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Sleeper: the Red Storm

by J.D. Fennell

Praise for Sleeper: 'Sleeper is an exciting tale full of pace and surprises. J.D. Fennell can write up a storm.' James Patterson

1943. Sleeper spy Will Starling has been drafted in to the SOE, joining forces...

Last Goodbye

by Arlene Hunt

Perfect couples make perfect prey.

A completely unputdownable thriller from Amazon chart bestseller Arlene Hunt.

‘The woman’s body lay on the bed, hair fanned out in a golden halo, blue eyes open. The man...

Last Instructions

Agent 10483 #2

by Nir Hezroni

The sequel to Three Envelopes, the critically-acclaimed, groundbreaking Mossad thriller by Nir Hezroni

Three Envelopes was hailed as a "superior thriller debut" with a "high level of suspense" and "a heart-stopping...

Still Life in Brunswick Stew

by Larissa Reinhart

Delightfully Southern, Surprisingly Edgy, and Deliciously Unpredictable.

"Reinhart's country-fried mystery is as much fun as a ride on the Tilt-a-Whirl at a state fair. Her sleuth wields a paintbrush and unravels...

Double Conundrum

by Scott Dondershine

Red, a somewhat troubled agent of Britain’s MI6, investigates a tribal massacre near the border of Kenya and South Sudan, and quickly discovers why the Kenyan authorities called MI6 for help: the slaughter...

Battle at the Comic Expo

by Richard Andreoli & Frank Svengsouk

Get ready for Klingon-speaking Cosplayers, cutthroat convention politics, and the unlikeliest heroes ever known inside the epic dark comedy Battle at the Comic Expo.

Ron Lionel is the hottest creator working...

Bleeding Darkness

Stonechild and Rouleau #5

by Brenda Chapman

Two murders, fourteen years apart, both shrouded in secrets.

David McKenna lies dying in a Kingston hospital, his children gathered from across the country to say a final goodbye. But the family reunion opens...

The Underneath

by Melanie Finn

With the assurance and grace of her acclaimed novel The Gloaming—which earned her comparisons to Patricia Highsmith—Melanie Finn returns with a precisely layered and tense new literary thriller.

The Underneath...

Stonechild and Rouleau Mysteries 5-Book Bundle

by Brenda Chapman

When damaged, brilliant detective Kala Stonechild and workaholic staff sergeant Jacques Rouleau get paired up, pieces start falling into place. The series has been called “deeply atmospheric and tightly plotted”...

Texas Grit (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Crisis: Cattle Barge, Book 3)

by Barb Han

He must face his demons, to rescue his friend

When Dade Butler and Carrie Palmer are reunited after years apart, neither imagined the sizzling chemistry that would erupt. When a stalker nearly kills Carrie,...

Two Dauntless Hearts (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Mission: Six, Book 2)

by Elle James

Two souls alone in the desert – sparks begin to fly.

Stranded on the savannah, Marly Simpson begins to find Percy Taylor rather interesting. But when Marley and the plane disappear Percy must rally his...

Black Rock Guardian (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Apache Protectors: Wolf Den, Book 4)

by Jenna Kernan

When you play both sides…there’s always a price

Ty Redhorse finds himself tied at a crossroads when he meets FBI agent Beth Hoosay. Forced to choose between his gang and Beth, Ty isn’t sure how much longer...

Sin And Bone (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Colby Agency: Sexi-ER, Book 2)

by Debra Webb

A deep dark secret and red-hot desire

When Devon Pierce is framed for murdering his wife, Isabella Lytle knows she needs to do everything she can to clear his name. Bella must coax out Devon’s deepest secret...

Cease Fire (Mills & Boon Heroes) (Omega Sector: Under Siege, Book 3)

by Janie Crouch

A sordid past, a killer secret…

When Keira Spencer is targeted by a killer, only handsome Omega agent Roman can save her. From entirely different worlds, Roman needs to get over Keira’s infamous past...

Three Secrets

by Clare Boyd

A terrible secret killed your husband… But which one?

Robert kisses his wife on the head before heading out to the shop for more wine; he walks up the hill, takes a left across the footbridge and jumps to his...

Young Man, I Think You're Dying

by Joan Fleming

A psychopath's accidental murder of an elderly woman is the catalyst for a crime spree in 1970s London. Winner of the British Crime Writers' Association's Gold Dagger Award for Best Novel.

Son of Gun in Cheek

by Bill Pronzini

"I could hardly wait to begin the investigation. Somehow, I firmly believed that (at last!) we were following a course that would clearly reveal — something!" — from The Stingaree Murders

"The [police] men...

Queen of Hearts

by James Love & Tashna Erin LaVaux

Terence Rodgers, private investigator, lives in the city of Canaan, in the imaginary state of North Colorado.  Born in 1930, he once had a great career.  He came to believe that Life, with a capital, “L,”...


by Paul Lawrence Samuelson

Wounded and dying, paratrooper Mig Czerniak was picked up by Army medic Eddie Fulham on a German battlefield in 1945.

The war has been over for two years, but it still rages inside Mig. Racked by nightmares...


by J.T. Cooper

A passenger dies on the Barcelona-Cincinnati flight. When EMTs and Customs officials suspect biological terrorism, the Cincinnati Airport is locked down. Some passengers have already cleared and exited, but...