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Wall Street Stories

by Edwin Lefevre

Edwin Lefèvre was an American journalist, writer, and diplomat most noted for his writings on Wall Street business: The Woman and Her Bonds, The Break in Turpentine, The Tipster, A Philanthropic Whisper,The...


by S. Baring-gould

Between the mouths of the Blackwater and the Colne, on the east coast of Essex, lies an extensive marshy tract veined and freckled in every part with water. It is a wide waste of debatable ground contested by...

Master and Maid

by L. Allen Allen Harker

On the second Friday of term Anthony Bevan, whom all his world called "Bruiser Bevan," Housemaster of "B. House" in Hamchester College, sat at dessert with three of his prefects. They had exhaustively discussed...

Iberia Won - A poem descriptive of the Peninsular War

by Terence McMahon Hughes

The following work is the result of six years' residence in the Peninsula, devoted to literary pursuits. It contains the fruits (be they mature or otherwise) of many excursions through Spain and Portugal, of...

New Zealand

by Reginald Horsley

This book does not contain a history of New Zealand, but something of the story of many full and stirring days. Almost like the ghost the Maori thought him, Tasman came swiftly out of the rosy West, struck a...

Cardinal Pole Or the Days of Philip and Mary

by William Harrison Ainsworth

No sooner was Mary, eldest daughter of Henry VIII., securely seated on the throne left vacant by the premature death of her brother, Edward VI., than the Emperor Charles V., already related to her through his...

The Royal Pastime of Cock-fighting - The art ighting, and curing cocks of the game

by R. H R. H

Published purely for the good, and benefit of all such as take delight in that royal, and warlike sport, to which is prefixed, a short treatise, wherein cocking is proved not only ancient and honourable, but...

Nothing but Waves and Wind

by Christine Montalbetti & Jane Kuntz

A musty bar in off-season Cannon Beach, Oregon, provides the setting for an unsuspecting Frenchman’s introduction to the many ways life can go wrong for the unlucky in America. He listens as the barflies nightly...

City of Ulysses

by Teolinda Gersao, Jethro Soutar & Annie McDermott

A man and a woman meet in Lisbon and fall in love. City of Ulysses is their story, and the city's love story besides. It is a story that leads readers down multiple paths, through myth and history, reality and...

The Inner Immigrant

by Mihkel Mutt & Adam Cullen

These essayistic short stories, penned over a thirty-year period, follow Fabian, Mihkel Mutt’s strange and self-indulgent alter ego, and his adventures in newly independent Estonia. Mutt’s stories highlight...

With Force and Arms

by Howard Roger Garis

Howard Roger Garis was an American author, best known for a series of books, published under his own name, that featured the character of Uncle Wiggily Longears, an engaging elderly rabbit. Garis and his wife...

Cowardice Court

by George Barr McCutcheon

George Barr McCutcheon was an American popular novelist and playwright. His best known works include the series of novels set in Graustark, a fictional East European country, and the novel Brewster's Millions,...

Miriam - A Tale of Pole Hill and the Greenfield Hills

by Daniel Frederick Edward Sykes

MIRIAM: A Tale of Pole Moor and the Greenfield Hills links the protagonists to The Burn Platts, an area above Slaithwaite near Pole Moor where a group of Romanys or Gypsies lived around the time of an incident...

Marjorie Dean Macy's Hamilton Colony

by Josephine Chase

Marjorie Dean is the protagonist and eponymous character of series of books for girls, written by Josephine Chase under the pen name Pauline Lester. The fourteen books were published by A. L. Burt between 1917...

The Younger Sister

by Mrs. Hubback Hubback

Catherine Anne Hubback was an English novelist, and the eighth child and fourth daughter of Sir Francis Austen, and niece of English novelist Jane Austen. She began writing fiction to support herself and her...

The Harvest of a Quiet Eye

by John Richard Vernon

These papers, written in the intervals of parish work, have appeared in the pages of the Leisure Hour and the Sunday at Home. Their publication in a collected form having been decided upon by others, it only...

When She Came Home from College

by Jean Bingham Wilson & Marian Hurd McNeely

Alma Mater Home The Theory of Philosophy The Practice The “Idgit” The Duchess “The Falling out of Faithful Friends” Applied Philanthropy “Without” The Vegetable Man's Daughter Real Trouble The End...

Wayfaring Men

by Edna Lyall

Ada Ellen Bayly, a.k.a. Edna Lyall, was an English novelist, and an early feminist. Bayly was born in Brighton, the youngest of four children of a barrister. At an early age, she lost both her parents and she...

Farm Legends

by Will Carleton

The "Farm Ballads" have met with so kind and general a reception as to encourage the publishing of a companion volume. In this book, also, the author has aimed to give expression to the truth, that with every...

Three Heroines of New England Romance

by Harriet Prescott Spofford, Louise Imogen Guiney & Alice Brown

Priscilla by Harriet Prescott Spofford. Agnes Surriage by Alice Brown. Martha Hilton by Louise Imogen Guiney. Notes by Edmund H. Garrett.