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A Threesome For Daddy

by Ginny Watson

Jenny & her best friend Emma have arranged a special "Movie Night" for Jen's widower daddy, he doesn't get out enough, he doesn't meet new people! Meanwhile David, Jenny's daddy has discovered a whole new avenue...

Dulce's Shame

by Anna Mann

The story continues as kinky Dulce and her perverted father capture her blonde best friend Rachael. Dulce has already promised to hold her down while her father forces himself into her unwilling body... and...

The Charm

by Kelly Addams

Taboo Mind Control Bestiality... Simon is in love! Or maybe it's more accurate to say that he is deeply in Lust with his neighbour Dawn. The problem is she has already rejected him and crushed his delicate feelings......


by Kay Nyne

Warning: Taboo Bestiality Content... Nigel resents the star of the show, sexy Tori who plays Queen Cleopatra in the theme park where they work. She seems to believe that she really is the queen and that Nigel...

Dirty Dee

by Kay Nyne

Meet 18 year old Dee, a girl destined to discover a new way of life as she storms away from her cheating boyfriend David and tries to find a shortcut home through the woods. It isn't long before she realises...

Hypno Hound

by Kay Nyne

Destiny doesn't realise how much she resents her husband Richard, she also fails to understand how many kinky desires she has tucked away in her subconscious mind, she has been denying herself... that is until...


by Kay Nyne

Six Taboo tales of kinky girls who love their pets! The first canine themed bestiality stories from Kay Nyne... Featuring: Bestial Beth, Revenge is Sweet, The Therapist, Mastered by Bruno, Dirty Dee and Hypno...

The Masseuse

by Ria V. Uconel & Patrick Mullowney

The books portray the naked and unscreened truth of a segment of the world’s oldest profession from various viewpoints. The stories challenge the threshold of societal norms and its ingrained prejudices. Instead...

I Bet My Hotwife...And Lost Again!

by Thomas Roberts

Kristen and Will are enjoying their long-delayed honeymoon in Jamaica when Larry, Will's domineering BBC boss, unexpectedly joins them. When he sees Kristen sunbathing nude, he takes her multiple timeshard and...

Buster's Birthday Treat : Fantastic Beasts Erotica 1  (Bestiality Knotting Zoophlia Dog Sex Erotica)

by Betsi Ality

It's Buster's birthday and I realize I haven't got him anything!  All of the shops are closed and I can't bear to have him see out the day without a birthday treat, but what can I give him.

As I'm idly petting...

Debbie And The Donkey

by Kelly Addams

Debbie Clements is a junior journalist with a small newspaper, and she finds herself sent on assignment to a tiny village where nothing ever happens, it seems that the assistant editor has set her up for a fall....


by Kelly Addams

Alan is convinced that his wife Cora is frigid because there is never a spark of emotion or excitement in their bedroom... but all of that is about to change as hypnotherapist Clive Chappel is about to put her...


by Kelly Addams

Meet Holly and Pete, an average, normal, suburban, thirty something couple... or are they? Could it be possible that they hide some dirty secrets and desires... could it be that sexy blonde Holly harbours some...

Breeders - Alien Abduction

by Kelly Addams

Hiker Ashley is feeling kinky! Out on the moors she needs to pee, and the thrill of squatting in public has really turned her on, but she is sure that no-one has seen her! Little does she know that she is being...

Done By Daddy (And The Dog!)

by Ginny Watson

Meet Sally, a self confessed slut and porn addict. She loves kink, and gets turned on by watching the most extreme acts of painful BDSM, but while she is online searching for more hot videos she stumbles across...

The Ultimate Temptation

by Ginny Watson

Eighteen year old Lara is a worried girl, a new woman is moving in on her widower father and she can see the most important man in her life slipping away, she has to do something quickly... something that will...

Daddy's Little Hooker

by Ginny Watson

18 year old Diana needs a job because her daddy has given her an ultimatum, contribute or move out! But she isn't too worried because she has an interview with a dog walking company coming up soon. But things...

The Storm

by Ginny Watson

Anna is home alone during a storm, her daddy should have been home hours before and she is growing worried, the power cuts and she is in darkness, she has to find him, she has to walk into the storm... at least...

Kim's Awakening

by Kay Nyne

K9 Kim - Part 2. 

The story of K9 Kim continues as she relives her first time with Hercules the hound, and discovers that Kenyan beauty Anita has the ability to bring out her depraved and dirty side... a side...

The Beast Box 2

by Kelly Addams

A very special offer and Thank You to my readers... 25 of my kinkiest bestiality stories together in one bumper edition at a reduced price. Girls who love their pets, fun with leeches, chimps, dogs, fish, horses,...