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The Prince And The Pauper

by Mark Twain

Many of the earliest books, particularly those dating back to the 1900s and before, are now extremely scarce and increasingly expensive. We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern...

Unseemly Science: The Fall of the Gas-Lit Empire, Book 2

by Rod Duncan

In the divided land of England, Elizabeth Barnabus has been living a double life - as both herself and as her brother, the private detective. Witnessing the hanging of Alice Carter, the false duchess, Elizabeth...


by Kate Sherwood

As an elite Sacrati fighter in the mighty Torian military, Theos is blessed with a city full of women who want to bear his children, and a barracks full of men proud to fight at his side and share his bed. He...

The Neanderthals: A Story of Courage

by Pamela Loveridge

The story is set in south-western France about 41,000 years ago, and the seasons are just starting to cool. A clan of Neanderthals is living peacefully, unaware that life is about to change dramatically for...

Against a Darkening Sky

by Lauren B. Davis

A new novel from one of Canada's most acclaimed and celebrated writers, AGAINST A DARKENING SKY is set in 7th century Northumbria and is the story of Wilona, a seeress and healer whose life and way of being...

The Ladies and the Gentlemen

by M. K. Hobson

He's a man without a name. She's a sort-of-goddess. And they're about to find out that even not-honeymoons can be dangerous. Newly wed (but not exactly married), Emily Edwards is eager to begin her new life...

A Crown for Cold Silver

by Alex Marshall

"It was all going so nicely, right up until the massacre."

Twenty years ago, feared general Cobalt Zosia led her five villainous captains and mercenary army into battle, wrestling monsters and toppling an empire....

The Country of the Dwarfs

by Paul B. Du Chaillu

IN the month of July, 1863, if you had been in London, you might have seen in St. Catharine's Dock a schooner called the Mentor, a little vessel of less than one hundred tons' measurement, and if you had gone...

The Warring States

by Aidan Harte

Interzone raved that "Harte is a brilliant new voice is historical fantasy." In The Warring States, Aidan Harte continues his high fantasy adventure began in Irenicon.

After the rout at Rasenna, Concord faces...

Rogues in the House: With linked Table of Contents

by Robert E. Howard

Conan inadvertently becomes involved in the power play between two powerful men fighting for control of a city. Double-crosses and twist-turns are the order of the day in this thrilling misadventure.

Queen of the Black Coast: With linked Table of Contents

by Robert E. Howard

Conan becomes a notorious pirate and plunders coastal villages alongside a head-strong femme fatale, after she spares him his life. Could she turn out to be 'the one' for Conan?

The Devil in Iron: With linked Table of Contents

by Robert E. Howard

A mythical demon and its ancient fortress are resurrected after the theft of a sacred dagger, and Conan is tricked into landing on the island, with many unexpected consequences in store.

Throne of Darkness: A Novel

by Douglas Nicholas

Perfect for fans of Game of Thrones, this novel from acclaimed author Douglas Nicholas continues the gripping dark fantasy series that Kirkus Reviews describes as “a more profound Harry Potter for adults.”...

The Diamond Conspiracy: A Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences Novel

by Philippa Ballantine & Tee Morris

For years, the Ministry of Peculiar Occurrences has enjoyed the favor of Her Majesty the Queen. But even the oldest loyalties can turn in a moment…

Having narrowly escaped the electrifying machinations of Thomas...

Shadows in the Moonlight: With linked Table of Contents

by Robert E. Howard

After rescuing a beautiful maiden, Conan escapes to a remote island where he encounters a skulking creature and mysterious iron statues, and is captured by pirates. Is this the end for Conan?

Gods of the North

by Robert E. Howard

The clangor of the swords had died away, the shouting of the slaughter was hushed; silence lay on the red-stained snow. The bleak pale sun that glittered so blindingly from the ice-fields and the snow-covered...

The Pool of the Black One: With linked Table of Contents

by Robert E. Howard

Conan becomes the captain of a pirate vessel and encounters a remote island with a mysterious pool that has powers of transmutation. Expect the unexpected in this exciting tale.

The Slithering Shadow: With linked Table of Contents

by Robert E. Howard

Conan receives more attention than he needs in this wild adventure that nearly costs him his life. Who will win his love, and at what cost?

The Tower of the Elephant: With linked Table of Contents

by Robert E. Howard

Conan infiltrates a perilous tower in the City of Thieves in order to steal a fabled gem from an evil sorcerer. A classic of Conan lore, often cited as one of Howard's best tales.

The Scarlet Citadel: With linked Table of Contents

by Robert E. Howard

Conan and his army walk into a bloody, treacherous trap, and Conan is condemned to a wizard's frightening dungeon, where he forges an improbable alliance with a former enemy. Can they escape the wizard's evil...