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Harry's Dirty Habit

by Ginny Watson

Harry is a happily married man. At least he thinks he is until he meets his wife's sister for the very first time. Maybe it's lust at first sight, but an accidental down blouse peek sets him on fire, Harry has...

Mastered 4-6

by Daisy Rose

A waitress, dishwasher, and patient are brought to their knees in these three standalone stories that involve more men than they can possibly handle... This bundle contains Mastered books 4- 6 and includes alpha...

Sissy Son is His Slutty Sidepiece: Daddy Still Loves Hypnosis

by Deedee Zee

Dad has an open marriage with his wife. Every Friday is date night, and the two go their separate ways—Mom with her boyfriends and Dad to his sidepiece, who just happens to be his son. Except, his son doesn’t...

Horny Girls and Hung Dogs 10-Pack BESTIALITY Bundle Volume Two

by Dame Doggy

Ten more girls who just want to howl, and the ten more horny dogs they found to make that happen.

Hypnosis Gangbang and Canine Loving (11)

She has no clue four guys and one dog are satisfying every sexual urge...

Tracy Reveals All

by John Lord

Meet kinky housewife Tracy, a sexy ebony BBW that just can't get enough. Teasing, she runs an advert asking for photographers who want to take some shots for her portfolio, all the time knowing that they are...

His Son is a Sissy Fuck Toy: Daddy Still Loves Hypnosis

by Deedee Zee

His son likes to crossdress, but he’s not gay. At least, not that he knows of. But Dad knows better, and all because of hypnosis. Whenever his son puts on his cute clothes, that triggers the hypnosis, turning...

Deviant Daughters 2

by Ginny Watson

7 stories of deviant daughters and their naughty daddies. Sometimes a daddy and daughter get together by accident. maybe she shares her nude photos with the wrong people, maybe he is in the right place at the...

Dog Sitting: Hypnotized to Love Doggy Cock

by Dame Doggy

Alice gets thirty dollars to pet sit for her neighbor. Just the normal routine—play with the dog and give him food. What she doesn’t know is that “playing with the dog” involves getting mounted for a...


by Kay Nyne

Helen & her boyfriend are taking a guided tour of the underground caves that run beneath the Rock of Gibraltar, & the guide has just explained the history of the rock's famous Apes. But Helen isn't that interested...

Monkey Business - Taken By The Troop

by Kay Nyne

Helen & her boyfriend are taking a guided tour of the underground caves that run beneath the Rock of Gibraltar, & the guide has just explained the history of the rock's famous Barbary Apes. But Helen isn't that...

Stepbrother's Taboo Virgin

by Pornelope

Henry has always wondered who his father is, and finally learning the truth rocks his entire world. Who could have imagined that Uncle Charlie, Aunt Desi, and his mom have been indulging in sizzling-hot group...

Creepers And Crawlers 2

by Kelly Addams & Kay Nyne

Six kinky tales of girls who crave a little extra taboo. The more unusual the lover, the better for these girls, insects, lizards, fish and leeches all get in on the raunchy action, even a giant spider gets...

Dairy Slave

by Kelly Addams

Roger DeHavilland is a successful farmer, but he doesn't keep normal livestock like cattle, pigs or poultry... Roger keeps a milking herd of prime Hucows. 

Now meet Dawn Travis, a sexy 20 year old who often...

Delia's Fiery Passage

by Bo Dunne

Delia is a beautiful 19-year-old who fears she’s losing her loving, sexual relationship with her brother Greg, her hero. She lives for ways to ease Greg’s inner pain from his combat tour in Afghanistan,...

Dominique & Her Daddy

by Ginny Watson

Dominique has noticed that the man she had always known as Uncle Roy has started looking at her in a different way since she turned eighteen, suddenly he sees her as an attractive woman, so it comes as no surprise...


by Kay Nyne

Five years together has left Harry and Claire's marriage feeling a little stale! Maybe a few nights out apart it will help, new places, new faces. Claire starts going to bars and clubs with the girls and after...

The Permissive Society

by Kay Nyne

Who says that girls can't be kinky too? Sexy Japanese teen Kimiko is living proof. In fact she would class herself as perverted, she craves acts and degradation that other women would consider to be nightmare...

Michaela's Mistress

by Anna Mann

Sexy blonde Michaela is drunk, and she has no idea her spiteful friends have an evil plan prepared for her. It is a plan that will leave her degraded and helpless, and at the mercy of sadistic teen Angela.



by Anna Mann

Duncan wants to coax his quiet wife Debbie out of her shell, he wants to imagine she can be kinky and sexually adventurous, so as an act of good faith he reveals a secret from his past... how he used to visit...

Deviant Diane

by Anna Mann

Diane isn't very daring, so it's a great surprise for her to be standing in the bank, shuffling toward the teller window in line with everyone else, with excessive cleavage on display... and not wearing any...