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The Recipe Box

by Viola Shipman

"Filled with cherished memories and treasured recipes, The Recipe Box is a touching tribute to the women and food that unite us and connect our past to the present." —Richard Paul Evans, #1 New York Times...

Gods of Howl Mountain

by Taylor Brown

“A fresh, authentic, and eloquent new voice in American fiction.” - Robert Morgan, New York Times bestselling author of Gap Creek

In Gods of Howl Mountain, award-winning author Taylor Brown explores a world...

The Italian Party

by Christina Lynch

A delicious and sharply funny page-turner about “innocent” Americans abroad in 1950s Siena

One of the Wall Street Journal's "Six More Books to Read This Winter"

Included in Library Journal's "Spring/Summer...

Murder at the Bayswater Bicycle Club

by Linda Stratmann

London 1882: In this her final case, Frances Doughty goes undercover for Her Majesty’s Government to investigate some disturbing information regarding the apparently innocuous Bayswater Bicycle Club. Before...

The Ghost Kings

by H. Rider Haggard

The author wrote, "The Zulus have a strange story of a white girl who in Dingaan's day was supposed to 'hold the spirit' of some legendary goddess of theirs who is also white. This girl, they say, was very beautiful...

Captain Blood

by Rafael Sabatini

Peter Blood, an Irish physician and soldier in England in the 1680's, is wrongly convicted of treason and sentenced to indentured slavery in the Caribbean. He escapes and becomes the most feared pirate captain...

Bellarion the Fortunate

by Rafael Sabatini

Set against a backdrop of pre-Renaissance Italy, convent-bred orphan Bellarion is sidetracked almost immediately upon setting out on a journey from the monastery at Cigliano to study at Pavia. The adventure...

Solomon Kane

by Robert E. Howard

A late 16th - early 17th century Puritan, Solomon Kane is a somber-looking man who wanders the world with no apparent goal other than to vanquish evil in all its forms...Robert E. Howard weaves quite possibly...

The Dragon and the Raven

by G. A. Henty

In a time of chaos and Viking onslaught, Alfred the untested Saxon king, must fight to save his ravished land. The tale unfurls through the eyes of a young thane, Edmond, who becomes Alfred's friend and mightiest...

The Carolinian

by Rafael Sabatini

Excitement and anticipation are rife in the New World - it is a land offering new beginnings and new opportunities. Yet it is also a land of intrigue, deception and deadly opposition. Centred on the rich and...

The Sea Hawk

by Rafael Sabatini

Oliver Tressilian, a Cornish gentleman who helped the English defeat the Spanish Armada, is betrayed by his ruthless half-brother and seeks refuge in the Middle East, where he takes on a new role as a Barbary...

The Scarlet Pimpernel

by Baroness Orczy

Armed with only his wits and his cunning, one man recklessly defies the French revolutionaries and rescues scores of innocent men, women, and children from the deadly guillotine. His friends and foes know him...

The House of Mirth

by Edith Wharton

First published in 1905, THE HOUSE OF MIRTH shocked the New York society it so deftly chronicles, portraying the moral, social and economic restraints on a woman who dared to claim the privileges of marriage...

The Scarlet Banner

by Felix Dahn

To Cornelius Cethegus Caesarius, a Friend: I send these notes to you rather than to any other man. Why? First of all, because I know not where you are, so the missive will probably be lost. Doubtless that would...

Under Western Eyes

by Joseph Conrad

With this gripping story, Joseph Conrad set out not only to weave a superb, suspenseful tale, but also to render "the psychology of Russia". He created a chillingly accurate portrayal of the future--and the...

The Romantic Prince

by Rafael Sabatini

Prince Anthony d'Egmont preserves the ideals of chivalry in this historical novel set in the time of Louis XI. An incredible historical adventure, written by one of the masters of the genre, Rafael Sabatini,...

The Gates of Doom

by Rafael Sabatini

Depend above all on Pauncefort', announced King James, 'his loyalty is dependable as steel. He is with us body and soul and to the last penny of his fortune.' So when Pauncefort does indeed face bankruptcy after...

Allan's Wife

by H. Rider Haggard

The tale of Allan Quatermain's second wife, Stella, is also a classic fantasy African adventure, complete with magic and ghosts, plus Haggard's trademark gripping narrative style. A fantastic adventure by one...

Soviet Milk

by Nora Ikstena & Margita Gailitis

The literary bestseller that took the Baltics by storm now published for the first time in English.

This novel considers the effects of Soviet rule on a single individual. The central character in the story tries...


by Victor Hugo & Aline Delano

The Revolution at its apogee, the fatal term of the contest waged by new ideas against the old social order, by liberty against despotism, by law against tyranny; and from this conflict, from this atmosphere...