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Kings of the Night (Serapis Classics)

by Robert E. Howard

Bran Mak Morn is a hero of several pulp fiction short stories by Robert E. Howard. In the stories, most of which were first published in Weird Tales, Bran is the last king of Howard's romanticized version of...

The Two of Swords: Volume One

by K. J. Parker

"Why are we fighting this war? Because evil must be resisted, and sooner or later there comes a time when men of principle have to make a stand. But at this stage in the proceedings," he added, with a slightly...

A Scandal in Battersea

by Mercedes Lackey

The twelfth novel in Mercedes Lackey's magical Elemental Masters series reimagines Sherlock Holmes in a richly-detailed alternate 20th-century England

Christmas is a very special time of year.  It is special...

American Fairy Tales

by L. Frank Baum

American Fairy Tales is the title of a collection of twelve fantasy stories by L. Frank Baum, published in 1901 by the George M. Hill Company, the firm that issued The Wonderful Wizard of Oz the previous year. ...

Allan Quatermain

by H. Rider Haggard

Allan Quatermain is the protagonist of H. Rider Haggard's 1885 novel King Solomon's Mines and its sequels. Allan Quatermain was also the title of a book in this sequence.

The character Quatermain is an English-born...

A Prisoner in Fairyland

by Algernon Blackwood

A curious, unusual, puzzling type of book. The story of the awakening of a London financier who, after long years spent in the amassing of a fortune, reverts to his early dream of becoming a great philanthropist....

A Christmas Carol

by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol is a novella by Charles Dickens.

A Christmas Carol tells the story of Ebenezer Scrooge, an old miser who is visited by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of...

The Tale of Prophet Adam First Messenger of God

by Muhammad Vladimir Putin

Allah SWT the Almighty revealed: Remember when your Lord said to the angels: 'Verily, I am going to place mankind generations after generations on earth.' They said: 'Will You place therein those who will make...

The War Nerd Iliad

by John Dolan

  • Sci-Fi fans, Game of Thrones fans, War buffs—everybody who thought the Iliad was a dull, academic text and will be delighted to learn otherwise

  • Classicists will be challenged, likely garnering heated debate...

  • The Sea Peoples

    by S. M. Stirling

    S. M. Stirling’s Novels of the Change are a “truly original combination of postapocalyptic sci-fi and military-oriented medieval fantasy”* about a future where mysterious Powers removed advanced technology,...


    by Shereen Vedam

    Better to take the hit, than the what if...

    Amity's last attempt at magically helping someone was a disaster. So she decides to give up her spell casting ways. Then one day she meets the perfect man. But only...

    The Prince: The Jester King Fantasy Series

    by K. C. Herbel

    Arriving in Tirn Aill, Billy is challenged by many discoveries: his fae blood, his ability to use magic, and a powerful enchantment placed on him by his mother. But unraveling her spell has dire consequences,...

    The Bad Seed


    by Stephen Aryan

    It's been ten years since the battlemage war, where thousands died as mages sundered the earth and split the sky.

    Habreel believes eradicating magic is the only way to ensure a lasting peace. He will do anything...

    Islam Folklore The Man Who Committed 99 Murders

    by Muhammad Vandestra

    There’s a story related in Sahih Bukhari emphasising the vastness and generousness of Allah’s mercy. The Prophet (saws) picked on certain events throughout history to show their importance. This emphasised...


    by Walter Jon Williams

    From New York Times bestselling and award-winning author Walter Jon Williams comes an adventurous epic fantasy about a man who is forced to leave his comfortable life and find his fortune among goddesses, pirates,...


    by Stephen Aryan

    Fear of magic is intensifying across the west. Morgan, a former Guardian of the Peace, believes the eradication of magic will lead to stability and lasting world peace. He will do anything to achieve his goal,...

    The Imposters of Aventil

    Maradaine #3

    by Marshall Ryan Maresca

    Blending vigilante justice with epic fantasy, this third Maradaine novel finds student Veranix Calbert returning to fight crime • “Veranix is Batman, if Batman were a teenager and magically talented.”...

    Sword of the Gods IV: The Dark Lord's Vessel

    by Anna Erishkigal

    At the dawn of time, two ancient adversaries battled for control of Earth. One man rose to stand at humanity's side. A soldier whose name we still remember today...

    Angelic Special Forces Colonel Mikhail Mannuki'ili...

    Sword of the Gods III: Agents of Ki

    by Anna Erishkigal

    WINNER: Best High Fantasy Novel of 2014 - eFestival of Words Best of the Independent eBook Awards


    At the dawn of time, two ancient adversaries battled for control of Earth. One man rose to stand at humanity's...