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Shadows on the Rock

by Willa Cather

Set in 17th century Canada. A year in the life of a widow and his young daughter and the trappers, missionaries, craftsmen, friends and others who come to their house and shop, it highlights the men and women...

Death Comes for the Archbishop

by Willa Cather

Set in the mid-19th century. At the center of the novel are two French Jesuits - Bishop Jean Marie Latour and his friend Father Joseph Vaillant - two celibate men who devote their lives to bring religious faith...

Rogue Herries

by Hugh Walpole

Set in 18th century England. Francis Herries is an eccentric, larger-than-life man tortured by a strong romantic streak. He uproots his entire family from Doncaster, and takes them to live in a crumbling manor-house...

The Electric Hotel

by Dominic Smith

A sweeping work of historical fiction from the New York Times–bestselling author Dominic Smith, The Electric Hotel is a spellbinding story of art and love.

For more than thirty years, Claude Ballard has been...


by Nicola Harrison

An epic and cinematic novel by debut author Nicola Harrison, Montauk captures the glamour and extravagance of a summer by the sea with the story of a woman torn between the life she chose and the life she desires....

Death in Venice

by Thomas Mann

Thomas Mann was the 1929 Nobel Prize laureate, known for his series of highly symbolic and ironic epic novels and novellas, noted for their insight into the psychology of the artist and the intellectual. Death...

Child of the Sun

by Kyle Onstott

This brilliant and brutally intimate novel captures accurately the depravity and intrigue of Ancient Rome. CHILD OF THE SUN tells the story of the youth Varius Avitus Hassianus, destined to become Emperor of...

The Huguenot

by G. P. R. James

There is a small town in one of the remote provinces of France, about ten miles from the seashore, and two or three hundred from the capital, on the appearance of which it may be as well to dwell for a short...

The Poor Relation

by Susanna Bavin

Manchester, 1908. Attractive, intelligent Mary Maitland is furious to learn that her pompous boss will never promote her, simply because she is a woman. Despite financial support from her family, Mary is determined...

The Crescent Moon

by Vera Omwocha

Vera Omwocha tells a story of ethnic violence in Kenya before the 1992 presidential elections. The life of peaceful peasants is devastated by tribal struggles for power and land. 

A woman and her daughter helplessly...

The Confessions of Frannie Langton

by Sara Collins

A servant and former slave is accused of murdering her employer and his wife in this astonishing historical thriller that moves from a Jamaican sugar plantation to the fetid streets of Georgian London—a remarkable...

Erika Project

by Marco Tesla

A world where past and future are intertwined, where science has made great strides: a love story through the centuries.


by Gary Moore

ABE & ANN is a novel based on a little-known love affair on the American frontier in the 1830’s.  When an awkward and poorly-dressed stranger gets his boat stuck on the mill dam in little New Salem, Illinois,...

Dawson's Fall

by Roxana Robinson

A cinematic Reconstruction-era drama of violence and fraught moral reckoning

In Dawson’s Fall, a novel based on the lives of Roxana Robinson’s great-grandparents, we see America at its most fragile, fraught,...

Floyd Harbor

by Joel Mowdy

"Just miles from the Hamptons, with Manhattan a kind of distant, belittling rumor, stories of desire and loss, crime and trouble, play out among the abandoned docks and potato barns of what had once been a quiet...

The Song of the Jade Lily

by Kirsty Manning

Kirsty Manning makes her US debut with this gripping historical novel that tells the little-known story of Jewish refugees who fled to Shanghai during WWII.

“Compelling, passionate, and admirable.”— Australian...

The Guest Book

by Sarah Blake

Instant New York Times Bestseller

The Guest Book is monumental in a way that few novels dare attempt.” —The Washington Post

The thought-provoking new novel by New York Times bestselling author Sarah Blake...

Peccadillo at the Palace

by Kari Bovee

Girl with a Gun was released in June 2018, and it garnered excellent reviews pre-publication. Anyone who has read it will be restlessly awaiting Peccadillo at the Palace. • According to book sales reported...

The Seven or Eight Deaths of Stella Fortuna

by Juliet Grames

For Stella Fortuna, death has always been a part of life. Stella’s childhood is full of strange, life-threatening incidents—moments where ordinary situations like cooking eggplant or feeding the pigs inexplicably...

The Gypsy

by G. P. R. James

In the early 1700s, the cultural group now known as Romani had made inroads into much of Europe. In some areas, they were granted special privileges and dispensations; in others, they were mercilessly persecuted...