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Princess of Blood: Book Two of The God Fragments

by Tom Lloyd

There's a new Card in the Mercenary Deck - one Lynx isn't sure if he's happy to see or not. The assassin Toil now wears the Princess of Blood on her jacket and even Lynx would admit she's a woman cloaked in...

Instead of Whom Does the Flower Bloom

by Feri Lainšček, Tamara M. Soban, Aleš Berger & Matej Bogataj

In Lacki roma, a destitute Roma settlement, the strange and stubborn Sanji is born to father Mariška and mother Tereza. One night, Mariška commits murder, stumbling home wounded with officers in hot pursuit....

Hunter's Soul

by Stacey Oakley & Darlene Oakley

Rain Undine wants to be the greatest Hunter alive.

Damien Lance wants her to survive it.


Rain lives in a world where her people are as feared as they are necessary.  The humans call them demons even as they...

His Command

by Sophie H. Morgan

He's a genie. She's a mortal.

He's a flirt. She's definitely-certainly-absolutely done with charming men.

What happens when this playboy runs across the one woman who doesn't fall under his spell?

Magic of course....

Fužine Blues

by Andrej E. Skubic, David Limon, Lenart Zajc & Matej Bogataj

Fužine Blues is a novel about the life and people of contemporary Ljubljana and about what happens behind apartment walls. Most of all, the novel addresses the lack of dialogue that allows ordinary things such...

A Difficult Spring

by Boris Pahor, Alenka Jovanovski & Evgen Bavcar

After World War Two, a train carries the physically and spiritually broken people who were taken from all over Europe to the German concentration camps back through the Netherlands to a sanatorium in Paris....

Oz: The Complete Collection (The Greatest Fictional Characters of All Time)

by L. Frank Baum & Manor Books

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Oz! Fans of L. Frank Baum's Oz books, you are in for a treat. Collected here is the ultimate Kindle edition of the beloved series starring such timeless characters as Dorothy,...

Olympian Confessions

by Erin Kinsella

Some might view Olympus as the glittering palace of the Gods, but Hera sees it for what it truly is: a prison. After being tricked into a marriage she didn’t want, with a God she didn’t love, Hera is now...

The Library of Light and Shadow: A Novel

Daughters of La Lune #3

by M. J. Rose

In this riveting and richly drawn novel from “one of the master storytellers of historical fiction” (New York Times bestselling author Beatriz Williams), a talented young artist flees New York for the South...

Telling the Map

by Christopher Rowe

There are ten stories here including one readers have waited ten long years for: in new novel-la The Border State Rowe revisits the world of his much-lauded story The Voluntary State. Competitive cyclists twins...

The Darkness

by Jason Hughes

How would you react if you found out that you’re never alone because someone is always watching you? Would you still be able to close your eyes at night?  It was supposed to be a routine paranormal investigation...

What Is Islam Religion?

by Muhammad Naga

Among the blessings and favors that God has bestowed upon humanity is that He endowed them with an innate ability to recognize and acknowledge His existence.  He placed this awareness deep in their hearts as...

The River and the Ravages

by J. M. Lawler

After the death of her mother, Aaliya Reiner is lost. She feels the weight of distance from her sister, Maddalena, and propels herself into a passionate clandestine love affair in the hope of easing some of...

Moon Lovers Box Set: BBW Werewolf / Shifter Romance

by Mac Flynn

The complete paranormal romance series Moon Lovers (BBW Werewolf Romance) available here in one single package.


Tasha Taylor finds her dream boy is closer to a fantasy nightmare when gang members target her...

Moon Lovers #6: BBW Werewolf Shifter Romance

by Mac Flynn

Tasha and her furry lover are sick and tired of being rundown and run over by their hanky-wearing foes, so they turn the tables and take everyone for a spin in the final installment of the Moon Lovers serial....

Moon Lovers #5: BBW Werewolf Shifter Romance

by Mac Flynn

Though the city is far behind them, Tasha and her lover still have trouble nipping at their heals. The gang isn’t about to let them get away without a fight, and the predators find themselves the prey as they...

Moon Lovers #4: BBW Werewolf Shifter Romance

by Mac Flynn

Tasha finally comes face to face with the leader of the gang that’s been harassing her, and all she wants to do is an about-face back to her apartment. Fortunately, her hero comes to her rescue and carries...

Moon Lovers #3: BBW Werewolf Shifter Romance

by Mac Flynn

Another night, another hairy situation for Tasha as the plot throws a curve ball of furry proportions.  She has a more deadly run-in with the gang and comes out only by the skin of her teeth, or rather, someone...

Moon Lovers #2: BBW Werewolf Shifter Romance

by Mac Flynn

Tasha climbs out of her ordeal with the gang only to dive back into the deep end of trouble. She’s targeted by the gang and her greatest ally is her friendly, if a little bumbling, apartment manager, Greg....

Moon Lovers #1: BBW Werewolf Shifter Romance

by Mac Flynn

Tasha Taylor was an average woman with an above-average waistline, but one night all that (except the waistline) changes when she's attacked in the laundry room. Her savior is a large shadow with glowing golden...