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by Kelly Addams

Athlete Caroline is in training for her next marathon, but this day she senses that she is being followed as she jogs through the woodland stretch of her usual training route. Someone is following her, maybe...


by Kelly Addams

Following on from Ruth - Zoo Tales #7... the kinky teens explore the wildlife park looking for a suitable candidate for Jenny's first venture into the world of animal loving... so many animals are too big, or...

Gangbanged in the Bar: A NonCon Rough Gangbang Bareback Humiliation Degradation Erotica Short Story

by Emma Thrust

When I first saw my boyfriend, Tommy, it was across a seedy bar. The girl he was with slapped him and stormed out. Maybe I should have steered clear, but I didn't - I moved in after she left and took him for...

Mounted at the Zoo Party

by Lolly Stroker

When Brooke married her hot alpha male husband, Jameson, she knew that he was unique. He was a mountain man from Alaska, he only did it doggy style, and he seemed very protective about dogs. When Jameson asks...

Becoming Teacher's Pet

by Naughty Nikita

18-year-old Amy wants to know more about the pulsing of hot pleasure than the books at school tell her.

That's when her irresistable brute of a college professor steps in to teach her.

She learns the hard way,...

Sharing Ava

by Ginny Watson

Caution: Taboo Incest Content - Strictly 18+

Liam is a proud man, in Grace he has a sexy wife who will do anything for him... & he loves nothing more than sharing her with others as he watches the kinky action....

Seducing Daddy

by Ginny Watson

18+ Taboo Incest - Kelly doesn't think the man of her dreams will ever be interested in her.. until she finds an old and very well used porn magazine in the garage, and it can only belong to one person! Flicking...

Riding Daddy

by Ginny Watson

Angie wants to make her daddy's birthday special, so she hooks up with three of her hottest friends to make sure it's a day that he will never forget. The sexy teens tease him with their antics in and out of...

Post Me Daddy

by Ginny Watson

Lucy is suddenly the centre of attention, and she doesn't know why until she is given the link to a porn website where her nude photographs have been posted. The pics are clearly her, but this only adds to her...

Obey Me Daddy

by Ginny Watson

Veronique has just discovered that her mother is a cruel dominatrix, but she can't quite believe that her daddy is submissive! That is until she peeps through the keyhole into his home workshop and witnesses...

Sister in Heat 2

by Veronica Sloan


Things get complicated as Johnny tries to lead a normal life. He romances Stephanie, a leggy fellow grad student, and the two move in together. But Johnny still has feelings for Monica, his hot and...


by R. Richard


“We can do a 69 so hot you'll whack yourself off just because of watching us. We can fuck the brains out of any man. We don’t care if someone watches. In fact, the more, the merrier!” “You...

My Mother's Secret Lover

by Veronica Sloan


It's a case of mistaken identity when Adam wanders into the wrong bedroom at a family get-together. Little does he know the sexy woman he's going down on isn't his girlfriend - it's his mother! Julia...

A Brother Sister Incest Bundle

by Veronica Sloan


What happens when sibling rivalry becomes sibling romance? In these four naughty novellas, brothers and sisters cross that line and never look back! This bundle includes four previously published...

Who Bred Mom?

by Tina Zandar


Who knocked up Susan? Her husband's boss who caused her to climax? The boss's sweet, but expert teen son whom she felt sorry for and invited into her bed? Her own son, to whom she surrendered after...

I Can't Stop Hypnotizing Mom

by Veronica Sloan


When Teddy asks his son, the world-renowned hypnotherapist, to make his wife more fun in the bedroom, he unleashes a sexual goddess. Greg's sweet mother used to blush at the merest hint of sex, and...

I Let My Step-Son Use Me

by Veronica Sloan


Christine has had enough of her husband's drunken impotence. She needs a man between her legs, and Randy's neglect is almost as hurtful as his insults. After another disappointing night, she accidentally...

Mom, Will You Take My Virginity?

by Veronica Sloan


Joan hasn't been with a man in four years, and it's made her a little lonely and very horny. When she discovers that her handsome son Lucas is just as endowed as her late husband, this single mother...

The Available Wife

by Tina Zandar


Devoutly religious and morally straight-laced Charlotte is aghast when her husband's new employer requires her to 'service' young, horny interns from Africa. Her first experience awakens long-dormant...

Bondage Master of the Negaverse

by Kristine Lichtlider


The Incredible Sextons: America's first super family! When they're not saving the world, they're up to kinky hijinks with each other and their bondage rubber maid. When Dr. Despair's daughter Lilith...