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by H. P. Lovecraft

The story of a squire who bargained with Native Americans for the secrets of their rituals concerning time and space which were practiced on the land where that squire had recently taken up residence.


by H. P. Lovecraft

A sleepless man watches Polaris winking hideously like an insane watching eye which strives to convey some strange message, yet recalls nothing save that it once had a message to convey.

Poetry of the Gods

by H. P. Lovecraft

A unique tale about a woman reconciling the ugliness of the world with the poetry of others.

Pickman's Model

by H. P. Lovecraft

What is the inspiration for a painter's horrifying images?


by H. P. Lovecraft

A tall, swarthy man who resembles an ancient Egyptian pharaoh wanders the earth gathering legions of followers through his demonstrations of strange and seemingly magical instruments.


by H. P. Lovecraft

Who placed the crumbling blocks of monolithic stone in the ancient valley of Nis?

Medusa's Coil

by H. P. Lovecraft

The story of what happens when a Medusa-like priestess marries into a wealthy Southern family.

In the Vault

by H. P. Lovecraft

An undertaker finds himself trapped in the vault where coffins are stored during winter for burial in the spring, and is mysteriously injured when he escapes.

Imprisoned with the Pharaohs

by H. P. Lovecraft

Harry Houdini is kidnapped in Egypt, tied up, taken to an unknown location, and dropped down a deep pit, where he witnesses an army of half-man, half-animal mummies leaving offerings to a five-headed, tentacled...

Deadly Games

by Anthony Masters

Jenny and David – twins whose close connection makes them understand each other without words –also share a secret of being able to see things other people can't... When a local homeless tramp disappears...

The New Gothic: Don't Embrace the Darkness. Fear It.

by Beth K. Lewis

The Gothic is the most enduring literary tradition in history, but in recent years friendly ghosts and vegetarian vampires threaten its foundations. The New Gothic is a collection of short stories which revisits...

Forest Ghost: A novel of horror and suicide in America and Poland

by Graham Masterton

In modern-day America, fifteen Boy Scouts and their adult leaders are found to have committed suicide in the forest of a scout reservation. One of the dead boys is a friend of Sparky Wallace, whose father Jack...

The Kindred of Darkness: A vampire kidnapping

by Barbara Hambly

When James Asher and his wife Lydia's baby daughter is kidnapped by the Master Vampire of London, there's no guarantee that they'll ever see their child again. Nor that they'll survive the experience themselves...

Spellbinding: This Soul Magic / The Darkness / The Witch's Seduction / Seducing the Jackal / Some Like It Wicked (Mills & Boon Nocturne)

by Michele Hauf, Nina Croft, Elle James & Seressia Glass et al.


In the Underworld, where jackals and vampires prowl, witches battle for their place among the paranormal. Wielding the ultimate power of enchantment, they must resist succumbing...

Shadowmaster (Mills & Boon Nocturne) (Nightsiders, Book 3)

by Susan Krinard

Humans and vampires on the brink of war

In San Francisco, a fragile truce is threatened by an assassination plot. Dhampir agent Phoenix Stryker has the beauty, brains – and blood – to infiltrate the vampires’...

Running with Wolves (Mills & Boon Nocturne)

by Cynthia Cooke

Destined to wed another

Fated to serve…

Shay Mallory knows nothing of her shifter heritage, only that she has always felt something was missing from her life. So when Jason Stratton, a compelling stranger,...

A Hunter's Passion (Mills & Boon Nocturne Cravings)

by Gwen Knight

Ryker Bennett has dedicated his life to hunting down—and eliminating—creatures of the dark. But his latest assignment has him questioning everything he’s ever believed in. Jenna Sinclair may be a witch,...

Claimed by the Wolf (Mills & Boon Nocturne Cravings)

by Saranna DeWylde

Gyspy Prince Stefan Zolinski has been raised to hunt down and eliminate werewolves like the one that killed his mother. So he’s faced with an impossible choice when the woman he loves becomes one….


Iron Fey: The Iron King / Winter's Passage / The Iron Daughter / The Iron Queen / Summer's Crossing / The Iron Knight / Iron's Prophecy / The Lost Prince / The Iron Traitor (Mills & Boon e-Book Collections)

Weird Nights

by Rebecca Royce

Book two of the Shadow Promised series. Mindy Spellman hasn't been the same since a demon stepped into her life, murdered her boyfriend and left her scarred inside and out. Jonah is one of the blood-oathed,...