Ality

I love dogs. I mean, I really love them. So much so that I opened my own doggy-daycare. I decide to treat them with some imported food from Japan but it has some very horny side-effects indeed! Now the dogs...

Milk Slave on the Dog Farm

by Jade Summers

Jackie is in big trouble when her husband, Mark, finds out she ran up another credit card. He decides to put her to work on their dog farm feeding the dogs the milk they're hungry for. But the dogs want more...

Hypno Anal Gangbang

by Jade Summers

After attending a children’s party and allowing a magician to hypnotize her, Laura finds herself at an abandoned warehouse surrounded by a group of men and that same magician. She can’t stop herself from...

Biker Bar Gangbang

by Jade Summers

Laney is on her way home from a party. She's lost and she has to pee. Thinking she can get some help in a dark bar on a deserted street she goes in. The men inside pull off her skimpy dress and take turns using...

Hungry for Horse Cock

by Jade Summers

After a deeply sexual dream about her horse, Steve, Felicia realizes that what she really wants is his big, eighteen-inch cock inside her. She returns from a long ride ready to take everything he has to give,...

Sons and Lovers

by D. H. Lawrence

Sons and Lovers' tells the story of Paul Morel, a young man and budding artist. The refined daughter of an old family, Gertrude Coppard, meets a rough-hewn miner at a Christmas dance and falls into a whirlwind...

My Dog Just Loves My Ass! (Bestiality Zoophilia Knotting Dog Sex Virgin Anal Creampie Taboo Erotica XXX)

by Betsi Ality

My Dog Brutus just can't get enough of my ass! I don't know why he does it, but whenever I'm naked he tries to mount me. Well this time I don't stop him and what follows is an incredible union of woman and beast...

Hypno Gorilla

by Jade Summers

Jen and Mark are at the end-of-summer carnival and stop outside a freak-show tent with a gorilla and a girl and a bikini outside. Jen is powerfully drawn into the tent and when the show starts she realizes that...

Gangbanged by my Professors

by Jade Summers

College student, Jenny, has been called in to see her professors. She is failing the semester and they have suggestion on how she can turn that around into a straight A semester. They want to spank her for being...

My Brother Gave Me A Gyno Exam

by Jade Summers

Lisa goes in for a gyno exam and is shocked when her brother, Josh, walks in. He’s a doctor but she doesn’t want him checking her out her pussy, but unfortunately she has no choice because her regular doctor...

Pugged! (Bestiality Zoophilia Knotting Dog Sex Virgin Creampie Taboo Animal Sex Anal Erotica Dog Sex Dog Erotica XXX)

by Betsi Ality

He looked so lonely all by himself that I had to take him in. He's my new Pug, Jasper, but I had no idea what I was letting myself in for. It seems Jasper has a way with women that would make Casanova blush...

Big Dogs Do it Better 3 (Bestiality Threesome Man Woman Beast Menage Knotting Zoophilia Erotica)

by Betsi Ality

Cooper and I are back, and this time we've brought company! Remember Chris that I was telling you about? Well things finally got a little more serious and I wound up telling him about Cooper. The amazing thing...

Doggie Likes to Suck

by Jade Summers

Sheila encounters an enormous Great Dane at the park and is overcome by feelings and images in her head that seem insane. While a group of men watch across a pond, she lets the dog drink milk from her breasts...

Spreading for Fido

by Lolly Stroker

Gang Leader Tommy loves his dog, Fido, and counts on him to protect and warn Tommy's crew of danger. The one danger Fido can't protect Tommy from is girlfriend Trista - a spoiled, gold-digging, mean girl that...

Gorilla Gangbang

by Jade Summers

Mandy has always been fascinated by the gorillas at the zoo. But she gets more than she bargains for when she falls into the gorilla habitat and all three of her holes are filled by the sex crazed animals. To...

Milk Slave to My Pitbull

by Jade Summers

Lucy starts to wonder about her pitbull when she wakes up at night to him sucking her nipples under the covers, but she has no idea what's in store for her. Jinxi has powers she's never dreamed of and he uses...