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Friends and Enemies

by Beryl Matthews

1941, London. Sirens warn of danger as German bomber planes approach the city. Ever cautious, Kathy and her mother head immediately for the nearest public air raid shelter but are separated in the desperate...

South Moon Under

by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings

Rawlings' first novel, South Moon Under, captures the richness of Cross Creek in telling the story of a young man, Lant, who must support himself and his mother by making and selling moonshine, and what he must...

Sarah's War

by Eugenia Lovett West

1777 is a pivotal year in the United States. George Washington and his untrained militia struggle to survive. The thirteen states are torn apart by politics. Amidst all this chaos, Sarah Champion—a beautiful...

Old Baggage

by Lissa Evans

The author of the acclaimed Crooked Heart returns with a comic, charming, and surprisingly timely portrait of a once pioneering suffragette trying to find her new passion in post-WWI era London.

“A thoughtful,...

The Robert Louis Stevenson Collection

by Robert Louis Stevenson

Robert Louis Stevenson was a Scottish novelist and travel writer, most noted for Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde.

Born and educated in Edinburgh, Stevenson suffered from...

The House Children

by Heidi Daniele

• 39.6 million American claim Irish heritage. (U.S. Census)– • The Irish government has spent 1.5 billion euros on an inquiry, a survivor redress scheme, and related survivor supports regarding its industrial...

Outside Looking In

by T.C. Boyle

A provocative new novel from bestselling author T.C. Boyle exploring the first scientific and recreational forays into LSD and its mind-altering possibilities

In this stirring and insightful novel, T.C. Boyle...

Seven Aprils

by Eileen Charbonneau

In April 1860, Dr. Ryder Cole returns home from his studies, sure of his abilities and on fire to serve his country and preserve the Union. A panther attack threatens to cut his life short until a young woman...

Historical Mysteries

by Andrew Lang

"Historical Mysteries" from Andrew Lang. Scots poet, novelist, literary critic, and contributor to the field of anthropology (1844-1912). 

Custom and Myth

by Andrew Lang

These groundbreaking essays, assembled in 1885, explore the roots of Greek, Finnish, and other mythologies. The first of Lang's works applying anthropology to myth, this volume includes "The Method of Folklore,"...

Beyond the Point

by Claire Gibson

In this powerful debut novel set at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point, three women—a nationally-ranked point guard, the granddaughter of an Army general, and a rebellious Homecoming Queen—are brought...

Son of Two Fathers

by Jacqueline Park & Gilbert Reid

April, 1536. Danilo del Medigo arrives incognito in Venice from Istanbul, with two assassins from Suleiman the Magnificent’s court hot on his trail. Western civilization is in crisis. Jews and “New Christians”...


by G. P. R. James

In the long slog of the Hundred Years’ War, the English forces’ decisive victory in the Battle of Agincourt proved to be a key turning point. In this gripping historical novel from G. P. R. James, a tender...

Guns of the Gods

by Talbot Mundy

Arabian Nights in India, without the magic...

Talbot Mundy (born William Lancaster Gribbon) (1879-1940) was an English writer who wrote under the pseudonym Walter Galt. His most famous book is King of the Khyber...

In Another Time

by Jillian Cantor

A sweeping historical novel that spans Germany, England, and the United States and follows a young couple torn apart by circumstance leading up to World War II—and the family secret that may prove to be the...

The Quintland Sisters

by Shelley Wood

"A historical novel that will enthrall you... I was utterly captivated..." — Joanna Goodman, author of The Home for Unwanted Girls

In Shelley Wood’s fiction debut, readers are taken inside the devastating...

The Sword That Spoke

by Robert Jeschonek

Once upon a time, the sword Tizona helps the warrior knight El Cid cut a swath through the Moors invading Spain. But El Cid doesn't know the great sword's secret: that it has a mind of its own and talks only...

The First Detect-Eve

by Robert Jeschonek

Eve, the first woman in the world, wants one thing. To find out who killed her son, Abel, and make them pay. Down on her luck since she got thrown out of Eden, Eve combs the darkest corners of a godless no man's...

The Slaughterers

by Robert Jeschonek

A gang of vicious scalpers roams the Arizona territory in the Old West, slaughtering town after town. Only one man stands in their way: a sword-wielding Arabian knight named Badr al-Medina. To stop the scalpers'...

The Huntress

by Kate Quinn

One of Marie Claire's Best Women’s Fiction of 2019!

One of Bookbub's biggest books of 2019

If you enjoyed “The Tattooist of Auschwitz,” read “The Huntress,” by Kate Quinn." The Washington Post