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American Fork

by George B. Handley

Zacharias Harker is a brilliant botanist and an aging recluse. Haunted by his mistakes and living without his wife and daughter for the past twenty years, he hatches the idea to write his magnum opus, a book...

Little Beast

by Julie Demers & Rhonda Mullins

It’s 1944, and a little village in rural Quebec sits quietly beside an aging mountain and an angry river. The air tastes of kelp, and the wind keeps knocking over the cross. Beside that river an eleven-year-old...

In the Garden of the Fugitives

by Ceridwen Dovey

Almost twenty years after forbidding him to contact her, Vita receives a letter from a man who has long stalked her from a distance. Once, Royce was her benefactor and she was one of his brightest protégées....

Maritauqua Island

by Greg Olmsted

Wanting peace and quiet, and a low profile so he can recover from a series of traumatic events, Liko moves to an isolated island in the Gulf of Mexico. Maritauqua Island seems to provide what he’s looking...

The Underneath

by Melanie Finn

With the assurance and grace of her acclaimed novel The Gloaming—which earned her comparisons to Patricia Highsmith—Melanie Finn returns with a precisely layered and tense new literary thriller.

The Underneath...


by Charlotte Brontë

Villette is an 1853 novel written by English author Charlotte Brontë. After an unspecified family disaster, the protagonist Lucy Snowe travels from her native England to the fictional French-speaking city of...

Juliet & Romeo

by David Hewson

'I think Romeo and Juliet is the greatest, most tragic love story ever told. What David Hewson did with this script is so exciting to me.' Richard Armitage, Narrator of Juliet & Romeo audiobook


The Double Life

by Gaston Leroux

"I WAS passing through the waiting-room of the Morning Journal on a certain evening last year when my attention was drawn to a man seated in a corner. He was dressed in black and his appearance was that of the...


by Alison Moore

Having moved from the Fens to the Midlands to the Scottish Borders, Jessie Noon finds herself struggling to leave the past behind.

Following a family tragedy, Jessie Noon moved from the Fens to the Midlands and...

The Evolution of Love

by Lucy Jane Bledsoe

  • National media outreach
  • Book giveaways
  • Galley giveaways
  • NCIBA Spring Trade Show Appearance
  • Featured author at Bay Area Book Festival, Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, and Brooklyn Book Festival
  • Indie bookstore...

  • My Mother's Son

    by David Hirshberg

    • The debut publication from David Hirshberg, a top-level executive and entrepreneur whose business acumen and street smarts have brought him great success.
    • The author is a highly entertaining and interesting...

    So Lucky

    by Nicola Griffith

    From the author of Hild, a fierce and urgent autobiographical novel about a woman facing down a formidable foe

    So Lucky is the sharp, surprising new novel by Nicola Griffith—the profoundly personal and emphatically...

    A Woman, In Bed

    by Anne Finger

    Paris, 20th century, WWI to WWII and beyond. Simone abandons her body to lust, leaves her husband for Jacques, sleeps with strangers. But she is never satisfied. It is only when she is diagnosed with Parkinson's...

    Brixton Beach

    by Roma Tearne

    ‘Heartfelt and timely’ CHRIS CLEAVE, New York Times bestselling author of Everyone Brave is Forgiven •• When family tragedy strikes, Alice Fonseka, the dreamy, artistic child of a Singhalese mother and...

    Slow Red

    by Ondjaki & Stephen Henighan

    In a crumbling apartment block in Luanda, Angola, impoverished families hoard memories to survive a corrupt regime. Odonato—nostalgic for the days of socialism—searches for his son whose life as a petty criminal...

    Fairy Tale Museum, The

    by Susannah M. Smith

    “Everything is new. Everything is strange. Everything is possible.” – Yumi Sakugawa The Fairy Tale Museum is an alchemical curiosity-cabinet-as-novel that showcases the original, spectacular, grotesque,...

    The Ghost Pirates

    by William Hope Hodgson

    "The Ghost Pirates . . . is a powerful account of a doomed and haunted ship on its last voyage, and of the terrible sea-devils (of quasi-human aspect, and perhaps the spirits of bygone buccaneers) that besiege...

    The League of the Scarlet Pimpernel

    by Emmuska Orczy

    More adventures amongst the terrors of revolutionary France. No one has uncovered the identity of the famous Scarlet Pimpernel - no one except his wife Marguerite and his arch-enemy, citizen Chauvelin. Sir Percy...

    The Bright Messenger

    by Algernon Blackwood

    Algernon Blackwood was a prolific writer across short stories, novels and plays. His passion for the supernatural and for ghost stories together with a fascination for all things in the occult and mysticism...

    The Beast in the Jungle

    by Henry James

    "What had the man had, to make him by the loss of it so bleed and yet live? Something.and this reached him with a pang.that he, John Marcher, hadn't; the proof of which was precisely John Marcher's arid end....