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Red Right Hand

by Levi Black

Charlie Tristan Moore isn’t a hero. She’s a survivor. Already wrestling with the demons of her past, she finds herself tested as never before when she arrives home one night to find herself under attack...

The Night Parade

by Ronald Malfi

First the birds disappeared.

Then the insects took over.

Then the madness began . . .

They call it Wanderer's Folly--a disease of delusions, of daydreams and nightmares. A plague threatening to wipe out the human...

Whistling Past the Graveyard

by Jonathan Maberry

A lonely, nerdy paperboy encounters ancient evil on the shadowy back roads of his home town. A little girl spends her nights dreaming of monsters and teaching herself the art of murder. Sherlock Holmes journeys...

The Creepypasta® Collection Presents: Voices in the Spirit Box by Michael Marks

by MrCreepyPasta

There are stories that scare you. And then there are stories that just . . . NOPE. They're the kind of stories that after reading, you have to turn on all the lights and watch some cute kitten videos because...


by Jamie Schultz

Things get a little demonic in the latest Arcane Underwold novel from the author of Splintered.


Thanks to their recent involvement with a magus crimelord and his demonic partner in mayhem, occult thieves...

The Z Tailgate

by Clive Riddle

In The Z Tailgate, the sequel to The Burning Z, the Burning Man site is now an internment camp for zombies and Alan Gorman, Conner and Bruce consult with the Department of Homeland Security, who oversee zombie...

The Beauty of Death

by John Skipp, Poppy Z. Brite, Ramsey Campbell & Edward Lee et al.

The Beauty of Death Anthology, edited by Bram Stoker Award® Winning Author Alessandro Manzetti. Over 40 stories and novellas by both contemporary masters of horror and exciting newcomers. Stories by: Peter...


by Bram Stoker

When Jonathan Harker is summoned to Transylvania to finalize a property deal for the mysterious Count Dracula, he stumbles upon an ancient evil he is unprepared to face. When that evil escapes to England, the...

Used Stories

by Poppy Z. Brite

From the Queen of Splatterpunk, the first digital edition of a 5-story chapbook of previously uncollected reprints, originally published by Subterranean Press in 2004. This collection includes the stories: "Toxic...

In the Shadow of Frankenstein: Tales of the Modern Prometheus

by Stephen Jones & Neil Gaiman

The most infamous doctor of the Gothic Era once again delves into the forbidden secrets of the world, when literature's most famous creature lives again...

Frankenstein... His very name conjures up images of...

Anamelia, A Tale Before Dying

by Alec Silva

A tale about a girl with heterochromatic eyes that just wanted to flee to a magical world. Between her and her dream, there are only a rock and seven challenging tasks.

Mr. 8

by David J Thirteen

Psychology professor Denton Reed has been pulled out of the classroom to find a killer. Bodies are turning up all over the quiet town of Bexhill. They are found dismembered and burned beyond recognition in a...

Drawn to Fear

by S R Bacon

1874, Northern England…

THERE is something unspeakably foul, something indescribably malevolent lurking amid the seemingly idyllic countryside of Lowerbrook. Something in human form, something abominable with...

The Perdition Score

by Richard Kadrey

Sandman Slim returns in a stunning, high-octane thriller filled with the intense kick-ass action and inventive fantasy that are the hallmarks of New York Times bestselling author Richard Kadrey.

The request from...

The Duke de Richleau Series Starter

by Dennis Wheatley

The first three thrilling adventures in the Duke de Richleau series.

In The Prisoner in the Mask we meet our eponymous hero, the Duke de Richleau. Why would a French aristocrat renounce his country and live in...


by Brendan Connell & Daniel Corrick

Thirty-six cities. Thirty-six stories of obsession. From ancient Thebes to present day Berlin, these little portraits of humans superimposed on their suburban environment are corroding treats thrown together...

The South Reclaimed

by Rachel Drummond

In the wake of the devastation the coastal city of Geelong has suffered, any hopes the remaining citizens have of rescue are dashed one by one.

As several nations rally to attempt to control the virus, the differences...

The Suicide Motor Club

by Christopher Buehlman

“Rising horror star”* Christopher Buehlman, author of The Lesser Dead, returns with a chilling and thrilling tale of dark evil lurking on the lonely, open road...


Bram Stoker, quoting the ballad “Lenore,”...

But You Scared Me the Most: And Other Short Stories

by John Manderino

This collection of twenty-six dark but often humorous short stories features a pantheon of disturbed and disturbing characters, human and otherwise. Many of the stories are modern takes on classic monsters crafted...

The Joe Ledger Series, Thus Far

by Jonathan Maberry

#1 New York Times bestselling author Jonathan Maberry is a master of horror. His imagination is the fodder for our worst nightmares. Here together for the first time are eight novels of Maberry’s spine-tingling...