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Cassie's Kinky Fetish

by Kay Nyne

Cassie hates the fact that she can't get a shower, she's in the jungle suffering from the heat and humidity, & to her shame she's beginning to smell. The answer she thinks is to sneak away from camp with soap...

Daddy's Birthday Surprise

by Ginny Watson

Sandra has just turned eighteen, and her party is planned... she wants a quiet time with four of her closest friends and her daddy, but something happens before the party that makes her think she should just...

Sandra's Sins

by Ginny Watson

Sandra has just turned eighteen, and her party is planned... she wants a quiet time with four of her closest friends and her daddy, but something happens before the party that makes her think she should just...

Lot's Daughter

by Ginny Watson

Rose has set her sights high, every guy that shows interest in her has to match up to a very special man.. her daddy! Of course no-one can ever compare so she finds herself starting to worry as she reaches the...

Fantasy Farm

by Kelly Addams

Fiona doesn't realise that her marriage is in a rut until her friend Helen suggests she go to a kinky resort where couples can find their "spark" again, while indulging their wildest fantasies. Reluctantly Fiona...


by Kelly Addams

Christine is the porn model who always says "Yes" so when she gets offered the opportunity of a lifetime of course she is going to agree, even though she has no idea what she will have to do. But Joyce, her...

Kiki's Kinks

by Ginny Watson

A Taboo Daddy & Daughter Story! .. Kiki doesn't mind the long train journey home after college, and it gets even more interesting when she realises that a stranger is intentionally touching her. She arrives...

Bonded To The Futanari Billionaire

by Ashley Berry

Chelsea signed the contract from hell. In order to stop a sex tape of herself with the futa socialite Chantelle LeBron from seeing the light of day, the teen must become a sexual servant to futa billionaire...

What I Really Learned in College

by Addison Winters

Alex Rose is a 32-year-old divorced mother of two, looking for a better life for her and her sons. In search of answers, she returns to college to finally get that degree she’s always dreamed of. What she...

Beyond The Beach 3

by Kathy Kalmar

Professor Caren Michaelson heart is slowly healing under the Hawaiian sunshine and Dr. Chance Matthews constant attention and careful ministrations of a steady supply of heart stopping romance. This is all well...

Hotwife Lexi Takes The Challenge

by Thomas Roberts

When Hunter and Lexi's relationship gets stale, he suggests spicing things up with a Dare Bucket. Half the dares are intensely sexual. Once a week, they draw a random cardand the racy hotwife excitement begins!...

Daddy's Eager Virgin

by Pornelope

When Byron catches his sexy daughter masturbating with a big vibrator and his raunchy skin mags, his whole world turns upside-down. When did his pretty baby girl become a gorgeous young woman? Now he can't think...

Older Man & Younger Woman

by Rosie Zweet

Historical Short Stories of Older-man and Younger-woman.

1.    His Father's Approval

2.    Replacing Mama

3.    What Pa Did While I Sleep

4.    Wedding Night with My Father-In-Law

5.    Taking Care...

They All Cum at Carlisle's

by Lauren Milfinger


Lauren's autobiography, begun in The Life of Lauren, and continued in Across the Pond, now enters a new phase in They All Cum at Carlisle's. Lauren spent the summer of 1995 at Carlisle's Nature Resort,...

Daughter's Secret Stud

by R. Richard


I laugh, “What kinda job do I get, after people see me fuck, in a video?” WW lectures me, “The porn video people have makeup artists. They can make you look enough different that people don’t...

Charity Series & His Forbidden Wards

by Rosie Zweet

#1: Charity and the Villagers

1802 England.

Miss Charity has promised to take care her maid old father when she went to the city, leaving their village.

And take care of him, she does…

#2: Charity and Her Uncle...

Daddy's End of Project

by R. Richard


Jim Rull has just been laid off from his computer programming job. Suddenly, Jim is getting calls from executives from his former company. The calls are about a sex party video involving 18-year-old...

Lady Anne and Her Uncle

by Rosie Zweet

Five Book Set: Lady Anne Grey’s aunt needs her help. Their family needs an heir, if not, the estate and their wealth will fall to a cruel distant cousin. As a dutiful niece, Lady Anne agrees to help. But what...

Lady Lily and Her Sly Older Man

by Rosie Zweet

Lady Lily and Her Adventures

1796 England.

Book 1: Ride to London

Lady Lily is in desperate need to go to London, to her aunt's house.

She needs the coachman's help…

Is the young lady ready to pay the coachman's...

The Bet

by Abigail Lucie


Kaley makes a bet with her twin brother Haley. She lost. He won, and gets sucked off by her right there on the school bus because of it. Now that she has the taste of his cream on his tongue, maybe...