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The Dreadnought Boys on Aero Service

by John Henry Goldfrap

Something New in Naval Life "If He's a Man, He'll Stand Up" For the Trophy of the Fleet The Aero Squad Uncle Sam's Men-birds Ned Invents Something A Rescue by Aeroplane Herc Gets a "Talking To" A Conspiracy...

Rex Kingdon on Storm Island

by Gordon Braddock

How would you like to spend a summer vacation on an uninhabited island off the Maine coast,—not alone, of course, but in company with a few chosen chums, all good fellows in their way and all of them ready...

What Every Girl Should Know

by Margaret H. Sanger

GIRLHOOD. Physical Growth. Mental Development. PUBERTY. General Organs, Uterus, Ovaries, Etc. Menstruation and Its Disorders. SEXUAL IMPULSE. Masturbation Sexual Impulse in Animals—In Men. Its Significance...

Venna Hastings

by Julia Farr

First in my thought as I wrote this little book were the young people in the West, who enjoy the blessings of their religion, without realization of the persecution of their missionaries on the fighting line....

The Third Officer

by Percy F. Westerman

The S.S. "Donibristle" Hilda Vivian "Heave-to or I'll sink You" Under Fire Captured Under Hatches Ramon Porfirio The Compound The First Day on the Island Investigations A Fight to a Finish Plans "Getting on...

The Story of a Loaf of Bread

by Thomas Barlow Wood

I have ventured to write this little book with some diffidence, for it deals with farming, milling and baking, subjects on which everyone has his own opinion. In the earlier chapters I have tried to give a brief...

The Scourge of God

by John Bloundelle-burton

I. Awaiting the traveller. II. The traveller from England. III. A parting soul. IV. Les attroupés. V. 'Twixt then and now. VI. "La femme, malheureusement si fameuse, funeste et terrible."--St. Simon. VII. The...

The open Sea

by Edgar Lee Masters

Brutus Brutus and Antony At the Mermaid Tavern Charlotte Corday A Man Child is Born Richard Booth to His Son, Junius Booth A Man Child is Born Squire Bowling Green Lincoln Speaking in Congress John Wilkes Booth...

A Lear of the Steppes

by Ivan Sergeevich Turgenev

An examination of A Lear of the Steppes is of especial interest to authors, as the story is so exquisite in its structure, so overwhelming in its effects, that it exposes the artificiality of the great majority...

Life and Travel in India

by Anna Harriette Leonowens

In the following pages, gathered from voluminous notes of early travel, I have tried to give a faithful account of life in India, as well as of the sights and scenes visited by me, with my husband, before the...

Clash of Arms

by John Bloundelle- Burton

John Edward Bloundelle-Burton was an English novelist. Having worked as a journalist for The London Standard, he began writing novels in 1885, publishing 60 works in total.

Alexandre Dumas: The Complete D'Artagnan Novels (Book House)

by Alexandre Dumas & Book House

This book contains the complete D'Artagnan novels in the chronological order of their original publication. - The Three Musketeers - Twenty Years After - The Vicomte of Bragelonne: Ten Years Later (which includes...

Subsidiary Notes as to the Introduction of Feitals in Peace and War

by Florence Nightingale

DIGEST Thoughts submitted by Order, concerning— Hospital Nurses Nurses in Civil Hospitals Nurses in Her Majesty's Hospitals Systems of Female Nursing in the War Hospitals of the different Nations engaged in...

St. Paul the Hero

by Rufus M. Jones

The Boy of Ten Years His Heroes In Jerusalem In Rabbi Gamaliel's School Tent-Making In Tarsus The Great Teacher of Galilee In Jerusalem Again The Man with a Shining Face On the Road to Damascus In Arabia Fifteen...

Samuell Gorton

by Lewis G. Janes

It has been the misfortune of Rhode Island to have had its earlier history written and read under the bias of prejudices engendered by the controversies which led to its settlement. Justice has not yet been...

Salt-Water Ballads

by John Masefield

A CONSECRATION Not of the princes and prelates with periwigged charioteers. THE YARN OF THE 'LOCH ACHRAY’ The 'Loch Achray’ was a clipper tall. SING A SONG O’ SHIPWRECK He lolled on a bollard, a sun-burned...

Saguaro National Monument, Arizona

by Napier Shelton

This book is a simple account of the natural history of Saguaro National Monument. It is intended to help you understand the relationships between land, climate, plants, wild animals, and man in the environment...


by Nora May French

The Outer Gate Rain Best-Loved The Rose Between Two Rains The Message By the Hospital Oh, Dryad Thoughts Music in the Pavilion Rebuke In Camp The Nymph Vivisection The Stranger The Constant Ones Instinct San...


by John Clare

A Spring Morning A World for Love Address to Plenty Approach of Spring, The Autumn Autumn Robin, The Ballad Crab Tree, The Decay December Effusion Gipsy Camp, The Graves of Infants Harvest Morning, The Home...

Watermelon Pete and Others

by Elizabeth Gordon

Watermelon Pete Piggy's Thistle Whistle Lady Bug Goes Shopping Little Baby Elephant and his New Clothes Little Brown Hen The Little Brown Dog and the Little White Cat The Woodpecker Bird and the Owl