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The Codex Lacrimae, Part 1

by A.J. Carlisle


Believed lost for half a millennium, the Codex Lacrimae reappears...

Alara's Call: The Prophet's Chronicle, One

by Kristen Stieffel

Tales are often told of heroes who fulfill ancient prophecies. Alara’s Call is the tale of a woman who gives new ones.


Alara sees visions of other’s futures, but never her own.

A young clergywoman with a...

Alara's Call

by Kristen Stieffel

Tales are often told of heroes who fulfill ancient prophecies. Alara’s Call is the tale of a woman who gives new ones.


Alara sees visions of other’s futures, but never her own.

A young clergywoman with a...

Successor's Promise: Book 3 of Millennium's Rule

by Trudi Canavan

International No.1 bestselling author Trudi Canavan returns with the third instalment in the Millennium's Rule series - her most powerful and thrilling adventure yet.

Five years have passed since the Rebels confronted...

Successor's Promise

by Trudi Canavan

The third book in the Millennium's Rule fantasy series by international bestseller Trudi Canavan.

Five years have passed since the Rebels confronted the Raen. Five years, in which the boy Rielle rescued, Qall,...

House on the Forgotten Coast

by Ruth Coe Chambers

• Women of all ages represent the majority of buyers of fiction, especially fiction that sparkles with romance and hope. • Book Clubs would find this novel appealing to its large feminine /diverse audience....

The Longing and the Lack

by C.M. Spivey, Tehlor Kay Mejia & Kisa Whipkey

Lucinda Hightower is no stranger to death.

Since she was a child, Lucinda has been haunted by rabid dogs, suicidal crows, and the ghost of a woman in white. All are omens signaling someone's imminent demise—except...

The Exiled King

by Sarah Remy

Avani and Mal’s journey comes to its gripping conclusion in this final installment of the Bone Magic series by Sarah Remy

The desert has outgrown its boundaries…

The warriors of the sands have united for the...

Shadows & Reflections

by Steve Perry, Roger Zelazny, Shannon Zelazny & Steven Brust et al.

Shadows and Reflections is the Roger Zelazny tribute anthology you’ve been waiting for. Here are stories that are not just inspired by Roger Zelazny, but stories set in universes created by Roger Zelazny....

Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz

by L. Frank Baum

Dorothy Gale is gladly joining her Uncle Henry in California to visit relatives who live at Hugson's Ranch, after their vacation from Australia in Ozma of Oz. Dorothy meets Hugson's nephew who is her second...

Heroine Chic

by James Webster

"I am the girl the Lost Boys lost."

Queens and Scoundrels. Witches and Rebels. Grifters and Goddesses. These are stories about heroines.

From prolific poet and writer James Webster, featuring 52 very short stories,...

The Immortal Serpent

by K.E. Barron

Jeth, cursed at birth, is forced to leave his homeland and find a place for himself in a world descending into war. Overnight, he goes from fervent soldier to desert thief who now must lie, cheat, and steal...

Double-Cross My Heat

by Brandon Hill

Turned at a tender age, and left with no memory of her human life, Elisa, the beloved adopted daughter of Talante, has had many obvious difficulties in her near two centuries of life, but none so frustrating...

Time in My Pocket

by Gina Dewink

"You do not believe me, this I can see. But it does not matter whether you believe or not. It does not matter if you think I am crazy. It does not even matter if you know anything about it…If you can see past...

The Forgotten Beasts of Eld

by Patricia A. McKillip & Gail Carriger

Winner of the World Fantasy Award

“Rich and regal.”

New York Times

Young Sybel, the heiress of powerful wizards, needs the company of no-one outside her gates. In her exquisite stone mansion, she is attended...

Taste of Marrow

by Sarah Gailey

Campbell finalist Sarah Gailey's hippo mayhem continues in Taste of Marrow, the sequel to rollicking adventure River of Teeth.

A few months ago, Winslow Houndstooth put together the damnedest crew of outlaws,...

Magicians Impossible

by Brad Abraham

Magicians Impossible is a mind-bending page-turner! A brilliant and unique mash-up of spells, myth and mayhem, once it got its claws in me I couldn't put it down. Like a veteran stage magician, Brad Abraham...

The Willow Files: Volume 1

by Yvonne Navarro

"I like you. You're nice, and you're funny and you don't smoke, and okay, werewolf, but that's not all the time. I mean, three days out of the month I'm not much fun to he around, either." -- Willow

When Buffy...

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

by Lyman Frank Baum

Dorothy is a young girl who lives on a Kansas farm with her Uncle Henry, Aunt Em, and little dog Toto. One day the farmhouse, with Dorothy inside, is caught up in a tornado and deposited in a field in the country...

Beartown: by Fredrik Backman??????? | Conversation Starters

by dailyBooks

Beartown: by Fredrik Backman | Conversation Starters

Beartown is a town just about to be condemned to insignificance. It’s economy has been stagnant for years and people are slowly leaving for better opportunities...