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Venus in Furs

by Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch

The framing story concerns a man who dreams of speaking to Venus about love while she wears furs. The unnamed narrator tells his dreams to a friend, Severin, who tells him how to break him of his fascination...

 Swapped by a Ghost: A Supernatural Gender Transformation Tale

by Lily Fey

When Kirk sleeps over at a haunted house, he encounters a sexy ghost who instantly turns his world upside down! Kirk soon finds himself occupying a new female body and embracing his out-of-control, raging desire...

W3t Laik A Wh0r3: A Novel

by Ralph Clayton

Welcome to my glorious life. I'm PurpleCandyXXX the one and only, the majestic online WebStar and AdultPerformer. This world has never seen anyone else like me before. Born as a poor nobody in a forgotten Ukrainian...

Gender Swap 0069: A Secret Agent Transformation Tale

by Lily Fey

Secret agent and serial womanizer Sam Fielder has finally tracked down his arch-nemesis—and ex-girlfriend!—the devilishly lovely Goldilocks. But Goldilocks has plans for Sam. She's going to capture him and...

The Romance of Lust

by Anonymous

There were three of us—Mary, Eliza, and myself. I was approaching fifteen, Mary was about a year younger, and Eliza between twelve and thirteen years of age. Mamma treated us all as children, and was blind...

My Secret Life

by Anonymous

In 18— my oldest friend died. We had been at school and college together, and our intimacy had never been broken. I was trustee for his wife and executor at his death. He died of a lingering illness, during...


by Kim Powers

FISTING - the penetration of vagina or anus with the hand or fist - is a very special kind of sexual stimulation. FISTING is generally a taboo subject and is seen by many as »perverse«. But nothing a loving...

Shameless MILF

by Lily Weidner

Rejected by her own husband, Evelyn tries to take comfort in her household chores and outdoor tasks. When the handsome young man of the house decides to help ease her burden, Evelyn can’t help but find her...

Seducing MILF

by Lily Weidner

There’s nothing Anna enjoys more than teasing the young man of the house. Blake has always secretly fueled her passionate thoughts, and Anna needs the outlet for her otherwise taboo want. When Blake finally...


by E.r.o. Scott

In a town filled with trophy wives, Jackie’s the hottest MILF of all! When she decides it’s time to seduce a pair of twins, the young men can’t help satisfying this horny older woman. When Jackie finds...


by De Sade

O thou my friend! The prosperity of Crime is like unto the lightning, whose traitorous brilliancies embellish the atmosphere but for an instant, in order to hurl into death's very depths the luckless one they...

120 days of sodom

by De Sade

The extensive wars wherewith Louis XIV was burdened during his reign, while draining the State's treasury and exhausting the substance of the people, none the less contained the secret that led to the prosperity...

The Secret Rose

by William Butler Yeats

William Butler Yeats ( 13 June 1865 – 28 January 1939) was an Irish poet and one of the foremost figures of 20th-century literature. Arranged in chronological sequence, The Secret Rose offers a glimpse of...

How Can I Serve You Mistress? Emails to a Domme

by Miss Lavinia

A collection of emails written by would-be subs to a British-Italian Mistress. The writers reveal their most unusual fantasies, explore their feelings, tell their stories, philosophize on sex and relationships,...

Memoirs Of Fanny Hill

by John Cleland

I sit down to give you an undeniable proof of my considering your desires as indispensable orders. Ungracious then as the task may be, I shall recall to view those scandalous stages of my life, out of which...

Mulholland Meat

by Kip Nolan

Hollywood, Thursday 24 September 1953 - the star-studded West Coast premiere of The Robe, the world's first Cinemascope epic, lights up Hollywood with searchlights and glamour. Far from the bright lights, in...

Sensual Networking - Episode I: Setup

by L. Midas

An overnight sensation in Brazil, Sensual Networking topped the major “best-sellers” lists in the country for 14 weeks in 2014 winning the hearts of readers and critics alike. “This book breathes new life...

How to dominate HIM

by Kim Powers

Becoming a perfect DOMINATRIX … her long red fingernails leaving visible marks on his skin, which he will feel for a long time yet and will always remind him oft he feeling of boundless horniness. He is lying...

The Cry of Wolves

by Michael Donohue

The Cry of Wolves

Michael Donohue

Novel : 312 000 letters, 56 000 words

Paul Kelly escapes his backward small town in Ireland for the bright lights of New York only to find himself in a state of paralysis. Desperate...

Swapped by the Vampire: A Magical Gender Transformation Story (Fertile Gender Swap)

by Lily Fey

When Kevin and his friend Tad decide to hit the goth club to pick up chicks, Kevin has no idea what he's in for. The club's owner, as it turns out, is a real-life vampire—one who transforms men into her immortal...