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Uncle Fucked My Pregnant Pussy

by Trisha Treat

Jen is 6 months pregnant and has been lusting after her Uncle Jason for years. When he takes her home from a doctor's appointment and offers to rub her aching feet, Jen can't resist how sweet he is being to...

Bend Me Over

by Angelina Jolly

Carrie looks depressed, her make-up is a mess, her mascaras smeared as though she were crying. Her clothes are ruffled and stained green, either she's been climbing trees... or, more likely considering how easy...

Fucking Daddy while Grandpa Watches

by Trisha Treat

18 year old May's grandpa often loses his temper for no reason after he came down with senile dementia. She discovers that the only way to calm him down is to let him see her naked - but this time, he insists...

Incest Punishment

by Lily Weidner


Sari has never been one for close intimate relationships. Something has always prevented her pleasure something she couldn’t bring herself to admit. Why did her thoughts always wander to her strict...

Asking For It

by Anna Mann

John had always been a voyeur, and it all began with his first glimpse as he peeped into the girls changing rooms at school, the time that he fell in love with Tori. The years passed and Tori was gone but his...

Bukkake Babes

by Kelly Addams

Dawn, Jacqueline and Candie, 3 very different girls from vastly different backgrounds. An actress, a housewife and a hooker drawn together by the lure of money and feature roles in an upcoming erotic movie....


by Kelly Addams

Bianca has a problem, she is a bestselling erotica writer who has lost her inspiration, her first book is an international success, her second is still a blank page. She needs experience to kick start her creativity,...

Anita In Paradise

by Kelly Addams

Robert always forgot their wedding anniversary, so Anita felt genuine surprise when he booked a romantic break in a tropical paradise to celebrate... but what Anita didn't understand is that it wasn't just their...

Alison's Swap

by Kelly Addams

Mike suggests that to spice things up a little Alison, his wife of five years, should consider swapping with a couple he knows from work. To his amazement she finally agrees, but what Mike doesn't understand...

Findom Fiona

by Kelly Addams

Fiona fell into the Domination lifestyle by accident, but soon understood the huge potential for fun and profit when she meets Pay Pig Alan, a fund manager who submits to her and worships the sexy young woman...


by Kelly Addams

Joanna hated the elevator, so when the lights failed & the floor shook as the metal & mirror box came to a halt between floors her panic set in. Fortunately quiet & intense stranger Darren calmed her nerves...


by Kelly Addams

Lactating slut Joanna returns in a new adventure. Unable to reproduce her elevator experience naughty Jo takes a job selling industrial degreaser to garages and industry, it's the perfect job for her because...


by Kelly Addams

The bus has been travelling for hours, and Mandy is bored & tired. Just outside Paris she wakes from an erotic dream that featured her best friend Kelly, herself. a body builder & a loofah, & she thinks things...


by Kelly Addams

Accountant Connie isn't the most outgoing of girls, in fact most describe her as icy or reserved, but all of that is about to change as she finds herself stranded naked out by the coral reef that circles her...

The Blushing Bride

by Kelly Addams

It is Gail's wedding day, and so far everything has been just perfect, although her new husband Gary is making some strange demands... suddenly he has turned very dominant, not that Gail minds, there is a great...

My Wife Is The Office Slut

by Kelly Addams

The story of a cuckold and his horny wife. How it all began, and how he reacted when he discovered exactly what kind of wanton slut his seemingly demure wife really was when she stepped into the accountancy...

The Model

by Kelly Addams

Stay at home frump Sandra has taken a long hard look at her life. She needs a change, so why not join her husband Danny at his Thursday night photography club. It appears to be the incentive she needs to spread...

Room Service

by Kelly Addams

Hotel worker Tara prides herself on always doing the job to the best of her ability, she is polite, patient and punctual, but her professionalism and morals are about to get put to the test as she delivers a...


by Kelly Addams

Husband and wife Chris and Rachael are taking a short working holiday. Chris has the task of developing a marketing campaign for a naughty new adult resort, but things begin to go wrong for the young couple...

Mary At The Movies

by Kelly Addams

It all began with an innocent trip to the movies, but Mary didn't end up watching much of the film, she was concentrating more on what the guy in the seat behind her was doing when she felt something soft yet...