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The Good Doctor

by Kerry Rogerson

What happens when a trusted and leading psychiatrist becomes his own patient?

Sam Tyler is a highly regarded Sydney psychiatrist with a regrettable past. Four years ago, while his police officer wife, Sophie,...


by Anna Porter

A savvy art world thriller with a strong, independent heroine and the follow-up to The Appraisal, finalist for the 2018 Staunch Prize.

Former Budapest cop Attila Feher would really like to see art expert Helena...

Banking on Life

by Richard King

Michaela (Mickie) Bédard works at the Stevens, Bédard Investment Bank, a bank founded by her great grandfather. She is working on an Initial Public Offering for a technology company. Walking home one evening...

Milo March #18

by Kendell Foster Crossen & M.E. Chaber

It is the time of the infamous Los Angeles riots of 1965—several days of arson and looting in protest of police mistreatment of black residents of the Watts neighborhood in the southeast of the city. During...

Milo March #17

by Kendell Foster Crossen & M.E. Chaber

Once again, private eye Milo March, a Major in the Army reserves, is recalled by the CIA for a special mission. At a time when relations between the U.S. and Soviet Russia are somewhat relaxed, the Russians...

Milo March #16

by Kendell Foster Crossen & M.E. Chaber

Milo March is sipping a martini at the pool of the Far Eastern Hotel, a lovely British blonde on his left and a Chinese beauty on his right, both in bikinis. What more could a man require? But then he is rudely...

Milliners Hat Mystery

by Basil Thomson

In this late case, Richardson, now a senior figure at the Yard, takes a back seat as a small team of detectives starts an investigation of the case of a unidentified, well-dressed, murdered man found dumped...

Outer Planet Detective-Mysteries Vol 02

by S. H. Marpel & Various

Detective-Mysteries don't just occur on Planet Earth.

Crimes occur wherever humanity winds up. And there's someone there to write the story. Of course, it's been placed into the far future or alternate reality....

The Dark Ships

by Hulbert Footner

Neill didn’t hold with his girl Janet running around with Prescott Fanning. He reckoned Fanning wasn’t straight and said so, but you know what girls are. . . . So Neill had to prove his words, and in doing...

The Woman of Mystery

by Maurice Leblanc

The Woman of Mystery

"Suppose I were to tell you," said Paul Delroze, "that I once stood face to face with him on French. . . ." lisabeth looked up at him with the fond expression of a bride to whom the least...

The Secret Tomb

by Maurice Leblanc

The Secret Tomb

This book was serialised in Le Journal between January and March 1923, in novel form both in French and in this English translation.

Dorothy, rope-dancer and palmist, arrives at the Château de...

The Mysterious Mansion

by Maurice Leblanc

The Mysterious Mansion (also known as The Mélamare Mystery) is the eighteenth novel in the Arsene Lupin series of books by Maurice Leblanc. The book tells the story of a diamond theft and the kidnapping of...

The Bridge That Broke

by Maurice Leblanc

The Bridge That Broke


IT was a Tuesday afternoon in midsummer. Paris was deserted—a city

of the dead. Jim Barnett sat in his office with his feet on his desk.

He was in his shirt-sleeves. A glass...

Memoirs of Arsene Lupin

by Maurice Leblanc

Memoirs of Arsène Lupin was originally published in France in 1924 under the name La Comtesse de Cagliostro; this English translation was published the following year. Maurice Leblanc was not the only author...

The Eight Strokes Of The Clock

by Maurice Leblanc

The Eight Strokes of the Clock is a collection of eight short stories by Maurice Leblanc. The stories have his most famous creation, Arsène Lupin, gentleman-thief, as main character. The eight stories, even...

The Teeth Of The Tiger

by Maurice Leblanc

The Teeth of the Tiger was published in this English translation in 1914, but wasn’t available in the original French until its serialization in Le Journal in 1920. In the timeline of the series, The Teeth...

The Secret of Sarek

by Maurice Leblanc

The Seret of Sarek (L'Île aux trente cercueils / The Island of Thirty Coffins) is a french novel by Maurice Leblanc, 1919.

The action begins in France in 1917. The heroine of the story is Véronique d'Hergemont....

The Golden Triangle

by Maurice Leblanc

The Golden Triangle or The Return of Arsène Lupin, Gentleman-Burglar by Maurice Leblanc is one of the greatest masterpieces of French literature. Brilliant and sparkling, this crime novel is a stunning portrait...

A Floating City

by Jules Verne & Anonymous

Inspired by his trip aboard "The Great Eastern" ship, Jules Verne writes the adventure novel "A Floating City". The story depicts a wonderful picture of the long sea voyage, the ship which seems so big that...

Arsene Lupin

by Maurice Leblanc

Originally a 4-part play written by Maurice Leblanc and Francis de Croisset in 1908, it was subsequently novelized by Leblanc and published in 1909. First translated in English in 1909 by Edgar Jepson.