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by Betsy Ashton

Hospitals are supposed to be safe places. The one Maxine “Mad Max” Davies finds herself in is anything but safe.

Mad Max hopes her vacation with her grandson in New Mexico will be educational and relaxing....

Hunted Down

by Charles Dickens

Dickens is considered to be one of the greatest British writers. He was a social activist who wrote plays and novels during the Victorian period. His most famous novels include Tale of Two Cities, Oliver Twist,...


by John Buchan

British writer John Buchan's Greenmantle is the second of five adventure novels to star Richard Hannay, a man with a remarkable knack for getting out of sticky situations, and indeed getting into them in the...

A Double Barrelled Detective Story

by Mark Twain

Set in the Old West, this story of a man with special gifts is a Parody of Sherlock Holmes.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood

by Charles Dickens

The Mystery of Edwin Drood is the final, uncompleted novel by Charles Dickens. John Jasper is a choirmaster who is in love with one of his pupils, Rosa Bud. She is the fiancee of his nephew, Edwin Drood. A hot-tempered...

Northanger Abbey

by Jane Austen

Catherine Morland, aged seventeen, is addicted to reading Gothic novels. She joins her wealthier neighbours on a trip to Bath to partake in the winter season of balls, and finds herself pursued by the rather...

Danger! and Other Stories

by Arthur Conan Doyle

The Title story of this volume was written about eighteen months before the outbreak of the war, and was intended to direct public attention to the great danger which threatened this country. It is a matter...

The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington Plans

by Arthur Conan Doyle

Fancy a good mystery? Dive into this Sherlock Holmes tale from the pen of the master, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Drawn from Doyle's last collection of Sherlock Holmes stories, "The Adventure of the Bruce-Partington...

The Adventure of the Cardboard Box

by Arthur Conan Doyle

Craving a classic mystery tale? You can't go wrong with Arthur Conan Doyle, a towering figure in the origination of the detective fiction genre. This short story features master detective Sherlock Holmes attempting...

The Hound of the Baskervilles

by Arthur Conan Doyle

The Hound of the Baskervilles is a crime novel by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle starring the great detective of Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes. Wealthy landowner Sir Charles Baskerville is found dead in the parkland...

The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge

by Arthur Conan Doyle

When you've got a hankering for classic detective fiction, only the very best will do. "The Adventure of Wisteria Lodge" is one of the original Sherlock Holmes tales penned by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but this...

The Adventure of the Dying Detective

by Arthur Conan Doyle

In this remarkable tale, Watson helps Sherlock Holmes save the detective's own life. After having apparently contracted a fatal illness, Holmes summons Watson to his bedside and issues a series of seemingly...

The Disappearance of Lady Frances Carfax

by Arthur Conan Doyle

This ingeniously plotted whodunit from detective fiction master Arthur Conan Doyle will leave you hanging on the edge of your seat. In a departure from form, Conan Doyle puts Dr. Watson into the driver's seat...

The Firm of Girdlestone

by Arthur Conan Doyle

Today, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's place in the literary canon is secured by his series of detective stories featuring the idiosyncratic but brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes. However, Doyle's literary talents...

The Great Shadow and Other Napoleonic Tales

by Arthur Conan Doyle

Gear up for battlefield bravery and courageous exploits galore in The Great Shadow: And Other Napoleonic Tales from the acclaimed creator of super-detective Sherlock Holmes. Though Arthur Conan Doyle in this...

The Mystery of Cloomber

by Arthur Conan Doyle

Although many readers think that Arthur Conan Doyle's literary career begins and ends with his creation of master detective Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle dabbled in a variety of genres and styles. The Mystery...

The Stark Munro Letters

by Arthur Conan Doyle

The hyper-rational side of his personality that Arthur Conan Doyle aired in his Sherlock Holmes series of detective tales was only one piece of the puzzle. Conan Doyle also had a mystical side, and he was fascinated...

A Study In Scarlet

by Arthur Conan Doyle

The first story to feature Sherlock Holmes, wherein the detective resolves to solve the mystery of a corpse found at a derelict house with the word "RACHE" scrawled in blood on the wall beside the body. A story...

Rodney Stone

by Arthur Conan Doyle

In Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes' stories, the titular detective is described in passing as a skilled amateur boxer. In the novel Rodney Stone, however, Conan Doyle dives much deeper into the world of...

The Adventure of the Red Circle

by Arthur Conan Doyle

When you're in the mood for a classic Sherlock Holmes story, nothing else will do. In this tightly plotted tale, the services of the famed super-sleuth are solicited by a distraught landlady. At her behest,...