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The Rookie

by Abigail Owen

To escape exile, Aidan Paytah has had to prove himself worthy. Every second of every damn day. He fought with everything he had to earn his precarious place on the Huracán team of dragon shifter enforcers....


by Nasim Hamou, Lucille cottin & l'Arlésienne Editions

Paris in the 1920's. Attracted by the glitz of the capital, a young provincial man settles in a former granary that has been turned into a flat, in order to save money and participate to his school mundane life....

Windmaster Legend

In Search of a Witch's Soul

by D. Lieber

Human, private detective Anna Caill isn’t keen on the prohibition of magic enacted by the 18th Amendment, but she won’t deny it’s good for business. The coppers couldn’t care less about the witches’...

Phoenix Falling

Wildlands #5

by Laura Bickle

Laura Bickle, the critically acclaimed author of Nine of Stars and Witch Creek, returns with a fiery new chapter in her celebrated Wildlands series.

In the Yellowstone backcountry, a merciless source of evil...

Where Oblivion Lives

Los Nefilim #4

by T. Frohock

A lyrical historical fantasy adventure, set in 1932 Spain and Germany, that brings to life the world of the novellas collected in Los Nefilim: Spanish Nephilim battling daimons in a supernatural war to save...

The Big Book of Fairy Tales (1500+ fairy tales)

by Hans Christian Andersen, The Brothers Grimm, Joseph Jacobs & Charles Perrault et al.

If you were looking for the definitive Fairy Tales anthology, consider yourself lucky, because you just found it! "The Big Book of Fairy Tales" gathers together more than 1500 tales, which makes it truly unique...

The Iron Codex

Dark Arts #2

by David Mack

New York Times bestselling author David Mack's Dark Arts series continues as the wizards of World War II become the sorcerers of the Cold War in this globe-spanning spy-thriller sequel to The Midnight Front....

Summoned to Thirteenth Grave

Charley Davidson #13

by Darynda Jones

Grim Reaper Charley Davidson is back in the final installment of Darynda Jones’ New York Times bestselling paranormal series--Summoned to Thirteenth Grave.

Charley Davidson, Grim Reaper extraordinaire, is...

Ragnarok Unwound

by Kristin Jacques

Prophecies don’t untangle themselves. Just ask Ikepela Ives, whose estranged mother left her with the power to unravel the binding threads of fate. Stuck with immortal power in a mortal body, Ives has turned...

The Joining

by Frank Talaber

Undercover at Victoria’s Empress Hotel, police detective Carol Ainsworth has to deal with two American Mafia cartels coming in for a wedding. Easy-peasy, everyone has a lovely cup of tea, says their ‘I Do’s’...

The Word of Flesh and Soul

by Ruthanna Emrys

The language of the originators defines reality, every word warping the world to fit its meaning. Its study transforms the mind and body, and is closely guarded by stodgy, paranoid academics. These hidebound...

The Fairy Stepmother Inc.

by Maggie Hoyt

Evelyn Radcliffe isn’t a wicked stepmother. She’s just out of her depth.

While her friends in finishing school learned superior sweeping and threadspinning skills, Evelyn read economics textbooks. While...

King of the Road

Brotherhood of the Wheel #2

by R. S. Belcher

They are the Brotherhood of the Wheel: a secret society of truckers, bikers, nomads, and others who defend America’s roads and rails from unnatural threats lying in wait for unwary travelers.

Now a missing-person...


Superheroes Anonymous #4

by Lexie Dunne

Gail "Hostage Girl" Godwin is back and ready to save the day—sort of—in #Herofail, the fourth book in Lexie Dunne's action-packed Superheroes Anonymous series!

She’s been in trouble before, but Gail Godwin...

They Promised Me The Gun Wasn't Loaded

by James Alan Gardner

Award-winning author James Alan Gardner returns to the superheroic fantasy world of All Those Explosions Were Someone Else's Fault with They Promised Me The Gun Wasn't Loaded.

Only days have passed since a freak...

Caught by Demons

by Kathryn Blanche & The Crimson Quill

Post-apocalyptic Los Angeles is a city in chaos where humans and Supernaturals coexist in tentative peace. Newly recruited Special Agent Laila Eyvindr and her team at the Inter-Realm Security Agency (IRSA) respond...


by Shelley Jackson & Zachary Thomas Dodson

Eleven-year-old Jane Grandison sits in the back seat of a car, letter in hand inviting her to live and study at the Sybil Joines Vocational School for Ghost Speakers & Hearing-Mouth Children. Founded in 1890...

In the Night Wood

by Dale Bailey



Charles Hayden has been fascinated by a strange Victorian fairy tale, In the Night Wood, since he was a child. When his wife, Erin – a...


by Steve Hamburg

After investigating the scene of a seemingly routine crash of a commercial airliner, United States authorities discover a substance later determined to be of extraterrestrial origin. Authorities subsequently...