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Truyen tranh dan gian Viet Nam - Cua Thien tra Dia

by Thanh Phuc

Over the last ten years, Địa (Earth) worked hard to help Thiên (Heaven) on his study. Finally, Thiên passed the exam and got a high position. However, he forgot Địa and his support. Unfortunately, Thiên...

Truyen tranh dan gian Viet Nam - Su tich banh chung banh day

by Ha Hong

The king issues a decree that each one of his sons is to prepare a special dish to offer to the ancestors. One of the princes expresses the simplicity and beauty of the land by creating rice cakes that represent...

Truyen tranh dan gian Viet Nam - Son Tinh Thuy Tinh

by Cuong An

This story talks about the fighting of Mountain Genie and Water Genie every year. It’s also an explanation of the people about the floods that has happened every year in Van Lang (Vietnam as present).

Truyen tranh dan gian Viet Nam - Chuyen ong Giong - Thanh Giong

by Hoai To

The story about Thanh Giong, who lived in the village of Phu-Dong, in reign of Emperor Hung-Vuong the Sixth. He was already three years old, and yet, he could neither sit up, nor could he say a word... He helped...

Truyen tranh dan gian Viet Nam - Cay neu ngay Tet

by Quoc Tran

A retelling of the traditional tale of how the Vietnamese people manage, with the help of Buddha, to free themselves of the devils occupying their country and thereafter celebrate this victory during the Lunar...

Truyen tranh dan gian Viet Nam - Su tich Ho Guom

by Trang Minh

The story about the King of River gave his god sword to Le Loi to against invaders in Vietnam. The place where the Golden Turtle received the sword, become a famous landscape in Hanoi named Hoan Kiem Lake or...

Truyen tranh dan gian Viet nam - So Dua

by Anh Thuy

Once, a poor woman became pregnant after drinking some water left in a piece of coconut shell. She gave birth to a strange baby with no arms or legs, just a round body with mouth, nose and eyes… But the weird...

Truyen tranh dan gian Viet Nam - Thach Sanh

by Anh Thuy

Thach Sanh is an orphan who grows up to be and honest and brave woodcutter. Through many adventures Thach Sanh defeats various monsters and is rewarded with her hand of a princess and made chief of the king's...

Truyen tranh dan gian Viet Nam - Tam Cam

by Quoc Anh

In this Vietnamese Cinderella story, Tam faces the jealousy of her stepmother and stepsister through several incarnations. Tam ultimately regains her position as bride of the king who has loved her as a bird,...

Tales of Old Japan

by Algernon Bertram Freeman

It is a law that he who lives by the sword shall die by the sword. In Japan, where there exists a large armed class over whom there is practically little or no control, party and clan broils, and single quarrels...

The Fables of Phædrus

by Phaedrus

Driven by thirst, a Wolf and a Lamb had come to the same stream; the Wolf stood above, and the Lamb at a distance below. Then, the spoiler, prompted by a ravenous maw, alleged a pretext for a quarrel. “Why,”...

Fall of the Dragons: The Dragon's Apprentice; The Dragons of Winter; The First Dragon

by James A. Owen

For some men, walking the path of their destiny may take two thousand years. But for others, it may only be a journey of a single night. In the third book of the Age of Dragons series, the journey continues...

Hunter Quatermain's Story

by H. Rider Haggard

Sir Henry Rider Haggard, KBE (/ˈhæɡərd/; 22 June 1856 – 14 May 1925) — known as H. Rider Haggard — was an English writer of adventure novels set in exotic locations, predominantly Africa, and a pioneer...

Stories from Tagore

by Rabindranath Tagore

Every experienced teacher must have noticed the difficulty of instructing Indian children out of books that are specially intended for use in English schools. It is not merely that the subjects are unfamiliar,...

Le Morte d'Arthur

by Sir Thomas Malory

IT befell in the days of Uther Pendragon, when he was king of all England, and so reigned, that there was a mighty duke in Cornwall that held war against him long time. And the duke was called the Duke of Tintagil....


by Mishell Baker

A cynical, disabled film director with borderline personality disorder gets recruited to join a secret organization that oversees relations between Hollywood and Fairyland in the first book of a new urban fantasy...

Korean Folk Tales

by Pang Im & Yuk Yi

To any one who would like to look somewhat into the inner soul of the Oriental, and see the peculiar spiritual existences among which he lives, the following stories will serve as true interpreters, born as...

The Eagle

by Jack Whyte

Beginning with The Skystone, the first in his riveting Camulod Chronicles, Jack Whyte has embarked on an ambitious and remarkable re-telling of the Arthurian cycle, giving us a fresh and compelling take on a...

Tales of the Punjab

by Flora Annie Webster Steel

It is sunset. Over the limitless plain, vast and unbroken as the heaven above, the hot cloudless sky cools slowly into shadow. The men leave their labour amid the fields, which, like an oasis in the desert,...

The Zankiwank and The Bletherwitch

by S. J. Adair Fitzgerald

By the Queen-Moon's mystic light, By the hush of holy night, By the woodland deep and green, By the starlight's silver sheen, By the zephyr's whispered spell, Brooding Powers Invisible, Faerie Court and Elfin...