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The Magician

by W. Somerset Maugham

This tale revolves around the magician Oliver Haddo, a man living in the bohemian Paris of the beginning of the twentieth century. Haddo, a caricature of the disreputable black magician Aleister Crowley of Maugham's...

Survivor Song

by Paul Tremblay

“Fresh and surprising. Survivor Song may be one of Tremblay’s best— beautifully detailed, viscerally frightening, and deep with emotional resonance."  —Dan Chaon, New York Times bestselling author...


Awakened #3

by James S. Murray & Darren Wearmouth

“Scary amazing fun.”—Brad Meltzer

Evils both above and below ground arise once again, threatening the world and all its inhabitants with extinction in this electrifying science fiction thriller—the final...


by Bram Stoker

The figure of Count Dracula is one of the most famous literary figures in the world. Since the vampire novel “Dracula” by the Irish writer Bram Stoker (1847-1912) was published in 1897, it has become indispensable...


by J. Sheridan Le Fanu

Carmilla by James Sheridan Le Fanu. Isolated in a remote mansion in a central European forest, Laura longs for companionship - until a carriage accident brings another young woman into her life: the secretive...

The Collected Ghost Stories

by E. F. Benson

This collection brings together E. F. Benson's masterfully frightening literary ghost stories, ranking with the best chillers of M. R. James and Henry James. Benson's graceful style unites these tales to create...

Undoing Cycles

by Noct Moll

When seventeen-year-old Lisa is murdered, she is presented with a gray candy and a black candy. Black, to complete the final steps of her death in the afterworld; gray, to live at the hotel between worlds,...

Laika's Void

by Noct Moll

Laika is nine years old and her hands have never touched anything.

“Touched,” as in felt the friction, heat, or coolness of another person or object.

Because, you see, her hands make matter vanish. It only...

The Haunter of the Dark

by H. P. Lovecraft

"The Haunter of the Dark" is a horror short story written by H. P. Lovecraft in November 1935, and published in the December 1936 edition of Weird Tales (Vol. 28, No. 5, p. 538–53). It was the last-written...

The House of the Vampire

by George Sylvester Viereck

The freakish little leader of the orchestra, newly imported from Sicily to New York, tossed his conductor's wand excitedly through the air, drowning with musical thunders the hum of conversation and the clatter...


by Théophile Gautier

The book tells the story of a young priest named Romuald who falls in love with Clarimonde, a beautiful woman who turns out to be a vampire.

The String of Pearls

by Thomas Preskett Prest

Todd is a barber who murders his customers and turns their bodies over to Mrs. Lovett, his partner in crime, who bakes their flesh into meat pies. His barber shop is situated in Fleet Street, London, next to...

Sweeney Todd

by James Malcolm Rymer

In answer to the many inquiries that have been, from time to time, made regarding the fact of whether there ever was such a person as Sweeney Todd in existence, we can unhesitatingly say, that there certainly...

The Living Dead Sneak Peek

by George A. Romero & Daniel Kraus

New York Times bestselling author Daniel Kraus completes George A. Romero's brand-new masterpiece of zombie horror, the massive novel left unfinished at Romero's death! Download a FREE sneak peek today!


The Algernon Blackwood Collection (Annotated)

by Algernon Blackwood

The Algernon Blackwood Collection includes four of Blackwood's best: The Empty House, The Damned, The Willows and The Wendigo.

The Green Knight

by Jason A. Adams

What if old myths and legends carry a grain of truth?

Gavin Baddock discovers this for himself when a strange client enters his life and changes it forever.

A shyster and a resilient con-man play the world for...

Pigeons from Hell

by Robert E. Howard

Mystery and fear in a house that is large, old, abandoned, and on an old plantation in the American South. The story title comes from many of Howard's grandmother's ghost stories, involving an old deserted plantation...

Collected Ghost Stories

by M. R. James

Considered by many to be the most terrifying writer in English, M. R. James was an eminent scholar who spent his entire adult life in the academic surroundings of Eton and Cambridge. His classic supernatural...

Best Stories of Walter de la Mare

by Walter De La Mare

Walter de la Mare's best stories, including depictions of supernatural occurrences, people haunted by strange dreams, and encounters with ghosts.


by Edith Wharton

Kerfol by Edith Wharton. In Kerfol, Edith Wharton tells the story of Anne de Barrigan, a French woman who was accused of murdering her overbearing older husband. She claims to have heard a pack of dogs near...