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Picture Perfect

by Noct Moll

The camera: the neutral eye. Always fair, always just...

...when in the right hands.

Ever since her parents died, Mina Park wishes for one thing and one thing only: the safety and happiness of her younger sister....

Final Fugue

by Noct Moll

Murder means the end of the world for the murdered person...

...except when they enter another world.

Zacharias Steele dreams of making it big as a professional pianist. In the 1920s, the most dazzling place in...

Undoing Cycles

by Noct Moll

Ignorance is bliss, knowledge is suffering...

...until you remember your past.

Seventeen-year-old Lisa manages the laundry at the hotel between worlds.

Has always managed, in the eternity stretching backward. Will...

More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

by M. R. James

More Ghost Stories of an Antiquary is a horror short story collection by British writer M. R. James, published in 1911. The follow-up volume to "Ghost Stories of an Antiquary" collects seven more of Montague...

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary

by M. R. James

Ghost Stories of an Antiquary is a horror short story collection by British writer M. R. James, This 1904 classic collects the earliest ghost stories of author M.R. James. While not gruesome by any means, these...

The Turn of the Screw

by Henry James

Listen to an unnamed narrator read a manuscript by a former governess and learn how she may have been haunted by ghosts while she being tasked to care for two children.

One of the greatest and most analyzed gothic...

Yacht Short Story Mysteries

by Christian Stahl

Yacht Short Story Mysteries: A Collection of Sailing Horror Short Stories -Anthologies-

Horrific things can happen on a boat, sea journeys not only attract characters a bit out of the ordinary, but also violent...

Queer Ghost Stories Volume Four

by Foxglove Lee

Who needs sleep? Not you! You’d rather stay up late reading these spine-tingling ghost stories!

In these three tales of the paranormal, queer characters encounter the supernatural… with blood-curdling results!...

New Ghost Stories

by Lettice Galbraith

  • “The Case of Lady Lukestan”
  • The Trainer’s Ghost
  • The Ghost in the Chair
  • In the Séance Room
  • The Missing Model
  • A Ghost’s Revenge
  • The Blue Room

Famous Modern Ghost Stories

by Dorothy Scarborough

Famous Modern Ghost Stories, a collection of ghost stories written by Dorothy Scarborough and published in 1920. 'Modern' is retained in the title of this book out of respect for Dorothy Scarborough's work in...

The Masque of the Red Death

by Edgar Allan Poe

"The Masque of the Red Death", originally published as "The Mask of the Red Death: A Fantasy" (1842), is a short story by Edgar Allan Poe. The story follows Prince Prospero's attempts to avoid a dangerous plague,...

An Episode Under The Terror

by Honoré de Balzac

On the 22nd of January, 1793, towards eight o'clock in the evening, an old lady came down the steep street that comes to an end opposite the Church of Saint Laurent in the Faubourg Saint Martin. It had snowed...

Seeds of the Dead

by Andy Kumpon & Gary Malick

When his evil superiors create a new strain of genetically modified food (GMO) that transforms ordinary people into ravenous, bloodthirsty zombies, a disillusioned scientist turns whistle-blower and becomes...

Unbreakable Love

by K.M Darlington

There is love between Raphael and Kara, but a killer is obesessed with Kara and is determined to have her even if it means taking a life. Will the love between Raphael and Kara survive even under the threat...

The Intercessor and Other Stories

by May Sinclair

  • The Mahatma’s Story
  • Jones’s Karma
  • Heaven
  • The Intercessor
  • The Villa Désirée

A Christmas Carol In Prose Being A Ghost Story Of Christmas

by Charles Dickens

A Christmas Carol. In Prose. Being a Ghost Story of Christmas, commonly known as A Christmas Carol, is a novella by Charles Dickens, first published in London by Chapman & Hall in 1843 and illustrated by John...


by Bram Stoke

Dracula is an 1897 Gothic horror novel by Irish author Bram Stoker. It introduced the character of Count Dracula and established many conventions of subsequent vampire fantasy.[1] The novel tells the story of...

Tom Ossington's Ghost

by Richard Marsh

Friends Ella and Madge have taken up residence in a long-deserted house that has a reputation for supernatural activity. After a series of strange run-ins with locals, the women are inclined to believe that...

They’re Watching

by Michael David Wilson & Bob Pastorella

From the hosts of This Is Horror Podcast comes a dark thriller of obsession, paranoia, and voyeurism.

After relocating to a small coastal town, Brian discovers a hole that gazes into his neighbour’s bedroom....

Advanced Chemistry

by Jack G. Huekels

The most of our knowledge of electricity has been gained through its offspring, magnetism. A body entirely devoid of electricity, is a body dead. Magnetism is apparent in many things including the human race,...