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So You Might Be a Vampire

by Rodney V Smith & Nikki Barran

Nobody expects to get turned into a vampire, least of all a guy like Bob.

Everybody hopes that if they somehow get transformed into a vampire, they will instantly become some kind of superhero vampire out of...

The Midnight Front

Dark Arts #1

by David Mack

From New York Times bestselling author David Mack comes a visionary World War II-era adventure. The Midnight Front is the epic first novel in the Dark Arts series.

On the eve of World War Two, Nazi sorcerers...

Moon Caught

by C. M. Conney

Mark meets Kelly while hunting a feral wolf. As soon as he scents her, he's knows she's meant to be his mate. The problem— she's only fifteen and he's over a hundred. Now he has to wait for her to grow up...

Til Death Do Us Part

by Viranda I Slappy

As you enter the life of the Turners, you embark upon the waves of crisis that batter several generations. You feel the impact of their family tragedies as well as the triumphs.

Willie Mae struggles daily against...


by Jo Walton

  • Author has lifetime sales of over 175K in U.S., U.K., and Canada
  • Sales of author's breakout novel, Among Others, exceed 50K over all channels
  • Collection includes first print publication of multiple stories and...

  • Detective of the Occult

    by Robert E. Howard

    Steve Harrison, Detective of the Occult!! Three masterful stories from one of the greatest fantasy writers of the 20th century, the uncontained, unconstrainable, Mr. Robert E. Howard: "Fangs of Gold" "Names...


    by Amy Brock McNew

    Nate Vaughn lives in Ryland’s shadow, always the little brother, always the screwup. After their parents die, he embraces a world of greed and destruction. There, he is powerful, using his God-given gifts...

    My Name Is Karma

    by N. A. Cash

    The terrifying aftermath of an encounter with a school yard bully shocks young Karma into awareness. She’s not like other girls. Realizing that she is the amalgamation of her family’s supernatural gifts,...

    Only the Devil is Here

    by Stephen Michell

    After a strange man murders the family of a suburban boy, he takes him on an infernal journey populated by demons and night police that put into question not only the killer's motives for saving the boy, but...

    Nandia's Children

    by Ned Wolf

    In this, the final tale of The Nandia Trilogy, the Galactic Grand Council confirms that Nandia has gone missing. Bernard struggles within himself to gather enough information to even begin a search. He does...

    Suffolk Ghost Tales

    by Kirsty Hartsiotis & Cherry Wilkinson

    Suffolk – a peaceful, rural county with big skies, rolling fields, unspoilt beaches, quaint towns and straggling villages. But all is not as quiet as it seems. Could that be the sound of sunken bells on a...

    Dirty Blue

    by Jacqueline Rainey

    Dirty Blue

    Trina aka Dirty Blue is conflicted by her love for her father and the hate she has for him for the way he treated hr mother and for walking out on them both. She loses her mother and her best friend...

    Arcanos Unraveled

    by Jonna Gjevre

    Meet Anya Winter, junior professor of magical textiles at Arcanos Hall. She spends her days designing invisibility cloaks and teaching reluctant sophomores to knit. If she can avoid her conniving ex-boyfriend...

    Certain Shadows I Have Known

    by W. P. Rigler

    Certain Shadows I Have Known tells the tale of a hitman employed as a shadow stalker by a superstitious and vicious mob boss.


    A shadow stalker deals primarily with supernatural menaces, and when the new assignment...

    Clouds End

    by Sean Stewart

    "Stewart's beautifully lucid, poetic prose makes for a narrative of commanding power and enchantment that echoes the best of Le Guin and Tolkien." — Booklist

    "An astonishing, wise, beautiful work, full of the...

    At the Mountains of Madness

    by H. P. Lovecraft

    The deliberately told and increasingly chilling recollection of an Antarctic expedition's uncanny discoveries --and their encounter with an untold menace in the ruins of a lost civilization--is a milestone of...

    Soul, Light, and Wings

    by Simon A. G. Spencer

    Sometimes, the more you know about someone, the harder it is to trust them.

    Rookie cop Irene Kelnotch and ex-bounty hunter Eric Homens aren’t just on the bottom rung of law enforcement, they’re on a completely...

    Stranger Magics

    by Ash Fitzsimmons

    No one holds a grudge quite like a faerie . . .

    All Colin Leffee wants is to be left alone: to run his used bookstore in peace, and to quietly drink himself to sleep every night in an attempt to drown out the...

    Just So Stories

    by Rudyard Kipling

    Just So Stories is a collection of Rudyard Kipling's animal tales in which we learn about 'How the Whale got his Throat', 'How the Camel got his Hump', 'How the Rhinoceros got his Skin', 'How the Leopard got...

    Do The Dead Dream?

    by F. P. Dorchak & Joyce Combs

    “F. P. Dorchak writes like a hot-rodder heading toward a brick wall. Edge of your seat entertainment! I pondered over each of these stories long after I'd finished reading them. That's what great writing is...